Posted by: spiritteacher | September 14, 2011


“I will use this day to consciously connect with others.”

We are all connected by an invisible cord.  We can use that cord to hang ourselves and each other which we often do. Or we can use it to pull ourselves to safety. We can use it to lift each other up or drag each other down.

In our connectedness we gather strength so we can heal from our fears together. Strength in number is really strength in Oneness. As we boost each other, so we also raise ourselves to a higher place within our mind. Because of our invisible yet powerful connection, we cannot hurt another without hurting ourselves. But also, as we forgive another, so do we open ourselves to healing of the deepest kind. “To give and to receive are one.” A Course In Miracles

The golden rule has stood the test of time because it’s true. If we all stood strong upon the shoulders of each other, we would soon reach Heaven. Heaven is the place in our mind where all healing happens.

It’s not that hard to be happy. The first step is to make someone smile. Ever notice how a smile triggers a smile? How a laugh tickles others? How a kindness engenders gratitude? It’s that invisible cord pulling us together.

May you experience your connectedness today and lift someone up.


  1. Shall certainly try it!
    Someone will appear…..
    Thank you, Sharie
    Love you,

    • I love you, Pat. Have a beautiful day. Love, Sharie

  2. so very true. this bonding can be felt and used for the best if we try a little.

    lots of love.

    • I feel my connection with you Dear Sharmishtha and it is very powerful. Love you, Sharie

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