Posted by: spiritteacher | September 16, 2011


“I will see One self today.”

As I look at you and really see you, I see an unearthly light. It shines through your eyes and in your smile. The kind and gentle tone of your voice mirrors mine. We are speaking together with one voice now, saying the same thing, “You are a living breathing miracle in my life.  I couldn’t be more grateful.” 

The hope that lifts my heart comes from the hope you gift to me by believing in my truth as I believe in yours. As I extend my hand to you and you reach back, the energy that flows between us is electric and powerful and empowering. Our joyous laughter lights the world.

We are here together in this moment for a reason. That reason is our healing. That reason is the healing of the world.  I don’t see you anymore.  I see YOU, the creation of the Divine Universe and ME as ONE with you.  There are no small and separate selves any longer. Only one SELF that works together in God’s name to serve, to bless and to be God’s Voice for Peace.



  1. Dear Sharie,
    I do feel at one with you…and sometimes with others….but not everyone all the time!! And what does that mean? I guess it is a goal to reach.
    Thank you for such a inspiring thought.
    Love you!!

    • Pat Dear, I did think of yours and my relationship when I posted this. I’m glad you found it. And I do believe that what’s true for you and me is also true for you and me and all the others. Whether we are able to accept that or not at this moment in time, I know it will come because the Holy Spirit’s Love is far more powerful than ego’s fear. Love you, Sharie

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