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Tap into your inner joy today.  It lives and breathes within you whether or not you are aware of it.  Your joy can be found by simply looking in that direction.  See it this way.  Standing in the midst of a garden, you can see the flowers or the weeds.  You can see a colorful array of many or place your vision on a single sunflower. You can breathe in the mingled scents of all the flowers or smell one lovely rose.  That’s how it is with life.  It’s all in where you choose to place your focus.  Today I will focus on your joy.  Please join me.

Within each of us lives a beautiful child, free of fear and filled with joy.  Spend a moment remembering the child you have forgotten and packed in a box and stored in the attic of your mind. Look at all the heavy stuff you have piled on top of that box.  Stuff such as responsibilities, judgments, worries, fear and all sorts of other things that you allow to weigh upon you.  Listen with your heart.  Can you not hear that inner child banging on the box and crying to get out?  Let your inner child grow wings like an Angel and fly free.  Let all the heaviness, the responsibilities and the anxieties go for just a minute and be a kid again.  Anybody can do this for a minute.

FOR JUST A MINUTE, live in the moment.
FOR JUST A MINUTE, be delightfully surprised and noisily joyous by the even smallest things.  
FOR JUST A MINUTE, ask for things even though they seem impossible.
FOR JUST A MINUTE, look straight into the face of fear and see it’s not so serious.
FOR JUST A MINUTE, don’t be afraid to ask for help.
FOR JUST A MINUTE, share your thoughts and your heart with wild abandon. 
FOR JUST A MINUTE, open your heart to others without fear of rejection.
FOR JUST A MINUTE, give of yourself without expecting anything in return.
FOR JUST A MINUTE, revel in good feelings without asking where they come from or being concerned that they won’t last.
FOR JUST A MINUTE, be amazed at the beauty of a butterfly, a star in the night, a lovely scent.
FOR JUST A MINUTE, do something you love without guilt.
FOR JUST A MINUTE, yell out, Thank you God! at the top of your lungs about nothing in particular.

BE YOUR OWN BEST FRIEND.  Who knows you better than you? Your mistakes, your strengths …
  Praise your strengths and learn from your mistakes.
  Forgive the past and the future. Be happy now.
  Be patient, kind and gentle with yourself.
  Be patient, kind and gentle with others.
  Thank yourself for your loving heart and your generous spirit.
 Hug yourself every day.
BE YOUR OWN BEST FRIEND.  Laugh out loud a lot.
  Gift yourself with a miraculous life, filled with beauty and joy and fun and know you deserve it.

Today we remember yesterday.  Tomorrow we will remember more.  Our memories are infused with our own distorted vision of our past.  Much denial, but with some facts mixed in.  Today I am ready and able to choose the path of peace. The journey toward joy.  I have paid my dues and so have you.  And now let’s join hands, mingle our tears, smile upon each other, then take the leap and forgive the past together.


  1. wow this is really inspiring. Thanks a lot 🙂

    • Alethea! There you are! I’ve been expecting you. We aren’t strangers, you know. We’re sisters. Thank you for blessing my space with your beautiful presence. Love, Sharie

  2. thank God for this!
    now, i better make myself
    my bestfriend

    • Hello Dear Friend. You are my best friend and you are yours as well. I’m honored by your visit. Peace and Love, Sharie

  3. Ahhh, what a great site! I just loved the section entitled “just for a minute”. Today my favorite is “FOR JUST A MINUTE, look straight into the face of fear and see it’s not so serious.” Thank you so much for doing this website.

    • Dear Rebecca, it’s a lovely Sunday morning and I’m responding to your comments on my spiritual site. I was happy to see you had visited and even found some help. Please come and visit whenever you need a quiet thought or another way of looking at the world. I’m always here. I have been a spiritual teacher for about 15 years and have experienced many miracle moments and much mind and heart healing in the process, for myself and for those who are brought to me. My motto is, “Whoever needs me will be brought to me and whoever I need will be brought to me as well.” And that’s how it seems to work. Simple and natural. Every message I post is always just what I need for my own healing and that is why I trust the thoughts. Have a beautiful day and again, thank you for your visit. Peace and love, Sharie

  4. I’m ready to take “the Leap”….but so afraid as I have slipped and fallen so many times.
    Fear has to be replaced by Love, I know. I am trying….to forgive…myself and the past.
    thanks for “Let’s Take the Leap “………really nice.
    I’m still reading your messages.
    Love to you,

    • Pat, Welcome! I’m so honored by your visit! You are not alone, dear sister, in the slipping and the falling. This world is a slippery place and falling is actually “normal” here. That’s how we learn. The thing to focus on is not the falling, but what you are doing to help yourself to be in peace. You are doing so much with all your reading, your therapy, your joining your family on the Listener Board, your studying the Course. So don’t think about the slipping and the falling, think of all the ways you are pulling yourself up! You are a beautiful artist and a glorious Child of a Loving God. You are everything you need to be to be happy and so it must be. Trust in your truth and not in the slipping except to value it only as part of the journey and nothing more. Everything is going well. Love always, Sharie

  5. Lovely, brilliant Words. Thanks for the Reminder. Shandra

    • Thank you Shandra. Thank you for your kind words and your presence here. Recognizing and accepting a reminder of another way to think is all that God asks of us. It’s not always easy, but it is always worth it. Have a beautiful and joy-filled day. Love, Sharie

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