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I have been a student of A Course In Miracles for 26 years and a spiritual student all my life. I began by attending Unity Sunday School as a young child. I have read and learned from many spiritual teachers. During my years of study of A Course In Miracles I have learned my most important lesson. “Forgiveness is the key to happiness”  (ACIM).

I believe that we all have a purpose here and that purpose is to be an instrument of peace and a teacher of joy in the world.  In the process of our inner healing, we will travel in and out of peace and love moment by moment, day by day. Growing more fully into our peace takes practice and much patience.  Many of us don’t realize that there is another way to be and see in the world.  A Course in Miracles teaches that we cannot change the world or others in the world, we can only change our minds about how we choose to see ourselves and others. That is true forgiveness.  It is also where our power lies.

I don’t teach A Course In Miracles as such although I use my Course studies in my work as a spiritual teacher. I teach the art of joy and the channel to another way of thinking in each moment.  I have been a spiritual teacher for many years.  Word Press is just another avenue for my teaching and for anyone who needs a quiet place to rest or another way to see themselves and the world they live in.  Everyone wants love, happiness and peace, health, safety and abundance.  And we are all entitled. There is an eternal light instilled in us by God and a Oneness that is our nature and our essence that transcends, transforms and is our holy truth.  We have simply forgotten it.  Today we can begin to remember.

May you walk in the path of your own Light and find your joy resting right inside your heart.

NEED TO TALK?  Have questions?  Want to discuss something in your life that you feel needs healing?  Want to heal a relationship?  Need help trying to find peace at work?  Or peace with no work? I can’t make all that happen for you, only you can do that. But perhaps I can help you find another way to see your self, your life experiences and others in your life so you can open to the healing power within you.


Contact me at sayit@sendingjoy.com.

Peace and Love, Sharie


  1. I have seen several references to “A Course on Miracles” by people who praise its influence in their lives.

    Got some info on this or where I can get some info?


    michael j, new along this journey

    • Hello Michael J. So nice to hear from you. A Course In Miracles has been my path for many years and the moment I discovered it more than 20 years ago, I knew I had come home. It’s premise is simple, but it isn’t easy. For me it is a lifetime of dedication to forgiveness and healing. It has changed me, my writing and my life.

      Two great resources for A Course In Miracles is the Foundation for Inner Peace, facilitator, Ken Wapnick and The Miracle Distribution Center, facilitator, Beverly Hutchinson Mc Neff. You can find both of these organizations online by googling them. The Miracle Distribution Center has a weekly study group meeting that you can purchase on cd. If you choose to join then you are also offered the opportunity to be part of the ongoing listener board which is a wonderful online community of Course students who love and support each other through all of life’s challenges. This group of people is generous and kind and you can learn the Course here in perfect safety at your own pace. We love newcomers with their wonderful questions. Or you can just read what the talkers have to say and be a quiet listener as many are.

      Two books that helped me understand the Course more fully in the beginning were Ken Wapnick’s Absence from Felicity about the scribes of the Course and Forgiveness and Jesus. Both can be purchased online at the Miracle Distribution Center or the Foundation for Inner Peace. Ken has many of his seminars on cd that are extremely helpful as well.

      Bev publishes a quarterly publication entitled the Holy Encounter and Ken has a quarterly publication entitled The Light House. Both are wonderful.

      The Course is not affiliated with a church and you can be of any religion or no religion and be a Course student.

      If who have any other questions, please feel free to contact me either here or by e-mail at sayit@sendingjoy.com. Peace always, Sharie

  2. I am happy to find your site. I have finished ACIM with the exception of the daily lessons, I am on lesson 165. My plans are to complete the lessons, then start over again with the text. Many times, I read the words, but did not fully understand what they were saying. Would love to bounce it off you when that happens?

    Atlanta, GA

    • Hello Arlene. What a blessing to meet A Course In Miracles student. You are certainly welcome to bounce anything off me that you desire. If you haven’t already, I recommend that you visit the Miracle Distribution Center online. We have a weekly study group through tapes, cd’s or mp3, whichever works for you. Beverly Hutchinson Mc Neff is our teacher and facilitator and you would learn much from her. Also, along with the study group you would be invited to our listener board. A group of amazing ACIM students who are wise and wonderful and love new students! And e-mail me also at sayit@sendingjoy.com any time. I am also going to e-mail you this message to be sure you receive it. Welcome! Peace and Love always, Sharie

  3. I agree with your words here- good we stumbled upon each other!! Blessed are you to have realized the “purpose” and blessed am I to have met you..
    Loads of wishes and Regards xox

  4. Sending love right back to you, Dear. May peace and joy be your gifts from God to be shared with all the world. Love, Sharie

  5. http://www.pbase.com/444loish/image/130465437

  6. Sharie,
    Sorry I hit send too quickly.
    I want to say again how impressed I was with your Thanksgiving post. If you
    don’t mind, I will send it on to others —- giving you author credit of course 🙂
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.
    Always, Lois

    Here’s the Link to see Sky

    • Lois Dear, what a gift to have you as a visitor on my site. And thank you so much for sharing the photos of your precious Sky. She is gorgeous, so alert and sweet. I’m so glad you found each other. You and your hubby are a beautiful couple. I didn’t know you were a photographer. Your work is amazing! so unique and wondrous and spiritual. Another expression of your love and your willingness to heal and be healed. I truly believe we are suppose to use this world and it’s nature and animals to help us heal. As you are helping Sky, so she is helping you as well. Please put a link to your site on the listener board so others can see what you do. Maybe you’ve done that and I’ve just missed it. I am keeping your link handy so I can visit you whenever I need a moment of quiet beauty and healing love.

      Of course you may use my Thanksgiving post any way you wish. It’s interesting. When I was a young writer and before I became a Course student, authorship and ownership of my writing seemed so important. I don’t seem to care about that very much any more. How do I even know where the words came from? And I guess they belong to whoever needs them. It’s so much simpler this way and so freeing. It seems that the less ownership I claim of the things of the world, the more easily I am able to tap into my peace and my joy and to trust in something Higher.

      Have a lovely Thanksgiving. Love, Sharie

  7. I feel so blessed to have stumbled upon your beautiful blog. You are such an inspiration, Sharie!

    God bless, and I am looking forward to reading more of your lovely posts! 🙂

    • Thank you for your kind words, Irene. I visited your site and saw you are interested in writing and inspiring. Teachers of God are needed now more than ever. Anything you write with Love comes from a higher place within you and will be helpful to all. I wish you the best on your spirit’s journey and please visit me often. Peace and Love, Sharie

  8. Dear Sharie,

    I came across this page by chance. Having seen thousands of web-pages, I find that only a few incite my interest, but your page did. Something serene, peaceful and tranquil about it.. makes me want to be a part of it and discover a deeper meaning of life.

    How I wish there was more love, peace and tranquility in this world…and would take this opportunity to thank you in your efforts to do just that.

    Peace Always,

    • Dear Amar, to me there is no such thing as chance. If you are here it is because you belong here. As long as sisters and brothers are willing to join together for the purpose of healing our spirits and the world, peace is not far behind. We all wish there was more peace and love, but the fact is there is an abundance of peace and love. It isn’t outside of us, but within us. As long as we are willing to join in the name of peace and extend our loving expressions to our brothers and sisters, we are serving our purpose as an instrument of God’s peace. Forgiveness is our purpose here and forgiveness is the key to happiness for all. When we ask to see the world through God’s pure, loving vision we will see only love, peace and tranquility.

      If you want to feel peace and love and joy more, just be your highest, loving and kindest self. And those brothers and sisters in your life who appear unhappy, bless them and give them to God for their healing. For if they were healed, they wouldn’t be unhappy. And the same is for us. God bless you dear one. Thank you for being here and for recognizing in me, a kindred spirit. Love always, Sharie

  9. Dear Sharie,

    A very rejuvenating mail. Much to learn and share and am so glad that I am connected with an unending source of pure bliss. Am sure I too shall be able to contribute in a minuscule fashion to it all and share the best there is in life.. so that I be a part of the ‘greatest good to the greatest numbers on earth’.

    With you God-Speed,

    • Dear Amar, we all have much to learn and share. We are all teachers of God and students of God. And for that we must be grateful. Your very presence and your willing spirit contributes greatly to the healing of the world. God bless you and thank you for joining me in wanting the world to be a better place. Now we can be still together and listen for our Guidance. Ahhh! So much love. So much joy. And when we look through God’s Eyes, the world is indeed a beautiful place. Love, Sharie

  10. I came across your blog through GYA today.

    I found your post about laughter very invigorating. Such a reminder. As Amar said above, I have seen quite a few web-sites about spirituality, and most of them are just inane bunkum.

    Your blog though has something authentically serene and honest.

    I am acquainted with Course in Miracles. I had a friend who at that point was the first one to translate it in Swedish.

    Anyhow, I will gladly follow and look forward to some kind of dialogue.

    Kind regards,


  11. I’m so glad I found you and your lovely blog today! I just adore the positivity you so exuberantly radiate, and I look forward to reading your future posts!

    • Dear Cynthia, I’m so glad you found me. My daily prayer is that everyone who needs me will find me and everyone I need will find me as well. Your beautiful smile is so filled with light and love that I know you must be an amazing Life Coach. Have a beautiful day of living and coaching. Love, Sharie

  12. Each time someone new visits this cite, I get their message.

    I am truly blessed through the marvels of e-mail, Word
    Press, and most of all, You-Know-Who!

    Thank you . . .

    • Michael, it is amazing how closely connected we all are to You-Know-Who! E-mail, texting and other forms of social media make this so much more clear to us. Everything can be used as a Loving tool or a disconnecting tool. I see much Love being shared through Social Media and I must believe that God sees it too. Just more ways for God’s Children to remember our Oneness. God bless you, Contoveros. You’ve been with me a long time. I see yours was the first post on this part of my site. Have you thought any more about A Course In Miracles? There’s a wonderful community I can introduce you to if you’re ever interested. There’s a weekly study group you can download or purchase weekly CD’s and an online Listener Board full of new and long time Course students. The Course isn’t for everyone, but when it is your path, you never want to leave it. Love, Sharie

  13. Hi there! I just wanted to let you know I just nominated you for the Sunshine Award in my blog… I wanted to pay forward the sunshine love to you! If you want to share the sunshine too, you may find out more about it here… http://livewhatyouknow.org/2013/12/03/the-sunshine-blogger-award-my-first-award-thank-you-fun-facts-and-paying-it-forward/ Either way, thanks for being a little ray of sunshine in your posts!

    • Dearest Stacy, thank you for honoring me by nominating me for the Sunshine Award. I love your web site, but could not find a way to comment on your site so I hope that you will come back here and know that I am grateful for your kind thoughts and would happily accept the award should it be offered to me. I’m not sure how to follow the rules of the nomination because of my low tech understanding, but hope you will fill in on the details. I have seen your beautiful face on my web site for some time and I must say, talk about rays of sunshine. Have a beautiful day. Love, Sharie

  14. How lovely. Thank you Sharie! I appreciate your work so very much! If you are interested in posting the award and passing it on, you simply prepare a post the way I did answering those questions and sharing the love with others you enjoy reading…You can simply list 10 and then can decide if they will accept and pass it on. It is just a nice way of bloggers supporting and encouraging each other. It was new for me too. If you choose not to spend the time, that is fine too. Just know you are so very appreciated and I am sure many of us feel honored to be able to read your beautiful work. Sending you love and joy! Stacy

    • Dearest Stacy, you what know they say,”It’s enough just to be nominated.” And for me it’s more than enough. Your loving thoughts are a gift and I am so grateful for them and for your kindness. As grateful as I am to be nominated, I simply don’t have a moment right now to fulfill the requirements for the nomination, but please know that that does not lessen the value of the gift. You are a beautiful spirit with a kind and loving heart. Exactly what the world needs for its continued healing. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Love you, Sharie

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