Posted by: spiritteacher | September 13, 2011


“I rest in God today.”

Let’s not pray for things. Let’s pray for peace and then let God show us what that is. We don’t know. We may think we do, but we don’t. What may seem to us to be the worst case scenario may in fact be just what is required for the miracles of peace and joy we seek to find us.  We must let our mind be clear as crystal and ready to be filled with God’s thoughts. “Let every voice but God’s be still in me.” A Course In Miracles.

As we keep an open mind and an open heart, we are then prepared to let go of each experience and every relationship. Now we quietly watch for the loving outcome. It takes trust. But isn’t trust a better way to live than fear?

“I rest in God today and let Him work in me and through me while I rest in Him in quiet and in perfect certainty.” A Course In Miracles


  1. Yes, Sharie,…….it’s perfect for me today. It speaks to me for where I am now. Love to you!!!
    Peace and love to us all,
    Thank you,
    Sis, Pat

    • Good morning my dear sister, Pat! I love that line in the Course, “Let every voice but God’s be still in me.” Some days when every voice but God’s is jabbering away inside my mind, I will use that line to bring me back to my one true mind. It has a calming and quieting affect on me. Love you always, Sharie

  2. amen my dear, sweet friend.

    beautiful words of wisdom. i try it too.

    • Love you my dearest Sharmishtha and your beautiful spirit. I don’t know how you came to be in my life all the way from India, but I do know I am grateful for your holy presence. Lovingly, Sharie

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