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“God is the strength in which I trust.” A Course In Miracles

“I will spend this day in a state of trust.”

May you walk in the Light of God in joyous wonder as you travel through the seasons of your journey.

Trust that in spring new life will show its face for you.
Trust that the birds will sing their songs for you.
Trust that in summer the daisies will lift their soft petals for you.
Trust that the sun will shine its healing warmth for you.

Trust that in fall the leaves will change colors for you.
Trust that the rain will fall gently upon you.
Trust that each winter the snow will fall lightly for you.

Trust that each season will change its lovely face for you.

As you trust in the seasons, now trust in yourself.
Trust that your Holiness and Innocence are guaranteed by God.

Trust in the strength of God within you and know that all is well.

Posted by: spiritteacher | April 18, 2018


“When truth has come all pain is over.”  A Course In Miracles

“I will spend this day relentlessly choosing Truth.”

Together, let’s trust that there is a Higher Being that lives within us and loves us beyond words. 

Let’s trust that our purpose and our function is happiness and nothing else. And if we can’t believe or trust in this yet, let’s decide it doesn’t matter. He, Who carries us and our own true Self cannot be disturbed by something as trivial as disbelief. For the truth of our existence comes from the Love and the Heart of God’s own Divine Plan. The Plan was set in motion long ago and nothing so small as fear or doubt can stop the Truth. 

Truth is  relentless, constant and eternal.  Our limited thoughts and lack of understanding, may cause us to fear or doubt that this is so.  We may fight it or try to hide from it, misunderstanding and believing that the Truth will somehow hurt us. But we can never be truly free from That which frees us.

We must thank God that no matter how relentlessly we try to harm ourselves and our world, we will never be truly successful because God’s relentless Truth which comes from Love is much more powerful than Fear.  

Love’s Truth will prevail.  

It is written in the stars.

It is inscribed upon the moon.

It shines through each ray of sunlight.

It glistens in each raindrop.

It breathes in every flower.

The Truth lives inside our heart.

Relentlessly it heals and heals and heals …

Posted by: spiritteacher | April 17, 2018


“Forgiveness is the key to happiness.”  A Course In Miracles

“I will forgive everyone today.”

The opposite of separation is oneness.

The opposite of fear is love.

The opposite of anger is forgiveness.

In your mind, take the hand of someone who upsets you, and smile into his/her eyes.
Whisper gently, “I forgive you.”

Then, again silently, take your own hand and smile into your heart.
Whisper gently, “I forgive you.”

Remember, the same light lives in each one of us.

The same fears plague us.

The same joys lift us.

The same anxieties and worries fill our minds.

The same hope for a better life lives within us.

The same sadness rests heavily inside us.

The same God loves us all.

Stand back from the battle.
Let your Angels lift you above the fray.
Feel yourself smile in sudden understanding.

Whisper softly to yourself, “I was mistaken.  Thank God!”

And now the world of war is over.
And the world of joy begins.

Forgiveness frees our hope, our light, and our joy. Thank you, God.   

Posted by: spiritteacher | April 16, 2018


“The Child of God is free. Now are we one with Him Who is our Source.” A Course In Miracles

“God’s love surrounds me and protects me now.”

Just for now, feel yourself surrounded by Love as you are held in the arms of He, who created you and Loves you more than you are capable of understanding. Such a Love as this knows no limits, no boundaries and is beyond time and space. Allow yourself to walk with Him in perfect Holiness and let every fear and worry be lifted from you as He tells you softly again and again, “Dear Child, all your problems have been solved.” 

Do this just for now and then remember,

the past is over,
the future isn’t here and
NOW is all there is.

Live in the glory of your own holiness… just for now.  

And now.

And now.

Our Prayer:

“I place the future in the hands of God.” ACIM “And I give the past to God as well. I understand that now is all there is and God is in charge of now at my request.”

Posted by: spiritteacher | April 13, 2018


“Be vigilant only for God. The past will slip away and all that’s left is everlasting peace.” A Course In Miracles

Let’s allow God to be in charge of our relationships, our past, our present and our future.  It sounds simple and it is, but because we have allowed our egos to rule our thinking for so long, it takes great vigilance to trust in this Loving Power that transcends and transforms a world of fear into an experience of pure Love.  Not vigilance against the ego, but vigilance FOR God.


H appiness is
E asy when we
A ll choose
t happens as we understand that
N othing here is real but

“Be vigilant only for God.”  A Course In Miracles

Posted by: spiritteacher | April 12, 2018


“I rest in God. This thought will bring to you the rest and quiet, peace and stillness, and the safety and the happiness you seek.” A Course In Miracles

 “I will rest quietly today knowing all is well.”

Rest now in the holiness of God.
A mother, father and a child hold each other and smile in the safety of God’s protection
And all is well.

Rest now in the blessedness of holy joining.
A neighborhood celebrates each other by sharing laughter and platefuls of brotherly love
And all is well.

Rest now in the company of Angels.
Sunlight glistens on the windows of a holy gathering place where God’s children come to pray

And all is well.

Rest now in the light of understanding.
Light dawns upon a world where everyone offers and accepts only gifts of kindness and compassion
And all is well.

Rest now knowing fear is over.
Each mouth smiles gently, all eyes are turned inward and every mind is calm and quiet
And all is well.

Rest now knowing love and joy are all there is.
Laughter rings out and song bursts forth from all living creatures as joy dances lightly in each heart
Because now and forever

Posted by: spiritteacher | April 11, 2018


“… change your mind to think with God’s.”  A Course In Miracles

“I will turn my thinking around today.”

It’s time to turn our thinking around. 
We are not happy because our loved ones are safe.
Our loved ones are safe because we are happy.

So let’s relax our furrowed brow.
Let’s unclench our tight jaws. 
Let’s widen our narrow vision.
Let’s soften our mouths into a smile.
And trust in God instead of fear.
Turn around.

The world is only real to the extent that we believe in it.  
That’s how powerful are the Children of God.
We bring to ourselves what we believe in.
Let’s believe in something Else.
Turn around.

Let’s believe in Forgiveness.
Let’s believe in Peace.
Let’s believe in Health.
Turn around.

Let’s believe in Kindness
Let’s believe in Safety.
Let’s believe in Compassion
Turn around.

Let’s believe in Abundance.
Let’s believe in Love.
Let’s believe in God.

Let’s allow ourselves to be turned around.

Posted by: spiritteacher | April 10, 2018


“God being Love is also Happiness.”  A Course In Miracles

“I will remember my true nature today.” 

 Love is alive and well inside each Child of God.

The true nature of each one of us is

Even when we act otherwise.

Even when we see our sisters and brothers acting otherwise.

No matter what our experiences, we only want to be

Happy and Healthy
Safe and Secure

God would never deny His children what they need.

As soon as we recognize that what we want for ourselves,
We must also want for our sisters and our brothers, 
Then will the world be healed
And our lives in perfect order – God’s Order.

Love is alive and well inside each one of us.
All we need do is to look, in silence and in trust, 
And offer it to others in any way that we are guided

And then, relax and smile.

Posted by: spiritteacher | April 9, 2018


“… spirit knows no difference between having and being.” A Course In Miracles

I will remember what I am today.


You are the majesty of a star-filled night.
You are the radiance of the sun and moon.
You are the beauty of a woodland scene;
The pinnacle of every mountain you must climb.

You are the majesty.
You are the radiance.
You are the beauty.
You are the pinnacle.

You are the songbirds’ sound at the break of dawn.
You are the flower amongst the weeds.
You are the scent of lilies in spring.
You are the movement in a grace-filled dance;

You are the sound.
You are the flower.
You are the scent.
You are the grace.

You are the love in a parent’s heart.
You are the blessing in every prayer.
You are the joy in simple pleasures that you share.
You are a ribbon of light that shines through darkness.

You are the love.
You are the blessing.
You are the joy.
You are the light.

You are a gift to the world and the world is a gift to you.
You are the oneness in all beings.
You are peace, eternal and unchanging.
You are not the things of the world, 
But the spirit that runs through it.

Posted by: spiritteacher | April 6, 2018


“Forgiveness is the key to happiness.” A Course In Miracles

“I will forgive everyone and everything today.”

Just as a tulip forgives the earth for becoming cold and hard in winter …
Just as the snow forgives the sun for melting it in spring …
Just as the earth forgives summer for parching it with drought …
Just as the trees forgive the death of their leaves each fall …
So must we forgive our brothers, our sisters and ourselves for not being perfect.

Forgiveness is the greatest power we have been given.  
It frees us from our judgments.
It puts all things in perspective.
It reminds us there is a Higher Power in charge here.

Not forgiveness for another’s mistakes.
But quietly overlooking their mistakes
And seeing only their holiness and their light.

Just as the tulip rests quietly in winter preparing for its rebirth …
Just as spring melts the snow, filling lakes and rivers with fresh waters …
Just as the earth remembers all the lovely, laughing days that summer brings …
Just as the trees use fall to begin their rest in preparation for new life …

So does forgiveness 
relieve stress 
bring smiles 
cause joy and
make life easier

Forgiveness gives us the power to 
heal relationships.
end war and
harmonize the planet.

Forgiveness teaches us
Compassion and

Forgiveness makes all the corrections necessary 
for a happy and abundant life for all.

It’s all in how we choose to see it.

 “Forgiveness is the key to happiness.”

Posted by: spiritteacher | April 5, 2018


“For the  light of perfect vision is freely given as it is freely received, and can be accepted only without limit.” A Course In Miracles

“I will breathe and look at all things with a softer vision today.”

Here is an exercise I call softening the vision. Whenever you feel tense, upset or stressed, find yourself a corner in your mind to rest. Then in your mind simply look upon the person or situation or moment disturbing you.

Relax your eyes. Breathe. Feel your eyelids grow easy and your eyes become soft. Relax your jaw, chin and mouth. Breathe. Feel your brow become smooth and calm. Breathe quietly and let all the tension go out of your face. If you are in a place where it is appropriate, lift your lips in a quiet, yet confident smile.

You will feel the tightness seep from you. And now everything will seem different. Less serious. Less a big deal. In this state of mind, if you need to resolve something, positive solutions are now free to flow gently into your mind. If you just need to let go of something you’re attached to, softening your vision will allow you to do this.

A softer vision with gentle breathing comes from a softer heart.  A softer heart is a heart open to healing and loving miracles.  

A softer vision calms the mind. 

A softer vision lowers the blood pressure.

A softer vision quiets the breathing.

A softer vision lets tension drift away.

A softer vision allows a healthier life.

A softer vision lets God in.

Posted by: spiritteacher | April 4, 2018


“Joy is our song of thanks.” A Course In Miracles 

“I will bask in my own light today.”

Can you see it?  It’s the light of your own being joined with all the other lights of everyone around you, and then joined again with every light throughout the world.  Bask in the light.  Feel the warmth of all that love flood your being.  Breathe it in like the freshest, cleanest air, then breathe it out and feel all the tension leave your body.  Breathe it in and out again.  And again.  And again. Watch fear swirl harmlessly and fade into the light. Fear is darkness and darkness cannot survive in light. 

Play in the light, skip and hop and be just plain silly while the light shines on you and pours from you.  Join hands with other lights and lead them in a dance of perfect happiness, totally uninhibited, filled with sheer delight.  Dance as one to the music of the rhythm of life; the song of grateful joy. Shout, Hooray! knowing that this moment of deep happiness, safety and well being is all there really is and it is yours and everyone’s.  Not only is it yours, but it is YOU! Pure and simple.

“God’s peace and joy are mine. God’s peace and joy are yours. Today we will accept them” A Course In Miracles.

Posted by: spiritteacher | April 3, 2018


“Truth merely wants to give you happiness, for such its purpose is.” “My happiness and my function are one.”  A Course In Miracles

“I will simply be happy with God today.”

God gives us great works to perform in the simplest manner.

Those of us that are happiest know what this means. 
When we are at peace, we are natural channels for 
God’s Love to flow into the world.
By being at peace, we are teachers of peace.

It’s not something we do.
It’s not something we say.
It is simply what we are.

God can only use us when we unblock our path to Him.
Fear blocks us from serving Him.
Joy lets Him in.

God doesn’t ask us to do big and complicated things.
He just asks us to be happy.
Then He can do big and complicated things through us.
Many times without us even knowing that He is using us.

It’s so simple.
The truth is always simple.
It’s we who make things complicated.
Therefore, it’s we who can turn things around
By simply choosing God.

In doing so we gain the simplicity of happiness and share it with the world.

Posted by: spiritteacher | April 2, 2018


“Here is the new perception, where everything is bright and shining with innocence, washed in the waters of forgiveness …” A Course In Miracles

“I will experience a new and better world today.”

This is our time for lifting our minds to a higher place where the real answers lie. Who wouldn’t be happy if they could?  Who wouldn’t want to experience God’s abundance, health and safety, peace and love and joy?  It doesn’t happen by preaching fear and separation and setting the world straight according to our limited views. It only happens by allowing God to show us our oneness with Him and with each other and lifting everything and everyone up to Him for His correction. For His judgment which is nothing like our own.

It happens by choosing forgiveness over judgment and God’s love over ego’s fear.

It’s a new day, a new dawn, a new time of hope for a better world.  The old thinking and the old solutions have to go for they no longer serve us. As precious creations of a Loving God it’s time for us to be instruments of peace. To do this we must close our mouths, open our minds, our hearts, our eyes, our ears and see through God Eyes as we listen to God’s Voice and finally understand, THERE TRULY IS A BETTER WAY.

And this way is God’s way. This new day belongs to Him and is shared lovingly with us.

Posted by: spiritteacher | April 1, 2018


“It is Easter, the time of resurrection.  The resurrection is the complete triumph of Christ over the ego, [Love over fear] not by attack but by transcendence…” A Course In Miracles

“I will allow myself to be resurrected today.”

The true message of Easter is the RESURRECTION!

This is our message ever day:

Every time we forgive ourselves or someone else, we are resurrected by our holy choices.

Be glad today! Be glad!  There is no room for anything but joy and thanks today. ACIM


“This is my Eastertime. And I would keep it holy. I will not defend myself, because the Child of God needs no defense against the truth of his reality.” A Course In Miracles

Posted by: spiritteacher | March 30, 2018


“The journey that we undertake together is the exchange of dark for light …”  A Course In Miracles

“I will open my heart to Light’s  presence today.”

Yesterday the storm, today the sun. The weather is much like life. We weather the storms and bask in the sun. The storms help us grow as much as the sun. It seems we need both to become who we are meant to be. In this sense all is good for every experience contributes something to our progress. Together, let us celebrate both the storms and the sun filled moments knowing that all is for a higher purpose.

When it rains, let’s let joy be our umbrella. When it snows God’s comfort is our warm scarf. Let us sparkle under the warmth of the sun and rest in the shade of the oak tree. Let’s splash in the puddles during a storm and remember, “this too shall pass.” On the other side of darkness we will always find the light of morning. And if we can’t see the light at this moment, we can quietly open our hearts to its presence and before long it will show itself.  Perhaps not in the way we expected, but better.

“Sacrifice is gone. And in its place the Love of God can be remembered, and will shine away all memory of sacrifice and loss.”  A Course In Miracles

God does not require sacrifice for God is only Love.

Posted by: spiritteacher | March 29, 2018


“You will receive miracles because of what God is.”
“ Let miracles replace all grievances.” A Course In Miracles

“You either live as if everything is a miracle or nothing is a miracle.” Albert Einstein

And a miracle is that the choice is ours. What does it mean to live as if everything is a miracle?

We don’t know for sure except that when we are living our best, miraculous lives, somehow no matter what is going on we sense that it is all right and good will come from this. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Let’s keep our focus on that light until our tunnel vision fades and all we see is Light. This is possible and in fact it is impossible for us to not be hopeful. We were created from light and so the tunnel is only us limiting ourselves and cramming our experience into a tiny, dark place where we do not belong.

A miracle, then, is how we choose to see a thing. If we choose to see the world as hopeless and to judge and criticize ourselves or our brothers and sisters or to feel lost, lonely and alone riddled with guilt and pain, the Universe won’t stop us. God won’t understand why we are doing this to ourselves, but if it’s what turns our crank then He must allow it. It’s called free will. 

God created us free.  It is we who chose to bind ourselves to limitations and misperceptions.

As long as we have free will anyway, why not decide to really free our will? Let’s give it to God and choose happiness. Think, “God’s will is mine.” This is the truth. God only wants us to be happy and deep inside so do we. Everyone does without exception. Happiness is our true nature. When we’re unhappy, we really are going against our own will. Does that make sense?

So let’s listen to Albert Einstein today and live as if everything is a miracle. Because God says that everything is.

“Everything that comes from love is a miracle.” A Course In Miracles

Posted by: spiritteacher | March 28, 2018


“God shares His will with you.”
“How wonderful it is to do your will with God’s! For that is freedom.” A Course In Miracles

“I will use my free will for good today.”

Free Will is a powerful gift.
Free Will needs to be used with care.

Free Will means we can carry guilt and sadness and anger if we want.
Free Will means we can surrender them to God and watch them disappear.

Free Will means we can judge others harshly and dash our own joy.
Free Will means we can be kind to all and see miracles all around.

Free Will means we can close our fists to others and have a life of scarcity. 
Free Will means we can share generously and experience great abundance.

Free Will means we can hate and fear those who are different and keep our minds at war.
Free Will means we can open our minds to all and rest our hearts in peace.

Free Will means we can keep our expectations small and dark with fear.
Free Will means we can see our holy truth and soar happily with Angels.

Free Will means we can live a life of misery and suffering.
Free Will means we can live a life of joyous wonder.

Free Will is a powerful gift 
… and a great responsibility.

Posted by: spiritteacher | March 27, 2018


“Miracles occur naturally as expressions of love.
The real miracle is the… love that inspires them. 
In this sense everything that comes from love is a miracle. All miracles mean life, and God is the Giver of life.” A Course In Miracles

 “Let me see all things through God’s eyes today.”

Whenever we choose God over ego, peace smiles gently upon us and lights our way, rolling all obstacles from our path. Now every experience is seen through new eyes and every relationship is forgiven and we can rest our hearts knowing that every aspect of our new and holy life is held in the hands of He who lovingly takes care of all things for us. And with it come new companions; Happiness, Abundance, Health and Safety and perfect Oneness with each other and all the Universe. 

And the Miracles!  A miracle lives in every moment, but we can’t see them through Fear’s eyes, only through a peaceful mind and heart.

Now the world is Heaven and now we know God’s Peace as the only thing we ever really wanted.

Posted by: spiritteacher | March 26, 2018


“Can you imagine what it means to have no cares, no worries, no anxieties, but merely to be perfectly calm and quiet all the time? Yet that is what time is for; to learn just that and nothing more.” A Course In Miracles

 “I will be grateful and quiet as I look for miracles in every moment today.”

How much time do we spend trying to hurry time along.  We talk about the things that make our day go faster as though that is a desirable thing. “At least it made the day go fast,” we say. We don’t stop to think that we are wishing our life away. Trying to speed things up so we can get somewhere else or to something else is a way of losing whole chunks of our life.

We say “Hurry up.” to the stop light. “Move it along.” to those in line ahead of us.  We miss valuable moments in which we can be quiet and kind and at peace with nothing else to do but wait a moment.  And in that quiet waiting, the world is healed a little more.

Many of us want to speed winter along so we can get to spring and summer.  But what about winter?  Unless we are winter enthusiasts, we miss it altogether. Or spend it in frustration and anxiety as we try to push ourselves beyond it. We miss the beautiful moments for being with our families and friends. Playing board games or doing puzzles or reading a good book while drinking hot chocolate.  We miss the beautiful landscapes of mesmerizing white as we quietly watch the winter birds at play. Even shoveling the walk can be invigorating and healthy and something the whole family and the neighborhood can participate in. It’s not the world as it is, but how we perceive it that blocks or opens our presence to a moment.

We  say, “Get this work day over so we can have some fun.” We are blind to the way our life can be beautiful and amazing and even fun at work. Work can provide opportunities to grow and to be helpful and to develop amazing relationships that may last a lifetime.  Also, there are great opportunities at work to experience forgiveness and healing with those with whom we clash. We must let God in to each experience at work so it can be transformed into something helpful and even miraculous.

Instead of losing ourselves in our devices to pass the time, we can lose ourselves in a book, or in conversation with those around us or in simply quieting our mind and being still. So much life and so much in life to be grateful for in every season, to treasure and appreciate in each hour if we but take the time to be in the moment.  Being mindful is freeing. Like releasing a butterfly from a cocoon.

We may have a day where everything is perfect, the weather, the companionship, the experience, but so often we hear from someone, “En joy it while you can.  It won’t last.”  Saying it won’t last prevents us from enjoying the moment and making it last.  What if we just be in each moment and each day and smile in gratitude instead of wishing or pushing our life away with thoughts of the future and what it may or may not hold for us. A perfect prayer would be, “I place the future in the hands of God.” ACIM

Let’s relax and look for love and healing through kindness and compassion in every instant.  If a moment is challenging, instead of pushing it away, what if we look at it and ask, “What is the lesson here?” Then we can learn even from the difficult times and experience healing and growth. Something worthwhile can come from every experience if we just take a moment to be still and just BE. 

And from being fully in a moment, we will learn an invaluable lesson. “There is no hurry now for you are using time for its intended purpose.” ACIM 

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