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“The stillness speaks in gentle sounds of love the Child of God remembers from before … The stillness of the peace of God is mine.” A Course In Miracles

God lies beyond words. He is simply Love.


These are all the results of Love.

The only activity required to give them and receive them is … FORGIVENESS

Forgiveness happens best in stillness.  The stillness that lies beyond words.

“I will be still today and let FORGIVENESS happen.” 

“I will be still today and let LOVE in.”

“Let me be still and listen to the truth.” A Course In Miracles

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“For the past can cast no shadow to darken the present, unless you are afraid of light.” A Course In Miracles

Pristine snow represents our pure thoughts. Shadows on the snow are caused by our fear thoughts.

Shadows move and change causing weaving patterns that may frighten us, but never really telling us anything of value.  And yet we pay much more attention to the shadows than we do to the purity of our own truth. We believe in the shadows not understanding that when we do this, we are turning our face from God and filling our minds and hearts with dark and strange illusions.  So which frightens us the most? The shadows we have come to see as our reality?  Or the light which is our own Holy Self?

Shadows are never constant. God always is.

Our shadow thoughts change from moment to moment, flitting here, landing there, distracting us with crazy ideas that we absolutely believe in.  Always keeping us a little anxious, a little angry, a little sad and confused.  We never wonder how can this be God?  We just assume it is just because it is our perception. We don’t ask, where is the love?  Where is the peace He speaks of?

But God, the pristine snow, is deep and silent and still.  Not the shadows, but the Light.  We can muddy up the surface with our shadow thinking. But we cannot change or harm the purity of God beneath the mess.

He remains changeless and eternal and always, always there for us and safely within us.

So let’s ask this question to break the pattern of our thinking. How do we get beneath the shadows to the pristine purity of God?  If God is really changeless and eternal and inside us then there must be a way to reach Him. And of course, there is.  For just a moment, let us lift our minds above the fear.  Instead of trying to hide from the shadows; instead of battling them, let’s look right at them. Our hearts may race like frightened mice through a maze as we face our enemy, the shadow, but keep looking. Before long a miracle occurs.  The shadows fade a little and then a little more. Before long we realize we can see straight through them. It’s true!  Shadows are not real. Now we can laugh at our fear thoughts.  All this time we have been battling shadows which God tells us are nothing at all.  The shadows may return, but they will never affect us the same again.

We are compelled to do the only thing that makes sense to us now. We fling ourselves upon the shadows that cover up the pristine whiteness and with great joy and delight we make snow Angels!

Prayers for all those affected by the Florida experience. 


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“I am not the victim of the world I see.”
“The power of decision is my own.” A Course In Miracles

“I will be a victim of wonder today.”

Do we feel like a victim of someone or a slave to something in our lives? Let’s take control of our victim/slave thinking instead of letting it control us.

Let’s be a victim of wonder
And a slave to stillness.

Let’s be a victim of abundance
And a slave to joy. 

Let’s be a victim of health and well being
And a slave to forgiveness.

Let’s be a victim of gratitude
And a slave to peace.

Let’s be a victim of trust
And a slave to Love.

As we turn our thinking around, the only rain we will know is the downpour of miracles. The only lightning that will strike us is a joy filled bolt of wondrous light. We will be drenched in healing and rescued by Love. When this happens we will see that we are a victim of no one and a slave to nothing. Won’t that be a lovely day?  By our decision to allow it, that lovely day can begin this moment.

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“ For you must be as God created you. Truth does not fight against illusions, nor do illusions fight against the truth. Illusions battle only with themselves. Being fragmented, they fragment. But truth is indivisible, and far beyond their [illusion’s] little reach. You will remember what you know when you have learned you cannot be in conflict. One illusion about yourself can battle with another, yet the war of two illusions is a state where nothing happens. There is no victor and there is no victory. And truth stands radiant, apart from conflict, untouched and quiet in the peace of God.” A Course In Miracles

“I will gladly wave the white flag of absolute surrender today; surrendering to God.”

If we think we have to stand apart from God and fight for our protection and our rights, we need to take a quiet moment and stand back and recognize that that thinking is what keeps our world at war; war inside our families, inside our communities, inside our country and in the world. And inside each one of us.

We don’t need to be at war with each other. We’ve already tried that and look at our world. Clearly that doesn’t work. What we need is to learn a better way.

Trying to solve the world’s problems at the level of the world is impossible. At the level of the world we are blinded by our own fears and anger and sadness and limited by our misperceptions and misunderstandings and past experiences. Instead we need to ask for help to rise above the fray and ask God for a better way. “On our own we can do nothing, but in God are all our problems solved.” ACIM

Every time we attack another, no matter how “right” and “righteous” we feel, we are allowing ourselves to be part of the problem and have let the solution fade from our sight. And now we’re stuck in the same old, archaic thinking that has kept this world in chaos since the beginning of time.

How can we doubt we need another way? A way that does not put up barriers to healing, but opens our minds and hearts to God’s Healing. We can’t fix our relationships, the country or the world with our judgmental and righteous thinking. When we try, we block God’s Love from flowing through us and make enemies of our brothers and sisters. We need to be loving channels for Him, one mind and heart at a time. Then and only then are we part of the solution.  “My part is essential to God’s Plan for salvation.” A Course In Miracles

Instead of blocking God by standing strong in our own limiting convictions for more fighting and more defensiveness, we need to bow our heads, drop to our knees and confess, “I don’t know how to fix this, God, but You do.”

And then let it go. Let our anger go. Let our lack of trust in ourselves and our brothers and sisters go. Let go of our need to have revenge and thinking vengeance and fighting back is the answer. And let go of the thought that God is allowing the insanity of the world. God can’t stop what we have chosen. God didn’t give us free will, He designed us with free will. Free will is imbedded into our Being by God and cannot be overridden by Him or anyone. His intention was that our will be His Will. If we choose another will, He can’t stop us, but if we choose our natural State of Being by choosing His will for us which is Love, then and only then can He help us.

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“Can you imagine how beautiful those you forgive will look to you?  In no fantasy have you seen anything so lovely.” A Course In Miracles

“I will spend today in seeing with the vision of forgiveness.”

Forgiveness isn’t easy, but it is simple. It requires only a little willingness to see the world and ourselves differently. God does not expect perfection; only an open mind and a willing heart. Not even words are required. Only the desire to be happy.  He reads our hearts, hears our thoughts and knows our intentions even before we do.

If we need words, a perfect prayer would be, “I only want to be happy.”  In that thought lies the happiness of all our brothers and sisters as well.  Because in that thought we have laid aside our fears for just a moment and allowed God’s Love to rush in.   

In our tiny willingness we are rising above the world’s laws of limitation and chaos and quietly letting God’s laws rule us. Now we can see that beyond the insanity all is well and in God, our problems have been solved.

We cannot do this for another, only for ourselves.  And that’s enough. That is quite enough to change the world for everyone. That is the power of forgiveness within the mind of God’s creation – you and me. “You are as God created you.  You are His Child eternally.”  A Course In Miracles

How simply beautiful are you and all the world through the gentle, loving eyes of your forgiveness. 

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“Anyone is free to change their mind…” 
“Change your mind on what you want to see and all the world must change accordingly.” A Course In Miracles

 “I will gladly attend God’s class and change my mind today.”

We all have the power to change our mind.  Saying “this is just how or who I am” is no excuse for limitation and mistaken thinking or behavior. We can always be different.  In fact, we are here to learn and grow.  Not stay the same.

Love knows no boundaries.
Kindness belongs to everyone.
Helpfulness is not for just a few.
Gentleness is inside each one of us.

And the confidence to sustain these loving attributes is there as well. It’s time to tap, tap, tap into our better, stronger selves. If we listen well we will hear God’s Voice rooting for our best selves to emerge victorious.

Listening well takes an inner ear; 
Seeing clearly, an inner eye.

We all have hearts.  We all have minds.  We all have the power to put them to a loving use. We all have everything we need to be a better self. If we need help in changing, there is help everywhere.  We just need ask and God will bring it to us.

We all know the attributes within us that could be stronger, healthier and more loving. Our imperfections are not a secret to us or anyone else. 

Being mistaken is being human. 
But the world is a classroom and as long as we’re here 
Why not take advantage of the curriculum for being a better person. 

Let’s sign up together today. The tuition is free.

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“We are as certain of success as we are sure we live and hope and breathe and think. We do not doubt we walk with truth today …”  A Course In Miracles

“I will breathe easy today.”

Breathe in the light of your own perfection.
Breathe in the beauty of your sweet spirit.
Breathe in the truth that lives inside you.
Breathe in this moment and keep it with you always, knowing

Now is all there is.
Now you can breathe easy.
Now you know that all is well …

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 “Let every voice but God’s be still in me.” A Course In Miracles

“My mind is calm and quiet. All my thoughts are still.”

And remember, “God goes with you wherever you go.” A Course In Miracles

Winter is a perfect time for quiet contemplation. For those in cold climates and those in rainy climates, wherever darkness falls early and daylight begins late, spend this winter, not feeling cabin fever, but opening up to the unlimited and exciting space within where all things happen in a lovely way.  Let peace happen.  Let joy happen.  Let freedom from fear happen.

Winter is our time for spiritual freedom.  It’s our opportunity to go inward, deep into the recesses of our truth where God lives and where the Heavenly Light never dims.  That place where it is not cold and rain has no meaning; where an icy heart melts instantly and forgiveness heals everything and everyone.

And in those places in this world where it is summer to our winter, let us remember to dance in our brothers’ light and bring light to our brothers’ darkness by simply radiating love throughout the world.

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“Let this be a day of stillness and of quiet listening.” A Course In Miracles

 “I will live, look, act, speak and listen with God today.”

If we live through our heart we will experience life more fully.

If we look through our inner eyes, we will see more vividly.

If we act gently, we will feel more intensely.

If we speak kindly, we will communicate more truthfully.

If we listen quietly, we will hear more clearly.

If we open our minds and question our judgments
We will discover amazing things about ourselves and each other.

And God will smile joyously upon us. “They are getting it,” He will think. “My beloved Children are finally getting it.”

 So today let us

… live through our heart,  

… look inward,

… act gently,

… speak kindly,

… listen quietly,

… question our judgments,

… and make God smile.

Posted by: spiritteacher | February 6, 2018


“Offer God only your willingness to remember …
What you remember is part of you.”  
A Course In Miracles

 “Today I will remember who I am and why I’m here.”

At one time or another we all ask, Who am I? and Why am I here? The answer is simple.

I am the glorious child of a loving God. And my purpose is to be free of all fear.

Being without fear …
… engenders hope,
… allows us to extend and receive love more fully,
… opens our mind and heart to allow God’s Holy guidance,
… heals our heart, our mind and our body,
… encourages us to be our best self at all times,
… causes us to always remain calm and calms others,
… keeps us in a joyous state and attracts joy to us,
… protects us and our loved ones, keeping us safe in the light and love of God,
… allows us to be open to the abundance of a loving God,
… promotes forgiveness without condoning or condemning,
… lets us walk quietly in the world with our mind open to all possibilities,
… guarantees us a life dedicated to serving a higher purpose.


You are the glorious child of a loving God. And your purpose is to be free of all fear.  It happens through forgiveness. Letting go and trusting God.

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“If the situation is used for truth and sanity, its outcome must be peace.”  A Course In Miracles

  “I will choose to be sane today.”

We believe that we can only be at peace if the world is at peace.  It’s just the opposite.  Peace in our minds comes first and that brings peace to our world. Insanity is calmed by peaceful, loving thoughts and kindness and compassion in our hearts. If we believe that the world must be healed before we can have joy and abundance, we will be waiting a long time for what we want. We bring to ourselves what we are inside.  Like attracts like. Fear attracts fear. Love attracts Love.

Watching the news can be disheartening and frightening. It feels as though the world is out of our control. Let’s take our power back and calm the tidal wave of fear that threatens to undo us.  Even if the world appears insane, we can be sane in the midst of all the craziness. 

Let us be 
… the eye of the storm, 
… the center of gravity, 
… the quiet space between the chaos. 

First of all, let’s not believe for an instant that we have no choice, but to live in a crazy world.  Then let’s believe that also for everyone else. 

Our Prayer is: 

“I am a Child of God, 
A Loving Creation, 
A Beautiful Being.” 

And then let’s lift our heads, soften our vision, smile gently and act like one. 

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Feb. 2, 2018

”We trust our ways to God and say “Amen.” In peace we will continue in His way, and trust all things to Him. In confidence we wait His answers, as we ask His Will in everything we do.” A Course In Miracles

“I will place my trust in something Higher today.”

We must allow God’s thinking to reign, not our own. God doesn’t see the world as we do. God’s world is Loving and Kind and Helpful because it doesn’t come from anger, fear and righteousness. It comes from Love. It comes from knowing all about everyone and loving us as His creations, not each other’s enemies. He doesn’t punish His children, He brings them together by showing them that they are not what they think, separated bodies fighting for their life. Instead they are His creations at one with Him and with each other.

How does that look? We don’t really know … yet. And we don’t need to. All we need to do is lift our eyes to Him, open our hearts to Him and let Him in to make the corrections that are needed to heal us and the world. Simply stop judging and pray, “God, I give this to you. I no longer need to be right because I know my needing to be right isn’t helping anything. I just need to see myself, my life and the world through your eyes.”

This doesn’t mean we don’t do anything in the world. Of course we do.  But we do it with Love instead of judgment, righteousness and fear. We pray, “Show me Your will, God.” Then we let it go and TRUST in God to use our willingness and our loving work to make all things right.

No matter how it looks or sounds or feels, do not be deceived. There is something beautiful and miraculous happening on the other side of the insanity that we have to be open to so that we can be true channels for healing. Not warriors for righteousness, but doorways for love; God’s Love.

Now smile with relief that we in our littleness and limitedness are not in charge here. God in His Greatness is working through us. Be open to miracles. Be open to kind thoughts. Be open to compassion. Find strength in gentleness instead of violence. Instead of counting the world’s mistakes, look for the good things happening here; the beauty and the blessings happening all around us. There is so much we overlook because we have allowed our vision to be blocked by fear.

Watch the world change before our eyes as we become willing to look at it differently. And then no matter what appears to be happening here, because God is our Guide, we will be at peace and in our peace will rise great courage and confidence and healing will happen without one angry word or defensive thought or act.

God bless you all as you take a step in the right direction; the direction of God. It will take time to change our minds about how the world should be. We may think that gentleness and kindness are weakness and anger and vengeance are strength for a while yet. But the more we exercise our true strength and are willing to let go of our archaic thinking and then see the results of our new way of thinking and being in the world, the more we will believe and Trust in Him Who Knows All about All.

And the sooner we choose to fly with God on the powerful wings of an eagle and let the little sparrow of our small thinking go, the sooner will the world be healed, one Child of God at a time. 

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“My grievances hide the light of the world in me.” A Course In Miracles

“I have the power of happiness within me.”

There are two aspects of us in this world. The aspect of the ego in which we live in fear and darkness.  And the aspect of the spirit in which all is light and wondrous and perfect. The aspect of the ego is minute, like a drop in the ocean and the aspect of the spirit is the ocean. Instead of seeing the drop becoming one with the ocean, we spend our days trying to force the ocean inside the drop.  See how uncomfortable and painful that is to live in such an unnatural state.  And yet we all do it.  We see the drop as our life and the ocean not at all. Or as a figment of our imagination, or an unattainable dream. If we only knew how bizarre that is, we would have to laugh at ourselves and our limited perceptions.   

The fact is that the only thing that is real is God (The Ocean) and He is pure Love. And we, as His blessed drops are created whole and perfect in His image. Thankfully God offers a way out of our backward, twisted thinking by allowing His presence to be in all things. That means that we can choose to see everything through the eyes of God’s Love if we wish and we can do this at any moment. 

Let us affirm ourselves:

“I have the power of happiness within me.  
I am willing to choose it now.”

 “I am a powerful, loving and perfect being. 
The fact that I have forgotten this cannot change it.”

“I am a beautiful, sacred and holy creation of a loving God and nothing else.”

“I am grateful to know I am a blessed drop in the Holy Ocean of unlimited Love.”

Posted by: spiritteacher | January 31, 2018


“Here in the present is the world set free … a real world, bright and clean and new with everything sparkling under the open sun.”  A Course In Miracles

 “I will drink in calm and quiet healing today.”

Envision a clear glass pitcher upon the kitchen table.  As we go about our day we begin to fill it with our thoughts.  “I have a head-ache.” “The kids didn’t clean their rooms.”  “My spouse is driving me crazy.”  “My job is stressful.” “There’s too much to do and not enough time.” “I’m exhausted.” One by one these thoughts go into the pitcher until it is filled with a dark, swirling mass of pain and anger, stress and suffering.  Thirsting now for something we feel is sadly missing from our lives, we pour the mess into a dingy glass and drink it.  Seem ridiculous? Well, that is what we do every time we choose fear instead of love, anger instead of peace, chaos instead of quiet.  Is there any wonder we are so often sick?

What if we pour the pain down the drain, wash and polish the pitcher until it shines and put it back on the table?  And then we don’t think anything at all.  Just “That’s a beautiful pitcher.”  Very soon, without our trying, new thoughts will come into our mind because we are choosing to be still and allow them.  “I feel wonderful!”  “The children are living, breathing miracles.”   “My spouse is the love of my life. We may not always agree, but we can agree to disagree.” “My job is filled with opportunities for forgiveness.” “I’m watching time expand as I live and breathe  in this moment.”

Remember, for every fearful thought, there is a corresponding peaceful thought. Our job is to choose our thoughts with  Love.

These new thoughts glistening like liquid crystal will quickly fill the pitcher. And then when we pour from it into a clear glass and drink it, we will be drinking in the calm and quiet healing of our new thoughts. Before long our very being will be filled with a feeling of love so powerful that it will overwhelm us and bring tears of joy  to our eyes.  With wonder and awe we can now say, “I never knew the world was so beautiful. Let me drink it in.”

Then “Thank you God.”

Posted by: spiritteacher | January 30, 2018


“God is the strength in which I trust.” A Course In Miracles

“I will believe in possibilities today.”

In all things live possibilities and opportunities beyond our wildest dreams. They are not always scientific. They cannot always be seen with the human eye or heard or touched by the human hand. But with an open mind and heart, they can be felt and somehow known by something deep inside us. It just takes a little trust.

Trust first in the possibility for your own great happiness and a Love that transcends this world.  Trust that you have been gifted with many windows of opportunity to be a messenger of peace and a receiver of great abundance. And if that window seems a bit dingy at times, then silence the doubts and take a soft cloth and the Windex of Truth and polish it until it glistens and the Light that is you shines clearly through.

Windows of opportunity live quietly inside us. All we need do to access them is to watch for them and then when we get a tiny glimpse, a glimmer of light, a whisper of feeling, look deeper. For what may seem like a challenge is most likely an opportunity for something greater if we are just willing to go through the momentary difficulty and then beyond. 

Facing fear and then moving through it takes trust.  Trust in God.  With trust, what seems limited or even hopeless will take on a whole new meaning.

Trust in your Holiness. It is REAL.

Posted by: spiritteacher | January 29, 2018


“Then the world is harmless in your sight. A Course In Miracles

“I will practice being harmless  today.”

Health and well being are when we see ourselves as more than a body. When an understanding comes over us that we are okay just as we are. No strings attached. No special conditions imposed. Just pure acceptance. This is the energy of Love. This is the power of being harmless.

Harmlessness is when we choose to be kind instead of hurtful to another. No matter how small the act, our willingness to be harmless offers a healing experience for us and for others. It is the essence of harmlessness when nothing we think or do or say disturbs us or anyone else.  True honesty and harmlessness is when our most loving thoughts are in perfect alignment with our actions and our words.  

Helpfulness happens whenever we see someone in need and offer a hand, a kind word, an encouraging smile. Whenever we hear someone’s cry for help and then answer it with a prayer or a blessing on their behalf. Whenever we withhold judgment and choose love instead.  This is the decision for Love; the decision to be harmless.

It is only in being harmless to our brothers and sisters, to our planet and to ourselves that we can be truly helpful in healing the world.  It is the harmless ones joining their power that will heal the world.

Posted by: spiritteacher | January 26, 2018


“Accept the miracle… … of healing, and it will go forth because of what it is. It is its nature to extend itself the instant it is born. And it is born the instant it is offered and received.” A Course In Miracles

“I will walk in the light of my own forgiveness today and see miracles of healing.”

We don’t have to fix the world and the calamity and chaos we see out there, but we can pray for healing and peace and forgiveness for the greater world as we practice kindness and forgiveness within our own hearts and in our own small world. Forgiveness is energy and it lives in us, our gift from God. He instilled it in us for our use in keeping our lives peaceful and for healing our experiences along with our relationships. When we forgive others and ourselves, we open our minds and hearts for another, better way of being. This better way sends ripples of loving energy from us to others and through others to more others. These ripples are miracles.

Forgiveness is contagious as laughter is contagious as joy is contagious as kindness is contagious and as peace is contagious. Instead of spreading disease and anger and fear, let us spread Love and Peace and Joy through small acts and thoughts and words of forgiveness and kindness. Let us be kind to ourselves and see that kindness manifest into healing in our lives. Sometimes all we can do for someone else is pray for peace for them. And if that’s the best we can do, then that is what we must do. And that best is far greater than we know for it puts us on the path as miracle workers for God.


Posted by: spiritteacher | January 25, 2018


“You do not walk alone. God’s angels hover near and all about. His Love surrounds you, and of this be sure; that He will never leave you comfortless.” A Course In Miracles.

“I will see myself comforted and surrounded by God’s Love today.”

When we look at the world, what do we see? All the pain, and suffering? Or the truth, that God is real and everything and everyone can be lifted into His Light for healing? Do we join the world in its misery by adding our negative energy of fear and judgment to the chaos? Or can we choose a better way?

What if we join forces with God by sending kind and loving thoughts into the world every chance we get? What if we lay our fears down and pray, “God help us.” What if we go about our day dispensing kindness and compassion to everyone we meet? What if we become part of the solution by smiling gently at anyone who needs a smile and offering a happy greeting to friends and strangers alike? What if we are part of the solution, by choosing to withhold judgment of what we see and hear on the news and instead send a healing prayer to everyone involved?

Love is energy that heals. Fear is energy that keeps the world in darkness. We have the capacity for both. We can get angry and righteous and choose to make the world the problem of those we see as guilty. Or we can take responsibility for our part in the mess by remembering our anger and our fear are just as powerful for keeping the world in pain as those who are actually acting out the drama and the violence. We may not want to believe that our thoughts are that powerful. After all we’re not doing anything to hurt anyone. But when we consider that we are creations of the greatest Power of all, is it too farfetched to believe that we are contributing to the chaos by keeping our thoughts in chaos? In a lesser way, perhaps, but contributors nonetheless. And there are billions of us joining forces in judgment and in fear.

The answer is forgiveness. We must, one person at a time, forgive ourselves for our mistakes and ask God to heal us so we can be instruments of peace instead of pain. It seems almost impossible to withhold our judgments and be free of ego fear. The natural thing seems to be to judge the world and to believe we know what everyone else should be doing differently. This desire to rule through our egos instead of allowing God’s Love in is very powerful and entrenched into our way of thinking and being in the world.

And so we cannot do it alone. God is always with us to help us change our thoughts whenever we open our mind and heart and turn to Him. For every fear thought there is a corresponding Love thought. We must be vigilant in watching how we react and respond to the world and those in our lives. And every time we find ourselves responding with negativity, we can stop ourselves even in mid sentence or mid thought and go somewhere quiet and say, “God, I give my mistaken thoughts to you. Please help me to be your channel and your tool for healing in the world.” Or “God, please help me to see this through Your Eyes so I can change my mind.”

Working through Love instead of fear is not easy. But it’s necessary if we really want a better world. Sometimes, we can only pray, “God help me.” And yet that is the most powerful prayer there is.

We are not alone. Powerful Guides walk with us. Let’s take Their hands and allow ourselves to be lifted above the fray where we can truly be a healer for God in the world. And when we find ourselves in the middle of the mess again, which we will, let’s take God’s hand again. And then again. And then again.

Every experience and every moment is another opportunity to choose again. And to remember the powerful truth – that we are not alone. God and His Angels walk with us and His will for us is only peace and happiness and nothing else. When we turn to God for help we are simply aligning our will with His. And there is nothing more powerful that we can do for the healing of the world.

Posted by: spiritteacher | January 24, 2018


“A happy outcome to all things is sure.” A Course In Miracles

As our day begins peace fills us.”  

In the gently rising light of the early morning, before the world stirs, we awaken quietly and let calm and loving thoughts fill our minds.  We breathe in and out deeply and slowly asking for all that we want for ourselves and the world. In this way our hearts and minds are an open channel for all that is holy and healing for the world from the first moment of our day.  And with this decision that we make in the early light of the first hour of the day, we become a joyous learner of a new and better way to be; for ourselves and through our example, for our brothers and our sisters all as well.

Though it may appear so, we aren’t alone with our isolated thoughts.  Every decision we make, every thought we think, affects us and others as well.  As dawn breaks and morning light flows out upon the earth, our first decision for the day will be a prayer:

“The light has come.  I am healed and I can heal.
The light has come. I am saved and I can save.
The light has come.  I am at peace and I bring peace with me wherever I go.”  A Course In Miracles

And as our day ends …

In the quiet darkness as night softly blankets our world, and gentle fingers of sleep soothe our brows and close our eyes, again we do our quiet breathing.  Just before we fall asleep, we remember all the blessings in our lives and all the good things about the world and we make a decision to be grateful as we forgive everything and everyone that disturbs us even a little. And because our gratitude and grace come from the holy love of a creation of God, the Divine Universe decrees that all is well and we’re at peace.

And again, as the new day begins, in the gently rising light before the world stirs our peace continues, as we breathe, calmly and deeply, in and out. And so we come full circle.

Posted by: spiritteacher | January 23, 2018


“Today I can go past all fear, and be restored to love and holiness and peace. Today I am redeemed, and born anew into a world of mercy and of care; of loving kindness and the peace of God.” A Course In Miracles

I will face every encounter and every experience with this thought, “How can I be kind here?”

A child on the playground runs to his/her fallen friend and lifts them up and wipes their tears. That is kindness.

Someone sees another, not as guilty, but as them in another time and place.  That is kindness.

A brother calls his sister and says, “I’m so sorry.”  That is kindness.

An adult child calls their parents to say thank you. That is kindness.

A woman picks a flower for herself, then turns and hands it to someone walking by.  That is kindness.

A person senses someone’s pain and reaches out a hand to offer help.  That is kindness.

Someone sees another’s burden and offers to help carry it with them. That is kindness.

An employer sees his/her employee working hard and extends gratitude.  That is kindness.

A parent lovingly puts a meal on the table for their family.  That is kindness.

The children offer to do the dishes. That is kindness.

A sister forgives her sister, a husband forgives his wife, a friend forgives an enemy. That is kindness.

Someone feeds the hungry.

Someone loves an animal.

Someone holds a child.

Kindness. Kindness. Kindness.

Let us walk through our day listening and observing and then ask ourselves, “How can I be kind here?”

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