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“Sacrifice is gone. And in its place the Love of God can be remembered, and will shine away all memory of sacrifice and loss.”  A Course In Miracles

“I am willing to sacrifice fear for Love today.”

In this world, sacrifice sounds like something we don’t want. Something difficult and painful and unfair.

But what if we sacrificed


And we allowed these things to be replaced with


When we willingly let go of all ideas of sacrifice we open our lives to the riches of miracles beyond our comprehension.  We often cling to those things we do not want thinking sacrifice is asked of us by God. Let’s choose thoughts of Love instead of sacrifice so we can finally see sacrifice is not God’s will at all.  Then we will finally be free.

”I gladly make the sacrifice of fear.” A Course In Miracles

Posted by: spiritteacher | March 22, 2018


“There is no love but God’s.”  A Course In Miracles

“I will walk in love today.”

The sun’s rays
fan out like
Angels’ wings
warming each
one that walks
in its light.

And so it is with God’s Love.

Posted by: spiritteacher | March 21, 2018


“God is in everything I see because God is in my mind.” A Course In Miracles

“I will allow God to decide for me today.”

We’re afraid of losing ourselves, our uniqueness, our edge, our excitement and life’s many enjoyments when we choose for God instead of the ego, peace instead of fear, Oneness instead of separation. Well, the fact is we have already given up ourselves in favor of the ego’s way of life. And when we decide for God, we are re-claiming our inheritance and the life we really want. 

Abundance, happiness, peace, delightful miracles and an amazing healthy, safe and joyous life come from God’s Love, not from ego’s limitations and its paralyzing fear.

It’s time to decide for God so He can decide for us. 

Posted by: spiritteacher | March 20, 2018


“Everywhere the signs of life spring up to show that what is born can never die for what has life has immortality.” A Course In Miracles

“I am open to new life and new beginnings today.”

The symbols for spring are new life and new beginnings. In God we are given opportunities for new life and new beginnings every time we make a choice.  Every time we choose to judge someone, that is a new beginning for an outcome that we may not want.  Every time we choose to forgive someone that is a new beginning that will bring us peace. Whatever we choose for another is what we choose for ourselves. That’s how oneness works. 

We and our brothers and sisters are one, connected by God’s Loving Energy.  We cannot affect someone else without affecting ourselves.  It isn’t God’s choice that makes this dynamic work, it’s ours.  God simply IS.  We choose whether we align with His Love or ego’s fear.  Like daylight savings, we can spring ahead toward our most loving self, or we can fall back into the old patterns of fear thinking.

As we watch the daffodils push up from the cold, hard earth, and tiny leaf buds open on the trees, let’s allow ourselves to be reminded that we too can push through the hard old thinking and open to new life and new beginnings by simply choosing God in everything we think and say and do.

Our prayer would be: “God, what would you have me think and say and do here?” And then we quiet our thoughts and wait for our answer.  God always answers. We need only listen and trust Him to answer and our new life will begin.  

Posted by: spiritteacher | March 19, 2018


“There is no hurry now for you are using time for its intended purpose.”  A Course In Miracles

“I will be mindful in each moment today.”

Life is but a series of lovely moments usually misunderstood. Often our belief in time is the problem.

Let’s step back from time a moment. Now having calmed our thoughts and slowed our heart rate, let’s breathe in each moment as though smelling a lovely flower. Instead of rushing through our life, always stressed and feeling behind, let’s let time unfold like a panorama of amazing opportunities and wondrous gifts. If we will let God be part of every moment, we will see our perception of time change radically.

Now we’re never late because we are blessing each moment as a miracle. When we do this time seems to expand and everything we wanted to accomplish will be done and more in the same amount of time with no stress and no anxiety. We have stepped back so God can be our guide. It’s only when we try to walk ahead of Him and manage time on our own that we have problems.

When we learn to be grateful for the time we have, time becomes filled with love and blessed by joy. Instead of serving time, time is serving us.

Living calmly in the moment, mindfully aware of everything and everyone, life is beautiful and time, our dreaded enemy for so long, is now a dear and kindly friend.

Posted by: spiritteacher | March 16, 2018


“Joy is the inevitable result of gentleness.”
“Why would you not be joyous?”
A Course In Miracles

“I am choosing to BE JOY today.”

If we believe life is a rehearsal
Let’s practice joy …

If we believe life is “the real thing”
Let’s Be Joy!

It’s imperative that we understand who and what we are if we are to be open to our own happiness.  If we think we are victims of an insane and unpredictable world, we need to think again.  It is our thoughts that bring us peace or keep us tied to fear’s dark pain. Our thoughts are as powerful as God.  This is because we are the thoughts of God. Each and every one without exclusion is a thought in the Mind of God.  And God is Love.  And God is all there is.

Be Love.
Be Peace.
Be Joy.
Be your Self!

Posted by: spiritteacher | March 15, 2018


“I cannot see two worlds.” ACIM

“Give me the strength to see only God’s world.”

Two Worlds
One belongs to fear.
The other one to God.

We cannot hate and love at once.  When hate is in our heart, love disappears.  When love is felt, hate does not exist.  What Child of God would choose to see themselves as fear-filled and separate from their Creator and their brothers and sisters through dissension when another choice, the choice of Oneness is offered them?

A song sung in harmony with many voices rising together is much more powerful than a single voice lamenting all alone. One hand cannot clap.  One hand and one heart cannot join.  But many voices and many hands and hearts joined in harmony can change the world’s complexion and bring light to all eyes and beautiful sound to every ear.

Our power is in our Oneness.  Our power is not in fighting for what we think is right, but in joining together, and lifting our minds and hearts to God and letting Him decide.  God will not show us anything in the world. He will not say one Child of God is right and another is wrong. He will not take sides with His children.  Instead He will show us the world transformed. Transformed by kindness and compassion. Transformed by Love. He will show us our opinions are not the truth of us. Our Oneness is.

He will show us how stillness brings joy and how silence allows us to hear another Voice and a better way of being in the world. The things we fight for will fade away into nothingness when we let His Voice speak through us and for us.  And all will be at peace with the results of His Plan in place of ours.

Anger and fear are not conducive to correcting a wounded heart and a suffering world.  They only make things worse.  True correction comes through an open mind and a quiet spirit where God’s Voice can be heard so He can lead us on our path to healing through kindness and through gentleness, through forgiveness and through love. That is strength.  That is power.  That is truth.  That is all there really is. 

One World.  God’s World. That’s the one we want.

Posted by: spiritteacher | March 14, 2018


“Teaching and learning are your greatest strengths now, because they enable you to change your mind and help others to change theirs.” A Course In Miracles 

“ Today, I will remember that there is a better way.”

Disagreeing with others does not mean they are our enemy.  It does not mean we must put on the proverbial boxing gloves and beat them with our truth.  It doesn’t mean we must disrespect them for their “stupidness” or assault them with our “rightness”.  It only means that between two children of God, there is an opportunity to educate and to listen to different ideas with respect and kindness.  And perhaps come to a compromise, a cooperative effort to makes things better for everyone. There has to be a better way. 

It doesn’t mean we must agree.  If we don’t agree, we don’t agree and that’s okay.  This world was designed for thousands of perceptions and more. Some healthier than others. But we can’t help anyone see another way unless we show by example that there is a better way.  And that way isn’t theirs or ours.  That way is God’s. There aren’t two ways, there are One. The One way we don’t even look at most of the time, because we are so immersed in our rightness and so invested in their wrongness. We do insane things in the name of our rightness so even if we are right, we become wrong simply by the way we misuse our rightness.

The One way is God’s Truth.  It has nothing to do with this world at all, but with changing our minds about how we see this world and our brothers and our sisters on all sides of the divide. Our separation thoughts come from fear.  Fear does not disappear in battle, it gets escalated. If we are angry, we know we are making a mistake. God is never angry. We need to communicate and cooperate, and ask God for help in seeing the world and each other through His Vision. We need to become teachers of God by allowing Him to teach through us.

His Vision is Kind and Gentle and Quiet and Loving. His Vision does not point fingers, it joins hands.  His Vision does not raise voices in anger, but in celebration. His Vision does not do battle, it lays our verbal weapons down and lifts each of us up to the Highest Place within us.  That Place where God created us holy and innocent.

If we can all be quiet for a moment and lift our minds above the battleground and ask for help in seeing Right, our asking will be answered.  Not for their way or our way.  But for God’s Way; the way where healing truly happens.

“No one can fail who seeks to reach the truth.”  A Course In Miracles.

Let’s be calm and still and let the One way be seen through us today. What seems impossible will fade away into what is Right.  And that involves kindness and forgiveness and respect and listening.

And then there will be real peace and everyone will be happy, because being right does not involve taking from anyone, but in giving to everyone.  God’s Way.

 “Let us look upon the holy sights forgiveness shows today, that we may find the peace of God.” ACIM

Posted by: spiritteacher | March 13, 2018


“A healed mind does not plan. It carries out the plans that it receives through listening to wisdom that is not its own.” A Course In Miracles

“I have no plans apart from God today.”

It is important that we face our fears, look deeply into our demons and rest in our own dark thoughts realizing that everything we fear is our own choice. Once we understand our power for unhappiness is ours, we can begin to understand that our power for happiness is our choice as well.  

“I gladly make the sacrifice of fear.”  A Course In Miracles

Our decision to value our hurts and fears from the past blocks God’s Light and keeps us from our miracles. If we doubt that we are valuing our hurts and fears, we only need to listen to ourselves. What stories are we telling the world? What pain and anger and suffering are we still clinging to from yesterday and from years ago?

“I gladly make the sacrifice of fear.”  A Course In Miracles

We have no idea that God can’t answer our prayers until we choose to allow ourselves to be freed from pain and open to peace. Instead of judgment we must want forgiveness. Instead of hopelessness we must want joy. Only our self-imposed barriers to His Love block His Answers and His Healing. It isn’t that God isn’t helping us or doesn’t want to. It’s that we won’t let Him.  We need do nothing but simply be willing to be happy and God will do the rest. In order to be open to His Voice, we must be willing to change our life’s story from one of a sad and sorry past to one of hope and trust in each moment – beginning now.

“I gladly make the sacrifice of fear.”  A Course In Miracles

It is the power of God within us that gives us the confidence and the opportunity to understand that we are so much more than our fears. If we take His hand, He will lead us gently from the darkness that we have made and into the Light that He has Created as our Holy Truth.  Now, we can forgive the past, let go of our anxiety about the future and rest in the light of this holy moment with Him. Through forgiveness and surrender we are opening for ourselves a channel of pure Love. It is from this point of Love, this Divine Love within our own mind, where true and permanent healing originates and from there that we must make our resolutions for change.

“I gladly make the sacrifice of fear.”  A Course In Miracles

And now we walk through the world, an instrument of peace and a teacher of joy. Now we are ready to learn to be a healed healer and we can bring peace with us everywhere we go.

Posted by: spiritteacher | March 12, 2018


“…  in this world, forgiveness is a necessary correction for all the mistakes that we have made.” A Course In Miracles

“I will be tolerant and patient with myself and others today.”

We can use our mistakes and our fears as opportunities for learning and growing toward a more confident and happier, healthier self. This means looking at our weaknesses, and our fears without guilt or judgment, but with loving detachment and then quietly forgiving them. Not condoning or condemning, but simply looking and letting go. Seeing our weaknesses and mistakes honestly is not comfortable or easy for most of us, but it is a very important step for our healing and something we all need to do if we are to grow.

We can’t heap blame upon ourselves or become defensive and absolutely we must boot guilt out the door. I’m not saying that we don’t take responsibility for our mistakes, only that once we have taken responsibility and even apologized and made amends when necessary, that we then use the experience for something positive before we let it go.  It’s important to remember, nobody’s perfect in this world. 

Once we’ve gotten past them it’s important to use our imperfections as stepping stones toward a better life. In that way there are no regrets and everything, even our mistakes can serve a higher purpose. Also, being tolerant with ourselves makes it easier for us to be patient and tolerant with others. 

It’s time we laugh at ourselves more and lighten up about our judgments of everyone else. In this way we can foster harmony and balance within our own minds and hearts and extend this gift of learning and wisdom to the world.  Now, we are the answer, not the problem. And though we may not be perfect in this world, we are perfect in God.

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“I will arise in glory and allow the light in me to shine upon the world…”  A Course In Miracles

“I will be the sculpture of my destiny.”

All fear is but a thin crust upon the surface of our holiness. It’s the unforgiving thoughts that keep us from our peace. Let’s take a blade of light and scrape away everything that isn’t love. With holy tweezers, let’s remove all the tiny slivers of pain we have accepted as our destiny. With the blade of light, we carefully and meticulously scrape off our sadness, our sickness, our suffering and the world’s. Anything that blocks our joy can be removed and must for us to live our True life.  And as we scrape away all that we do not want, we polish and bring forth what is buried underneath, releasing all the happiness that is hidden there. Amazing scents and sights and sounds have been released for our enjoyment. With God’s Hand in ours, we are the sculpture of our destiny.   

In carving away everything that doesn’t belong to us we free ourselves for a glorious arising.  Our light shines far and wide.  And the greatest gift is that not only have we saved ourselves, we’ve saved the world as well.

“God’s peace and joy are mine.” A Course In Miracles

Posted by: spiritteacher | March 8, 2018


“God is the strength in which I trust.”A Course In Miracles

 “Today I will trust God as He trusts me.”

If we look into our heart we will see that it isn’t the world we fear. It is Love. We are afraid to trust that God is in charge and will make all the corrections necessary that will lead us to peace. So in that sense we are not afraid of what we think is happening or will happen, we are afraid that God’s promises are not real. We are terrified that He will drop us from the cliff of our own uncertainty.  And so we make plans. Plans to protect and defend ourselves.  Plans on how to make things happen the way we think they should. Plans to be in the world on our terms instead of His. Human plans, ego plans, fear-filled plans. 

If we really trusted God we would feel all our burdens lifted and would at last understand that no matter how it looks or feels it must be all right, because God’s laws are governing this world, quietly waiting to transform chaos into calm, panic into peace.  

If we trusted in God instead of trying to “fix” things with our narrow understanding and our fear-filled little egos, all that is not of God would fall away and this world would be a different place. Now, would we live in confidence.  Now would joy be our constant companion. Now would we at last be free.

Let’s join hands and take the leap from the precipice of limitation and dark thinking; from sad thoughts and worry and anxiety and watch with awe and gratitude as a miracle occurs.  What we will find is when we place our trust in God, we cannot fall for we have been given wings.

God can’t help us when we won’t let Him in. Fear blocks the light of His healing Love. Trust lets His Light and Love flow through and heal.  Everything.

Let’s place our trust in God and take a flying leap because “God’s trust in you is limitless.” A Course In Miracles

Posted by: spiritteacher | March 7, 2018


“God’s promises make no exceptions. “
“His Word has promised peace.”
A Course In Miracles

“I will accept God’s promises today.”

Let’s think of all the ways we keep our fears close,
Protecting them and worshipping them
As we fan the flames of pain and suffering
And keep alive all that we do not really want.

Where is Heaven now?

Being groundless our fears cannot attach themselves to 
Anyone or anything unless we choose to allow it.
Fear attached to nothing is harmless and will
Soon disappear into the nothingness from which it came.

Without fear’s darkness, we will see with clarity
God’s Holy Smile as it radiates throughout the world.
And we will know without a doubt that
The Promised Land has come and all is healed.

Let’s simply lay fear down
At the feet of He, Who tells us 
In Clear and Loving terms

“Children of God, your fears are groundless.
Heaven’s Peace is here and now and nowhere else.”


Posted by: spiritteacher | March 6, 2018


“… look with Heaven’s smile upon your lips …”
“I rest in God.” A Course In Miracles

“I will smile with my heart today and rest in God.”

There are schools of thought that believe that all healing is held in a single smile. Could this be true? Could the simple act of smiling make the world a better place?  And rest and healing for our mind and heart? What if, instead of frowning at someone or something that we perceived as disturbing or disruptive today, we gently smiled?

What if when we wanted to make a situation better and we couldn’t think of the words, we just quietly smiled?  What if we wanted to convey something beautiful and loving to someone and the right thoughts to express this eluded us and so we took the other person’s hand, softened our eyes and smiled into theirs? What if we looked in the mirror and saw the hurt and sadness in our own eyes and we turned that around by giving ourselves a confident and loving smile? What if we felt the restlessness in our spirit and the world and we smiled gently and asked for rest today for everyone.

Our smile …

…lifts hearts and heals minds,

…brings comfort and calm reassurance.  

…can help heal our relationships.

…promotes healthy bodies.

…sends ripples of loving energy to the giver and the receiver. 

…conveys kindness, gentleness and forgiveness.

…radiates joy and love through us and into the world

…and brings rest to every mind and heart.

A smile is perhaps the simplest and most powerful form of communication. It dissolves language barriers because it is a sign of peace and friendship everywhere. A single smile holds within it the promise and the power of the Divine Universe.  So today, let’s do something wonderful for ourselves and all the world . Let’s open our heart, clear the clutter from our mind and quietly smile, smile, smile.

Breathe and rest and smile.

Posted by: spiritteacher | March 5, 2018


“Miracles are seen in light and light and strength are one.” A Course In Miracles

“I will laugh and open to my light today.”

A gentle laugh lets out the light that lives within the center of our spirit.
In this place, nothing can disturb us.
Nothing can harm us. 
Nothing can frighten us.

In Light we are strong. 
We are safe. 
We are calm. 
We are in harmony with every living thing. 

In Light joy blossoms, 
happiness flows and 
abundance is our destiny.

In Light peace thrives and 
healing is in every breath.

In Light trust is easy. 
In Light everything we need is already ours. 
In Light we are whole and perfect and one.

Light is at the core of every Child of God. 
Deny it, suppress it, disbelieve it, it doesn’t matter.
It’s still there quietly waiting for us to want it.

“Light is in you.” A Course In Miracles

 And that Light is Love, God’s Love.

Posted by: spiritteacher | March 2, 2018


“The light has come. I am healed …”   A Course In Miracles

“I choose to see myself as healed today.”

What if God came to us in a vision and said, “Beloved Child, you are healed.”  Would we believe Him?  Would we be able to see beyond what we are feeling and beyond what we think we are experiencing and say, “Wow! Thanks, God.” or even “God, I can’t see it, but if You say so, it must be true.”  Or would we say, “God you must be crazy.  Look at me.  I’m a mess.”

Well, God is constantly telling us we’re healed.  We’re okay.  We never left His Heaven. So now we can decide this moment whether we believe Him or not.  Actually, He doesn’t expect us to believe Him, but He does expect us to want to believe.  Our little willingness opens up a channel for His Love to flow through. It is in His Love we will experience moments of pure joy, peace, love and light. It is in those moments we can “see”, He is absolutely right. We are healed.

Let our prayer be, “I want to see that I am healed.”

Posted by: spiritteacher | March 1, 2018


“You need the strength of gentleness.”
“Gentleness means that fear is now impossible.”
A Course In Miracles

“Today, let’s give our loved ones and ourselves Life On The Gentle Cycle. “

Choosing God is what brings us Happiness. Happiness is ours when we choose God. It’s a gentle cycle. 

To Choose God.
Be Happy.
To Be Happy. 
Choose God.

There is no aspect of our lives in which we cannot choose God.
Therefore there is no aspect of our lives in which we cannot be happy.

So simple, yet so true.  And so very gentle.

Posted by: spiritteacher | February 28, 2018


“I am not a body, I am free.  For I am still as God created me.” A Course In Miracles

“Today I will remember I am more than just a body.”

When we think of ourselves, we generally think of our professions or our jobs, (fireman, teacher, builder, lawyer, clerk) our relationships (parent, son, daughter, husband, wife, partner, friend, etc.).  Or we respond with our interests or our avocations, ( artist, writer, musician, gardener, etc.).  All those things make up our worldly experience, but they are what we do more than what we are. 

Our inner voice speaks of something else. 
It’s time to listen.

We are not our bodies, but something more.
We are not our weaknesses, but something strong.
We are not our doubts, but something certain.
We are not our illnesses or disabilities, but something whole and perfect.
We are not our dark moments, but something joyous and filled with light.
We are not our fears, but something peace-filled and confident.
We are not our roller coaster emotions, but something stable, constant and eternal.

We have a body. But that something else, that indefinable something that we generally overlook or deny about ourselves is living quietly inside the busy, doing person we believe we are. Our bodies have a purpose. It is being a channel for loving communication. But the body is not us.

Posted by: spiritteacher | February 27, 2018


“I am entitled to miracles.”  A Course In Miracles

“I am ripe for miracles today.”

Miracles are in every peaceful moment. And in moments not so peaceful. They can be seen in the obvious; a sunrise or a silent snowfall. They can be heard in a child’s laughter. Or a dog or cat resting by our side when we are in need of quiet comfort.

Miracles happen in the forgiveness after an argument, in the chicken soup during the flu, in the signing of a cast after a broken arm. They happen during a visit to the hospital or elder care home.

Miracles happen in people coming together to help each other during an earthly disaster.  Or hugging a brother or sister after a loss, or a kind word when someone has been emotionally wounded and feels valueless. 

They can be felt in the unspoken joy that wells within us for no reason at all. Nothing obvious has happened, nothing noticeable has changed and yet we find ourselves smiling and feeling lifted with no apparent cause.

Pay attention to the miracles in their myriad of forms all around in every moment. Focus on the peace and joy flowing through us. That peace and joy is the presence of miracles. It is healing happening. It is us choosing love instead of fear, even if we aren’t consciously aware of having made a choice.

God’s love lives in each one of us. It is seen as light and experienced as truth, constant and unchanging and eternally us, one with each other and one with God. This is the State of Love; the condition of readiness for miracles. And it is always there, just waiting …

Isn’t it a warm and lovely thought to know that underneath the dead leaves of our past experience; just out of our awareness lives this amazing world ripe for miracles and quietly awaiting our attention? And when we pay attention it appears in full panoramic view and nothing else exists.

“Everything that comes from Love is a miracle.” A Course In Miracles

Posted by: spiritteacher | February 26, 2018


“Into His presence would I enter now.” A Course In Miracles

Before us lies a door.  Beautiful it is and filled with light. On one side lives the world we know. We busy ourselves about our ordinary days never trying to go beyond what is familiar to us. Now and then we glance up at the door and even see its light. We sense there is something special on the other side. But we put that from our minds and trudge on in the world we know with the life in which we have grown accustomed.  We’re way too busy for nonsense like doors of light or other impractical ideas. We’re trying to survive here. And besides it probably isn’t even real.

Over time we become tired of all that fills our days and nights.  Tired and even sick.  Tired of it all.  Sick of it all.

One day we find we cannot go another step.  We sit down and realize how weary we have grown of trying to carry the weight of the world we know. It’s just too much and nothing ever changes or gets better except for brief moments here and there.  Our life has become a burden.  Our judgments weigh on us.  We know we’re right, but what’s the good if no one else does?  So many opinions; so many different ways of seeing.  Why can’t everyone see the world as we do? Then maybe things would finally change. It’s so confusing. Then a whispered thought comes to our mind. “What if I’m mistaken?” We quickly shut that thought out for that would mean our whole life is a lie. 

The door still stands before us, its constant, quiet light more bright than ever.  Something deep within us begins to stir and shift. As if a part of us that has been soundly sleeping is trying to awaken.  We wonder just what that door is hiding? We walk close but don’t turn the knob. We’re afraid and anyway we’re sure the door is locked. And we don’t have the key.  “It’s only a prayer away.” We hear the whisper in our ear.  We say the only thing that comes to mind, “Help me.”  And there it is, a shining gold key in the door.

We’re still afraid but our desire for something better becomes stronger than our fear. We turn the key and the door opens almost of its own accord.  At first we’re disappointed. It looks the same on the other side.  There is our life as always.  Same home, same family, same job.  But wait, something is different. Finally we realize it’s us. We’re different. We’re smiling. We’re laughing. Our eyes are calm, our hearts are light. We’re singing a little song.  We spend time listening rather than lamenting. Being still feels very comfortable and comforting.

What’s changed? we wonder. Then it hits us.  We are no longer carrying the weight of our life. We’ve let it go.  Surrendered it somehow.  We feel light and free.  We have no judgments and no fears.  One Who walks with us is carrying the weight for us.

Now we ask questions before we make decisions. “What would You have me do?  Where would You have me go?  What would You have me say? And to whom?”

Life is simple now. Our hearts have forgiven everyone and everyone’s forgiven us.  Truth walks ahead of us instead of being pushed back into the dark recesses of our minds. We’re in no hurry for time is not an issue when we use it for God’s purpose. When we serve God and not our fears our life becomes amazing.

God’s Laws bring joy and healthy thinking to every mind.

God’s Laws bring kindness and compassion to each heart.

God’s Laws show us there is enough of everything for everyone.

God’s Laws calm the elements and bring beauty to the seasons.

God’s Laws carry us to safety in each experience.   

We recognize miracles instantly and we see them everywhere. Most importantly we remember Who we are,  God’s Glorious Creations. All that little petty thinking that occupied our days on the wrong side of the door seems so silly to us now that we have found the answers to Heaven here on earth.

The answer is to ask for help and to listen and be willing to believe that it is there. 

The answer is to surrender our small thinking so God’s Voice and only His can fill our minds. 

The answer is to bow our heads, say Thank you God and then be still and smile knowing He’s in charge and all is well.

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