Posted by: spiritteacher | November 27, 2015


“Peace and Love and Joy abide in you.” A Course In Miracles

“I will welcome everyone into my heart today.”

Let everyone be welcome here.

Let everyone be gifted by your radiant smile. 
Let everyone be freed by your forgiving heart. 
Let everyone be comforted by your kind and gentle thoughts.

Do what you must do in the world,
But let it all come from Love and be filled with the light
That radiates from God’s Holy Home inside your mind.

Lay out the Holy welcome mat and now you and
All who know you will live happily within the
Peace and Love and Joy that abides in you.

Posted by: spiritteacher | November 26, 2015


“I thank my Father for His gifts to me.” A Course In Miracles

“Today I will let my gratitude bless everyone and everything.”

In this season of thankfulness, let’s open our hearts and minds to all that is beautiful and amazing in our lives. Gratitude is an attribute we all must cultivate if we want to open the world’s door to God’s loving presence. In gratitude we bless this moment, and everyone in our lives. In gratitude we remember to be thankful for our own loving selves. When our hearts are grateful, we shine a heavenly light upon everyone and everything. Our gratitude lifts the world to its highest state of being and brings peace to all.


G ratitude is quieting our thoughts and being thankful as we
R emember to keep our hearts and minds wide open and
A ware of every single opportunity to forgive the world and
T rust in God for everything that is good and right and holy
I n our lives and to use our blessings as stepping stones for
T ranscending fear and guilt as we open to our own truth
U nderstanding that God’s Divine and Holy Universe is
D esigned for our happiness and joy and offers to us
E verything we need and everything God wants for us.

Posted by: spiritteacher | November 25, 2015


“The light has come. You are healed and you can heal.” A Course In Miracles

“I will think only happy, healing thoughts today.”

Think HEALING.  Healing in the world is almost always thought of as healing of the body.  True healing is healing of the mind, the spirit mind where all thoughts originate.  A healed mind brings happiness; an unhealed mind is the cause of all grievances.  Would we rather wallow in pain or rest in joy?  Let us give ourselves the gift of healing through our forgiving thoughts and choose these loving attributes for ourselves and all the world.




These are the ideas in which our strength lies. These are the thoughts that will heal each mind and bring peace to every heart. Let us think our way to healing today and discover that our power is in our ability to choose our thoughts.  The health of our body, our relationships, our circumstances will simply follow the healthy choices of our mind.

An open mind and forgiving heart is the first step to a healed life. All the other loving attributes we need to choose will fall right into place. Through our forgiveness are we happy, healthy, safe and strong. 

“The light has come. You are healed and you can heal.” A Course In Miracles

Posted by: spiritteacher | November 24, 2015


“I could see peace instead of this.”  A Course In Miracles

Let’s speak to our silent, inner presence thus …

“I will not feel pain, but only joy.
I will not see violence, but only gentleness.
I will not know danger, only perfect safety.
I will not hear loud words, only loud laughter.
I will not know sickness, only wellness.

I will not see poverty, but only God’s abundance.
I will not focus on the world’s mistakes, but only its good works.
I will not see my helplessness, but only my amazing power.”

And when I have done this for a while,
Long enough for it to be a habit,
I will stand back and watch in stunned amazement at
How my choices of seeing have changed my world.

Posted by: spiritteacher | November 23, 2015


“There is no love but God’s.” A Course In Miracles

It’s so simple. 
I love you and you love me 
Because I am you and you are me. 
And therein lies the beauty and the simple truth of the Universe.

As minds and hearts we are joined as God’s creations. Never mind our different politics, our different cultures and genders and ethnicities or where our bodies reside in the world. Our spirits mesh and our lights blend into one glorious and holy Presence.

The Light that is our truth fills the skies and the oceans and the land with a heavenly whiteness. Our voices join as one in a holy chorus of praise and devotion to our Source and our Creator. We thank each other and ourselves for gratitude is the mending force that makes us see each other through the eyes of our beloved Creator. This is the holy vision that lifts the blinds and makes us see anew.

The joyous noise of our blended heart song fills our being and flows out into the world making right all that seems to be wrong. Healing is happening progressively and constantly, slowly and swiftly, quietly and noisily, subtly and dramatically.

With new intention we have decided for our own healing and the world’s, refusing to any longer be deceived by lingering symptoms of fear and suffering which are getting weaker by the day, the hour and in each time we choose a better way for ourselves and for each other.

God is Love and God is All there is.
It’s so simple. 

Posted by: spiritteacher | November 20, 2015


“There is nothing the power of God cannot do.” A Course in Miracles

“I will remember my power today.”

Deep, deep, deep within you
Lives another you that nothing can touch
A you that sickness cannot affect
A you that unkindness cannot reach
A you that is quiet and calm and certain of itself.

This you is eternal and powerful and wondrous
And thrives on Love, seeing nothing else.
This Love that feeds the deeper you comes,
Not from the ever changing world
And obeys not the laws of limitation and judgment or tragedy and fear
But instead is of the spirit and so is eternal and flows free forever

You can see it best when you close your eyes
And look deep, deep, deep within you.
It shows itself as a Light that opens like a heart-shaped flower
And fills all your senses with a joy you’ve never known.
It may last only an instant, but that is enough
For once you experience this deeper self
You will never feel powerless again.

Now with this limitless and eternal power of God’s Love that is within us, let us pray for peace.


Posted by: spiritteacher | November 19, 2015


“Of myself I can do nothing, but in God are all my problems solved.”  A Course In Miracles.

 “I will not try to change anything on my own today.”

It’s important to understand there is nothing in this world
We have the power to change all on our own.
We will feel a weight lifted from our heart when at last we are able to see
We don’t need to feel responsible for changing the world
Or anyone in the world.

 Nor do we need to carry the burden of guilt for the world’s insanity.

Our power lies in the fact that
We can change our mind about the world.

The power of God is not in the world but in our minds.

When we change our mind about the world, we have done everything.
It is in our mind, our spirit mind that we are able to see God’s Light.
It is there we are able to experience the peace and joy we crave.

When we release ourselves and each other from the burden of the world,

God will step in and tell us

What to do,

Where to go,

What to say

And to whom.

Prepare to be busy,




And somehow this busyness never interferes with our life,

But works with it and through it in a miraculous and amazing way.

And we are happy beyond words.

And the world is healed.

Posted by: spiritteacher | November 18, 2015


“I could see peace instead of this.” A Course In Miracles

“Today I will contribute only to peace.”

What we put into our mind is more important than what we put into our mouth. Would we knowingly drink poison? That’s exactly what we do when we have a judgmental or unkind thought about ourselves and others. There is no denying the injustices in the world, war, abuse, sickness, extreme weather conditions, hunger and scarcity. We cannot correct all of the problems of the world, but we can stop contributing to them. And we can stop being victims ourselves. We can ask for help and be consistent about changing our negative self talk. We can believe we deserve better and so does everyone else. What we expect is what we are open to receiving.

We can bless everyone in our life and everyone who comes before us even for an instant and watch God’s world emerge from this one. We can smile. We can laugh. We can celebrate life and its myriad of blessings. We can believe in God’s abundance, God’s health and well being, God’s safety and protection, God’s harmony and balance.

Miracles come from Love. When we allow loving thoughts to fill our mind we will see miracles flow from us creating beautiful ripples throughout the world. Let’s put the poison away and sip the nectar of God’s joy starting now. 

We will walk in quiet confidence today focusing, not on what we can’t do, but what we can. And it starts with allowing God’s Holy Laws of Love to govern all things and ends with a world blessed and healed.

Posted by: spiritteacher | November 17, 2015


“I can accept the innocence that is the truth about me.” A Course In Miracles

“I will look upon my innocence today.”

In the land of forgiveness and non judgment, 
    we work together with light hearts.
In this place we play together in joyous innocence.
On this road, we travel together on our spirit’s journey into peace.

Now let’s take the hand of our brother and our sister and each other’s hand as well. And as we do we will know for ourselves and all others, with absolute trust and surety, that God is in charge and all is well.

As one we release all thoughts of victimhood, sickness, death and hell so Heaven’s light can shine on us and each and every one we know.

Heaven and earth are now one place, transformed by Love and lifted into Truth.

Breathe easy now.
Darkness has disappeared. 
Fear is over. 
And we can’t stop smiling.

“Out beyond ideas of right doing and wrong doing there is a field …
I’ll meet you there.” Rumi

Posted by: spiritteacher | November 16, 2015


“Forgiveness is the key to happiness.” A Course In Miracles

“I will let God handle things today.”

Instead of focusing so intently on our imperfections and our fears and all that we perceive to be negative about ourselves and others, why don’t we instead focus on simply accepting who we are just the way we are?  And then accept others for themselves as well. Once we have accepted life as it is, we can then begin the process of inner change.

We have trained ourselves to judge everything and everyone … to the nth degree.  We thrive on our judgments, because we believe in them so strongly.  If something “looks” a certain way, we say it is so. We believe in what we think we see as though it were etched in stone. Many a relationship has suffered for just such thinking. 

Much fear has been justified in the name of righteousness. It doesn’t help that we have a great capacity to forget how many times we have judged and were wrong. And even when we remember we were wrong, we still managed to turn that to our advantage somehow so we can keep on being right. It takes great honesty and humility and forgiveness of ourselves and others to admit we made a mistake and then to learn from that mistake and heal it.

If we’re not sure we believe in the power of our judgments, let’s do this exercise. Let’s take a strong opinion we have about something in our life and try and let it go. Religion, Relationships, Politics, Differences, Justice, Money, and Death are just a few topics we may feel strongly about. Let’s take an opinion about any one of these things and let it go. Feel the stress from trying to swallow that idea?  And yet it is these very judgments that keep us imprisoned in a world of suffering and pain.

God’s job is to impress His loving judgment upon all these things that worry us so much. To let go of judgment does not mean the world will go to hell in a hand basket. It only means that we are letting God handle what belongs to Him so all these complicated things can be simplified and the world can be open to His Holy Healing.    

Every judgment thought slams a door on God.  Every acceptance thought opens a heart and lets Him in. Every forgiveness thought radiates love and heals the world a little more.

This our moment to banish judgment and welcome healing through forgiveness and love. Let’s join hands and minds and hearts and do it!

Posted by: spiritteacher | November 13, 2015


“I am thankful for God’s Gifts to me. ” A Course In Miracles 

“I will let my smile radiate God’s Love today.”

God’s love is a heavenly radiance that reflects upon what’s true.

God’s love is beyond time and space and human-made laws and beliefs. 

God’s love is a brilliant ray that shines from face to face.

God’s love is an unseen cord that connects us to each other.

God’s love is a promise in which we can place our trust.

God’s love is a happy heart that beats in rhythm with our own.

God’s love is the tree of life ripe with miracles for the picking.

God’s love is a beautifully wrapped package filled with many gifts.

God’s love are blessings of joy, abundance, health and safety.

God’s love is found in every forgiving thought.

God’s love is seen in every kind act.

God’s love is in every prayer for peace.

God’s love blesses us and all the world.

God’s Love is all there is.

Posted by: spiritteacher | November 12, 2015


“Give up gladly everything that would stand in the way of your remembering, for God is in your memory. His Voice will tell you that you are part of Him when you are willing to remember Him and know your own reality again.” A Course In Miracles

“I will see myself through God’s eyes today.”

“Listen, and try to think if you remember what we will speak of now.” A Course In Miracles

I am the joy in my heart beat, not the sadness.
I am the smile on my face, not the frown.
I am the laughter in my voice, not the tears.
I am the kindness in my actions, not the anger.

I am the open mind and heart that loves myself and all others, 
Not the veil of judgment or intolerance I peer through
That distorts my true seeing.

I am the peace, not the worry.  
I am the trust not the fear.

Whenever we’re not at peace, we are seeing through mistaken eyes
And then we must look again. Our prayer should be,

“God, let me see myself through your eyes.”

Now we can serve with a kindness and compassion that radiates loving energy and allows healing for ourselves and all the world as we remember …   “I am the light of the world.” A Course In Miracles

That and only that is the truth about ourselves.

Posted by: spiritteacher | November 11, 2015



“Beyond this world there is a world I want. I cannot see two worlds.”  A Course In Miracles

“I will see only God’s world today.” 

See inside your mind, a lovely Chapel filled with light. This lovely loving light shines upon you, surrounds you, fills you up and finally heals you.

The Chapel is surrounded by a garden whose flowers are of colors not dimmed by the world’s judgment or fears. Their stems and leaves are the green of a pure and loving heart. Their blooms of vibrant reds and blues and yellows, pinks and purples and variations of the same including colors without names are unlike any you have ever seen. Think of a color that has struck you with its amazing beauty; a sunset or a rainbow that has lifted your heart and taken your breath away. Now see the colors of these flowers in the garden of your mind as more glorious and perfect than any earthly wonders. If you can’t envision this it is simply that you have not before looked beyond this world into another world more real than this one that lives inside your mind and is awaiting only recognition.

Through the garden bubbles a brook as clear as the crystal stones it washes over. Watch these stones as they sparkle and flash in the sunlight’s happy rays. There is music in the splashing brook which springs from your clear and purest thoughts. There is art in the garden that you have painted in your mind and poetry in the clear, clean air you breathe inside this other world. 

There is a calm and holy quiet space inside the Chapel that holds its light for you. And this, Dear Child of God, is your true home. Go there as often as you can and rest your weary heart and revive your spirit. Go there whenever you feel angry or anxious or sad. Go there whenever you see yourself beset by unsolvable problems.  Whenever you are troubled by thoughts that swirl in dark confusion in your mind go inside and visit your Chapel. Kneel at the altar of your most loving place. Walk through your garden.  Sit beside your bubbling brook.  Collect the crystals and lay them about you and feel their energy fill you and revive you.

And now revived and refreshed go about your day and extend to all a new certainty, a calm and quiet confidence and the happy knowing, all is well.



Posted by: spiritteacher | November 10, 2015


“Love created me like Itself.” A Course In Miracles

“I will make the choice for Love today.”

Love is not only a word,
Nor just a state of mind,
Or a special feeling.

Love is a choice and a decision.
And you can decide for it at anytime and anywhere.

You can choose it at any moment and in every situation.

You can choose it with whoever you are with
Or whoever is on your mind.

You can choose it whether they are here in this world
Or have moved on to another plane.

The mere choosing dissolves the prison bars
Of guilt
Of anger
Of fear
Of sadness
Of unhappiness in every form.

The first step requires no work at all.
Only a small willingness to be open
To the ancient wonders of your own true self.

The truth is Love is a choice that never leaves you.
One that lives quietly inside you and simply waits
For you to notice,
And then to choose it.

And when you do
All Heaven breaks loose!

Posted by: spiritteacher | November 9, 2015


“The light has come.” A Course In Miracles

“I will be a shining reflection of God’s light today.”

Light is a heavenly radiance that reflects upon what’s true.
Light is a loving ray that shines from face to face.
Light is an unseen cord that connects us to each other.

God is the Light
And we are meant to be
His shining reflections
Radiating His Presence of Love
Throughout the world.

May you walk in light today knowing 
You are blessed and you can bless; 
You are healed and you can heal; 
You are at peace and peace goes before you, 
Shines upon you and follows you wherever you go.

Posted by: spiritteacher | November 6, 2015


“Let this day be a day of stillness and of quiet listening.” A Course In Miracles

“I will be still and listen to a voice not my own today.”

This thought can’t be stressed enough because in this idea the world will be saved. We can’t begin to understand or experience healing if we don’t allow God in. And God cannot enter if we won’t Listen to Him.  Our prayer would be, “God, please help me listen.”  And then we would grow still.  It takes practice and great patience and more practice because we have trained ourselves in doing, but have spent little time in learning how to undo; to be still and simply listen.

Now time has a purpose. That purpose is to grow quiet, rest in Him who created us, and listen for His Answers. Every answer to every question, and every resolution to every problem has already been given us. All we need do is be still and listen and we will see that this is true.

“Let me be still and listen to the truth.” A Course In Miracles

May you walk in Stillness today and find yourself in God.

Posted by: spiritteacher | November 5, 2015


When you meet anyone, remember it is a holy encounter.
As you treat them you will treat yourself.
As you think of them you will think of yourself.
Never forget this for in them you will find yourself or lose yourself.”  A Course In Miracles

“I will bless everyone I meet today.”

When we meet anyone, we are not meeting a stranger.
Instead we are meeting a brother, a sister,

A friend we haven’t met before.
It isn’t necessary to speak words aloud
But in our mind we can say hello
And let a smile light our face as we pass by.
If they see and respond, well and good
If not, what does it matter?
Our smile is loving energy radiating through,
And registering quietly somewhere inside them.
And one day when they really need it,
Our kind thought will touch their heart
And they won’t even know from where it came,
Only that for a moment they feel lighter inside
And for some reason they are smiling.

I will bless everyone I meet today
And thereby bless myself.

Posted by: spiritteacher | November 4, 2015


“Love is the way I walk in gratitude.”  A Course In Miracles

“I will smile with gratitude upon everyone and everything today.”

It is the ending of the harvest season and Thanksgiving is coming closer. This is the perfect time to remember to practice gratitude. Not just gratitude for things, but also let’s be grateful for our true blessings, beginning with our own miraculous selves. 

Let us be grateful for forgiveness; forgiveness in the sense that we own nothing that happens here, but instead every experience belongs to God. Forgiveness is as simple as letting go and letting God. Forgiveness is placing our trust in Him while we rest in the understanding that God’s Laws are now governing our lives. Forgiveness is the key to happiness and the result of trust. 

So now we are grateful for trust. Without trust our experience here is uncertain and fearful. Without trust we are as small children being thrown from a cliff every day. Are we or our loved ones going to get sick?  And what if we are sick already? What do we do with that? Are we going to lose our jobs? Or if we’ve lost our jobs, where do we go from here? What do we do about an abusive or unhappy relationship? Is the world going to come crashing to a violent end? Are our children in danger? How can we live with this uncertainty a moment longer? Why should we? The answer is TRUST. Now no matter how uncertain and scary it looks and feels here, we are assured that there is a world beyond this world where all is being taken care of for us. This place is as near as our hearts. It is our Home in God. Trust is a difficult thing for most of us, but we can at least be willing to trust. God takes our little willingness and lovingly uses it for His healing purpose. 

Being grateful for love seems logical even to our limited earthly self. After all Love is the answer. Love unlocks hearts and brings people together. Love, infinite and eternal, is how we were created and that makes us living, breathing miracles. The love that comes from God doesn’t know gender, ethnicity, physical circumstances, political or religious differences. Love from God just IS. And from this amazing Love comes peace.

Let’s rest for a moment in that thought and gratefully allow our hearts to fill with peace.  Breathe it in and then let it spill out into the world.  Again.  Again. See this peace as a gentle breeze that touches everything and everyone as it flows out into the atmosphere. It rests on every man, woman and child and gently caresses them, quiets their thoughts and calms their hearts. It touches every animal and plant and is our key to transformation. Peace is our true essence and God’s gift to His beloved children should we choose to accept it. Let’s gratefully accept the peace of our true existence, our real purpose and God’s loving gift to us.  Remember, forgiveness, trust, gratitude and love all bring us peace.

Now, we must be grateful for gratitude for it is our gratitude that flings open the windows and doors to our inner world. This is the world where we are one with God and with each other. This is the world that is our true home and the place from which we will begin to heal and the world with us. God heals, but we must allow. Gratitude opens our hearts and allows Him in so He can do His healing work for us and through us.

In gratitude we walk the earth today.

Posted by: spiritteacher | November 3, 2015


“The light has come. We are healed and we can heal. We are saved and we can save. We are at peace and peace goes with us wherever we go.” A Course In Miracles

“I will remember that everything is an opportunity.”

We may think life is a series of large and little fires with a few light moments in between. We spend a lot of time putting out fires and when we are not putting out fires we are trying to prevent them. We don’t yet understand that the world is what we make of it.

God shows us, not fires, but opportunities. Everything we judge as a fire or bad news or a shoe dropping God sees as our opportunity for growth and healing and greatness. In every moment and in all things He shows us we need do nothing on our own. We have powerful companions who walk with us, stand behind us and beside us pointing out the path to peace for us. Fires are skirted and extinguished before harm is done if we but follow His guidance and ask for help before we make plans on our own.

What if the world that we are so invested in, so judgmental of and which causes us so much fear and pain is simply an illusion? A mirage that we believe in because it looks and feels so real to us. Wow! That fire is hot! It must be real. Our first instinct is to get out the hose and extinguish it. We do this, not in quiet contemplation, but in panic. And yet our experience tells us that even if we extinguish one fire there will be another and another. That’s simply the way the ego world is designed. If we don’t learn our lesson this time, it will rise up again.  We do get a break now and then, but that never lasts for long before another fire rises up from the ashes of the one before it.

So what’s the answer? The answer lies in how we choose to see. Instead of seeing life as a series of emergencies, let’s look at it as a series of opportunities. Opportunities for forgiveness instead of judgment and defensiveness and attack. Opportunities for laughter instead of fear and doom. Opportunities for letting go and letting God.

Instead of looking at the fire, why don’t we look through the fire? The old adage is true, “This too shall pass.” And when it passes as it will, let’s ask ourselves some questions. “Okay, this one’s over, now what have I learned so I don’t have to do this again?”

Have I learned to trust in the power of God instead of my own small strength? Have I learned to find peace in this instead of pain? Have I learned how to be kind and compassionate and helpful in the world? Have I learned to laugh at fear thoughts so that the sparks of potential problems drop harmlessly into God’s healing waters and are extinguished by Love? Have I learned to breathe and be calm and listen as a way to quiet the noisy ego voice of panic and fear and worry and anxiety?

If the answer is yes to these questions, then congratulations! You have moved a thousand miles further upon your path to peace. Now you have transcended insanity and are resting in the heart of God safe and whole and healed. 

Posted by: spiritteacher | November 2, 2015


“I am one Self, united with my Creator.” A Course In Miracles

“I will remember to love myself today.”

Dear Self,

I love you. I know I don’t say this very often and maybe I never have and yet it is true. It must be true for I know in my heart that you were created by Love and that Love which created you is what you are. This is the truth of you and nothing can change that.

Self, you are beautiful. You are wonderful. You are amazing. Your many kindnesses have not gone unnoticed. Your desire to be helpful and happy and healthy and safe is treasured by God. And your prayers for happiness and health and safety for others is a blessing to the world. Prayer, among other things, is the constant, quiet hope that lives inside you that you may not even be aware of. Nonetheless God hears it because He hears your heart. Even when you hide your light behind sadness and pain, anger and fear, yet it is there, just waiting to shine forth. And then you smile and it does. And then you laugh and joy bubbles up and transforms you and everyone around you. And that joy ripples out into the world and touches so many even God has lost count. And yet He is happy in your happiness.

I apologize for how often I have distrusted you and diminished you and your ideas and your presence as unimportant and unworthy. Somewhere deep inside me I know the truth. You have many ideas that are very important and in fact vital to your healing and the world’s. These ideas are often buried so deeply that you don’t even know they exist and yet they do because you exist. And because you exist, I exist.

The truth shines in your eyes and is heard in your voice as it speaks words of wisdom and comfort to others. Now I would like to give you words of comfort by telling you, you are loved and beloved and cherished beyond words. You are a delight to God Who created you and He never sees you any way but perfect.

God shines His Loving Light upon you and Angels wrap their wings protectively around you. Your holiness and your innocence are beyond question. Your gentle, loving spirit extends into the world and lights up every heart. Please remember who you are so you can be at peace and walk in the happy light of your own true nature today, tomorrow and always.

Self, I love you. I know I don’t say this often, but I will try to change that.

I love you. 

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