Beyond the body’s eyes
There is a vision of truth
A center of balance and harmony
A place where empowerment is a simple choice

Choose a better day today
A happier way today
And see it magnify in time
Until your simple choice becomes a
Day a little better than its yesterday
And the next day
and the next day
and the next day
Better yet

sloane (c) 2011


We can hear the music of life if we listen carefully.
We can hear the quiet thrumming as healing happens.
If we look with our inner vision, we can see the
Glimmerings of light through the darkness.

In stillness, we can feel our hearts lift with joy
At the understanding that a whole new world is
Happening right here, right now.
And it starts with us.

The past is over.
There is nothing outside of us that can harm us now.
We are safe in the arms of God’s protection.

A new day, a new world, a new life is in each moment.
Let’s accept it with confidence and gratitude.
And then let’s share it with others.

Each time we laugh with joy we are sharing a new beginning.
Each time we smile with quiet grace we are offering love.
Each time we open our minds and ask for help to forgive
We are being instruments for peace.
Each time we allow our heart to beat with calm and quiet confidence,
We are placing our trust where it belongs.

God’s Love and Light hums here at the Center of our Universe
And every heart now beats as one.

Miracles are commonplace.
Sickness and scarcity,
Death and destruction
Have disappeared.

The Light is here.
The Holy Light of our healed new world
Is here at last.

And we say, the only thing we can say,
“Thank you, God.”

And then,

sloane (c) 2011 (6/10/11)


Sunrise; Sunset
Opposite sides of a single day.

Morning light arises
Evening light wanes

It is the moments between that bind the two.
It is the moments between where life is lived.

sloane (C) 2011


Peace lives within and fear without.
There is no need to search for what is real.
The Truth rests quietly inside our seeking heart.

An easy smile forms naturally as we breathe in the scent
Of nature’s gifts to us. The pungent pine, the gentle breeze
That fans us into mindfulness each moment we are still.

It’s lovely in this world we made inside our quiet mind.
Here is our heaven and our home.

We keep it with us as we go about our day.
And lift it out and look at it when’ere we feel afraid.

And in this way we bless ourselves and everyone around.
Our joy becomes contagious; our love a balm to all.

And now our function’s realized, our hearts desire fulfilled.
Our questions all are answered.
It’s clear why we are here.
To smell the pine and ride the breeze
And be a holy instrument of peace.

sloane (c) 2011 6/2/11


we are the rays of a single sun
we are the drops of an endless sea
it’s time to remember we are one
you and he and she and me

a pure and loving grace-filled God
is our holy connecting rod.

sloane (c) 2011


“I will live in this moment, Now.”

Now that I’m on the other side of yesterday, I feel the possibilities for peace.
Now that I’m on this side of tomorrow, I see the hopefulness of joy.
Now that I am in the center of this moment, I see the certainty of Love.

Yesterday is gone.
Tomorrow isn’t here.
Now is all there is.

NOW is the home of Love and Peace and Joy.
I want to stay Home today.  Amen.

sloane (c) 2011


“I will be my own perfect self today”

You are not what you do. Instead you are what you are.
A sunflower does not concern itself about whether it is growing properly.
It doesn’t think about whether it should bend this way or that in a breeze.
It doesn’t wonder if it’s tall enough, yellow enough, thin enough, seed-filled enough.
It doesn’t ask itself; shouldn’t I be more like a rose?

It simply is.

And because it is able to be what it is, it is beautiful, whole and perfect all of itself.
So like a sunflower, stand tall, lift your face to the light, and just be.
Live in the light of your own perfection.
Whatever you are meant to do or think or say will fall into place once you see yourself
Beautiful, whole and perfect just as you are.
You are not what you do.
Instead you are what you are.

sloane (c) 2011


I  nside each one of us there lives a hidden, yet completely

N atural, inner knowing we can easily access by simply being still.

N othing in the world or beyond it can block, stop or disturb

O ur peace or dam the joy that flows in a constant stream from the

C enter of our very being and is designed to gently touch and lift

E ach of us and everyone who comes before us even for an instant.

N ameless and wordless, yet powerful and full of miracles, this

C hangeless truth is our ancient gift from a Loving God who is

E ternal and in Him we were always healed and whole and Home.

sloane (c) 2009

Listening is an art that all can master.
Listen to the silent symphony of wisdom.
Listen to the beauty of the wordless poem.
Listen to the stillness of forgiveness;
The soundless opening of hearts all
Seeking for the answers to the universe
Cleverly concealed inside
The calm and quiet mind.
sloane (c) 2009


There before me lies the cliff,
whose precipice I’ve anguished
over all throughout my life.
I look down and terror,
a dark and evil shadow,
wraps itself around me and I know,
death is here to greet me.
Dinosaurs of past experience are
thundering behind me.
They will push, if I don’t jump.

As I leap, a mighty voice
bursts inside my head, echoes off the
cliffside and throughout my being.
TRUST ME! it commands.
I’m falling fast with fear suspended now,
those forceful words resounding still.
It’s trust or die and so it seems
I absolutely have no choice.

Then hands of light reach out to break my fall.
A silk winged savior draws me close
and holds me in its arms.
All the while it whispers softly in my ear,
It’s just a dream, my love.
Tears of joy stream down
my face and now I see the truth.
I am the beauty of the butterfly,
the scent of roses, the unending blue of sky,

My senses all are joined as one.
I am the power of the ocean’s roar,
the healing spirit rising high,
the eagle’s graceful soar.
There is a language without words,
heard only by the heart
and things to see inside the inward eye.
My binding chain of cliffside fear breaks loose.
My life is mine now; mine alone to choose.

 sloane (c) 2009

for my daughters:


Thank you for forgiving me for yesterday’s mistakes and for tomorrow’s too.

 Thank you for remembering the truth of me when I forget

And act in fear instead of love.

And I will do the same for you.

And now we toast each other with the cup of kindness,

Generosity and patience, letting a little spill over and onto any other

Who stands nearby and needs forgiveness too.

sloane (c) 2009


This world
where fears diminish vision and death seems to end life,
where sacrifice and guilt are held more dear than peace and joy,
This world needs Love.

This world
where love carries conditions and imparts expectations,
where children need protection and babies born in pain,
This world needs Love.

This world
where bodies must be “beautiful” in order to be valued,
where color of the skin and gender preference somehow matter,
This world needs love.

This world
where tsunami’s name is legion and hurricanes are christened,
where earthquakes are measured and storms cause great excitement,
This world needs Love.

This world
where some have much and others next to nothing,
where violence and terror are often seen as fun and games,
This world needs Love.

This world
where honesty is critical and everyone’s a judge,
where opinion and perception are valued as the truth,
This world needs Love.

It only takes a tiny flicker fueled by hope and willingness to see a better way.
A small flame of understanding when passed from heart to heart is what will finally save the world.

sloane (c) 2009

A sacred place near heaven opened up its heart and gifted to the world, a light. Love was her name. Love made a promise long ago to help to heal the world.  Although her people needed her, Love knew that many were afraid that her purity and message of oneness would upset the balance of fear’s power. And so she worked without a word, lighting flames from heart to heart. And when the flames were splashed and dashed by fear, with calm and gentle, kindness she rekindled them once more. So as you go about your day and fear, anger, sadness or annoyance distract you from your truth, watch closely because in just a moment if you let her, Love will reignite your light.
sloane(c) 2009


Breathe in the light of your own perfection.
Breathe in the beauty of your sweet spirit.
Breathe in the truth that lives inside you.
Breathe in this moment and keep it with you always,
knowing NOW is all there is.

sloane(c) 2009


Let’s be a victim of wonder
And a slave to stillness.

Let’s be a victim of abundance
And a slave to joy.

Let’s be a victim of health and well being
And a slave to forgiveness.

Let’s be a victim of gratitude
And a slave to peace.

Let’s be a victim of trust
And a slave to Love.

sloane(c) 2009
In the darkness of the night
Totally devoid of light
Tears well up, my throat grows tight
I’m on my own.

In the darkness of the night
Totally devoid of light
One small star shoots into sight
A glint, a hint.

In the darkness of the night
Totally devoid of light
All at once this trace of bright
Speaks to my heart.

In the darkness of the night
Totally devoid of light.
Sad and dark at once take flight.
I get it now.

In the darkness of the night
Totally devoid of light.
Fear is gone. I know I’m right.
I am the star!
sloane (c) 2009

Love lives.  Love breathes.  Love walks gently and smiles its kind smile upon all who come into its path.  Love has a voice.  It sings softly like a lullaby to a sleeping baby.  Or it sings with wild abandon and uninhibited joy.  Love has a color. It is the green of a peaceful meadow. It is the silver of a gently undulating pond. It is the clear blue sky on a perfect day.  Love has a beat.  It beats like a million hearts in unison.  It beats like shoes on concrete, hard and staccato. It beats like bare feet in mud, soft and messy.  It beats like drums in an African jungle, exotic with a beautiful message.  Love dances.  It dances like sunlight on glass. It dances like a Celtic dance troupe, all as one and having fun.  Love has wings.  It flies in the face of all who deny it and cries out, “I’m real.  I’m here.  I’m now. I’m forever.”
sloane (c) 2009

There is a small child in you, the child of your past
Who cries out in the night, quaking with fear and filled with pain.
Look upon your inner child with kindness and patience
Then gently, but firmly remind it that the past is over.
With a final hug, open your heart’s door and guide it out.

You may feel frightened and even lonely for a while,
For you have grown accustomed to nurturing the suffering
Child within, keeping it alive well beyond its time,
Justifying its existence with memories from the past.

But soon, if you allow it, new and lovely feelings will rush in
To replace your loss and what you will feel now is
Hope mingled with an empowering sense of freedom.
And as the inner child fades more fully from your thoughts,
You will delight in your new companions, Peace and Love and Joy.

sloane (c) 2009


You have a gift that’s holy it is clear,
Like some can paint and sculpt or write a poem.
It’s openness of mind and generous heart.
It’s your freedom to let others be themselves.
It’s forgiveness in the face of judgment and
Kindness in the wake of challenges that
Face the world. It’s willingness to be an
Instrument of peace and desire for joy
And abundance everywhere. It’s the easy
Laughter bubbling from you showing others
It’s not so serious as we would think.
It’s bringing all together in a place of highest
Thinking and connecting each and everyone
By a silver cord of unity that reminds us
We are One. Because you’re here, a holy
Presence in the world, all who know you
Circle round and dance joyfully in your light.
All these attributes are yours to be tapped
At any moment that you choose and every
Time you do, the world is healed a little more.

posted 2/25/11

sloane (c) 2009

In secret conversation with myself,
I say the most inane, outrageous things.
I blather on as though to someone else
But back to me the commentary swings.

I argue and defend myself against
An enemy residing in my mind.
I count the crimes, the foe’s and mine, condense
Us to a single victim much maligned.

Until I take my crazy thoughts to task.
“Just whom are you addressing if you please?”
Then springs a mem’ry from a shadowed glass.
A stick-thin, little girl with knobby knees,

A sad-faced six year old, an awkward teen,
Not good enough for mom or dad or peers.
For love she ached, her future unforseen.
My enemy’s the past, it now is clear.

The child is gone, the past is dead. It’s time
To lay them down and resurrect as ME.
My secret conversation steeped in crime
Now makes me laugh. The good news sets me free!
sloane (c) 2009

blue butterfly

As fear drifts away
On the wings of spring’s soft breeze
Everything is changed!

sloane (c) 2009

Love is not a whim;
It is the true nature of
Our very being.

sloane (c) 2009

P eace and joy live quietly inside your heart.
E xperience them and all the blessings of the world;
A bundance, health and happiness, by simply
C hoosing God’s gentle, yet empowering Love in
E ach moment, with each breath and in every thought.

sloane (c) 2009

G ratitude is quiet grace in action and
R emembering to look, to listen and be
A ware of every opportunity to
T hank God for all the blessings
I n our life and to use them as a chance to
T rust in our own truth and in God’s Loving Laws,
U nderstanding that the entire Universe is
D esigned for our happiness and to give us
E verything we need if we simply trust and let it be.

sloane (c) 2009


  1. I love your poetry especially ECHOES FROM THE CLIFFSIDE. You write very beautifully and meaningfully!



  2. Thank you, Tina. I believe poetry is a great artistic and spiritual expression. Whether or not we write professionally isn’t as important as writing from the heart. I look forward to reading your poem. Love, Sharie

  3. I absolutely love your site, Sharie. You are truly a messenger of light for our world. I love it all – your poetry and writings and. . . . you!
    You are awesome sister!

    Love, Michele from ACIM/ MDC listserv

  4. Thank you, Michele. It does feel like a blessing to have a form of expression in the world when our hearts are so filled with love. Not everyone has the writing and the music, but thank God there are so many ways to be spiritual and loving and at one in the world. Just being a beautiful spirit is an art and everyone has that ability. We are all a light in the eyes of God and that is the greatest art of all. Love, Sharie

  5. All is well and I am grateful.

  6. Hi Sharie (a.k.a. Spirit MA MA),

    I finally made it to your website. It is awesome! What a wonderful way to share your collection of poetry/meditations/parables.

    I can picture your words in a book with beautiful images next to them. And, I picture it coming out just before Christmas. People love to buy these kinds of books around spiritual holidays. Perhaps think about it.

    Either way, you have a lovely website and I appreciate that you share it with us.


  7. Hi Sweetheart. Thank you for visiting me. I do have some sort of a feeling about a book some time. Some how. Not sure how this will be implemented. Just letting go and allowing and I’m sure if that’s what’s meant to be I will be guided when the time is right. Christmas is a good idea, but it’s too soon for this year. There is a lot of work that would need to be done before the writings are publish-ready and then I would need to find the right publisher. But it is on my mind. Love you, Sharie

  8. great stuff, thanks for sharing this.

  9. Thank you. I visited your site and you definitely have a way with words yourself. Thank you for visiting me. Please know you are always welcome. Peace, Sharie

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