Posted by: spiritteacher | September 25, 2009


A spirit being of no age and no ethnicity, wandered lightly from the earth and back again. Not walls or doors could keep her out, but only hearts with locks. Her flesh was not yet flesh, but something else, translucent, yet substantial in its way. A filmy gown of blended greens began as almost white and spiraled from her bodice to her hem. The color light or lighter than a candied mint, sea lettuce, then new leaf, until it settled at the hem into the darkest green of aged moss.

And from her spirit, music lifted flowing into joy of unheard symphonies while colors flowed like ribbons in rhythm to the soaring notes. The hues were true and vivid, undimmed by fear in thought or act. So glist’ning garnet, deepest plum and turquoise were a few, then buttered daffodil and indigo all arced in spirals, spun in circles, disappeared in wisps and then came back again.

Exquisite voices, rich with resonance not heard in denser worlds all rose as one with notes and hues and her. A lovely fragrance filled her senses, wafted through the streaming colors resting on the music’s bars. Akin to young and dewy rose touched by a sprig of lilac blending with the scent of pure gardenia making something never smelled before. At times it lifted her and others was so delicate as barely there at all.

Then spirit beings like herself appeared through colored mists in flowing gowns and filmy robes of purple, white and azure, indigo and red. Some had wings and flew with grace and then their wings dissolved allowing them to dance on feet of light. Most beautiful were they and filled with strength and health not known in any other world. Hands joined with hers while eyes and voices raised in gratitude to their Creator and their Source. As one they knew the promise and the blessing of eternity. And there was nothing else and here was home.

She dropped to her knees, opening her heart to its fullest and in this state of purest Love she shared the truth with all on earth. She spoke with those who did not know and those who wondered, but were afraid to understand. She told them that this eternal state of Heaven, peace and love and joy lived right inside their hearts. Safety and protection were theirs there as well as health and well being and unlimited abundance. In this purest state of mind, all giving and receiving were the same. And what did they need to have all this and more? Just a tiny willingness, a small crack in the armor, a feeble call for help – to see a better way.

And then when they forgot, she, gently and with kindness reminded them again and then again. Until one day it happened. All the world awoke and recognized its Oneness and fear was gone forever and God was all they knew.

There was a celebration. Light poured across the land and colors flowed like ribbons while music lifted into soaring notes of grace and wonder and every voice was now exquisite. A lovely fragrance wafted all around and blended with the crystal sound of laughter and tears were never shed again, except perhaps in joy.

May you walk in peace today knowing you are blessed and a blessing in the world.

Dedicated to Beverly Hutchinson Mc Neff, a Teacher of teachers.


  1. Sharie,
    A peek in the window to heaven–so lovely and loving. And the Divine Being, ever patiently showing us over and over the way Home. Thank you for this beautiful picture which will always be with me.

  2. This piece is dedicated to my Spirit Teacher, Beverly Hutchinson Mc Neff, who has gifted me and thousands of others with her insight, her time, her love and her beautiful heart for over 30 years. There are those Divine Beings right here on earth. Thank you Dear for understanding the message. Love, Sharie

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