Posted by: spiritteacher | September 22, 2009


We appear to have so many choices in this world. What to do? What to eat? What to see? What to think?  What to say? Who to love? Who to hate? When? Where? How? And levels and degrees of each. We live with the rules we’ve decided should govern our lives:

Must look a certain way. 
Must attend a certain church. 
Must be successful in something. 
Must say certain things. 
Must give gifts in certain ways at certain times to certain people.
Must eat certain foods. 
Must exercise. 
Must own certain possessions. 
Must raise our children a certain way. 
Must attend certain schools.
Must obey certain rules of etiquette.
Must perform a certain service.
Must salute a certain flag.
Must believe in war.
Must hate war.
Must be a certain political party.
Must be no political party.
Must do our own thing.
Must never vary from society’s dictates.
Must care what other people think.
Must be really angry at people who don’t think the way we do.

And even though we may obey or disobey the rules according to how we view the world, we are still concerned with our own beliefs, thinking that others should do and think as we do. The biggest mistake we ever make is we never question the laws we made. We just scramble to obey them – and as quickly as possible. We never ask where is God in all this? The rules are neither good or bad, but if they are performed or not performed without God’s love in our hearts, they are simply pointless. Guilt and judgment and separation come from the rules we made and strive to obey without God’s guidance.

Today let’s let go of all the things that busy our minds and all the human made rules we live by so religiously and simply grow still and allow God in. When a thought enters our head, let’s give it to God. When a rule comes to mind, let’s give it to God. There is no need to fear that all we believe in and all that we stand for will suddenly disappear and leave us bereft. We will  lose nothing, not even a moment’s time. We will simply be allowing a transformation in our thinking so that all of our rules will be governed and guided by Love. The only thing that will disappear is the guilt and the judgment surrounding our rules. Now, no matter what we think or do or say, it will come from a place of Love and we will find peace because we are doing everything God’s way.  Our new motto is now, “God’s Laws Rule.”

May you walk in peace today knowing you are blessed and a blessing in the world.

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