Posted by: spiritteacher | June 26, 2009


Let this be a day of miracles for you. Miracles are tiny instants where love sends shoots of energy from one heart to another. A miracle is when you have to smile even when you can’t see anything to smile about. A miracle is when instead of running to get out of the rain, you have this powerful desire to dance and splash and laugh with joy. A miracle is when you are pulling weeds in your garden and you have this quiet sense of being one with the garden, one with each flower and one even with the weeds. A miracle is when you are in a group of strangers and suddenly your heart is filled with such love it takes your breath away and every stranger is a friend. A miracle is when you feel the presence of something greater than yourself and you know somehow that in spite of how things look in this crazy world, everything will be all right.

A miracle is a laughing baby.
A miracle is a quiet smile from a loved one.
A miracle is a thank you card.
A miracle is a surprise party just for you.
A miracle is the warmth of a hand holding yours.
A miracle is a cup of coffee with a friend.
A miracle is a sleeping child on your lap.
A miracle is a simple act of random kindness.
A miracle is laughing out loud.
A miracle is sharing tears with a friend.
A miracle is the sound of music, the sight of shimmering stars in a black sky, the scent of lilacs, the feel of freshly washed sheets, the creamy taste of hot chocolate on a snowy day.

A miracle is anything that comes from love and engenders love. We are so busy that we overlook them. Or we get distracted by the noisy sound of dire warnings from the egos. Miracles are quiet. They flow in loving stillness through our day without attracting too much attention. We need to be quiet and watchful to catch sight of them. We need to hear about them on the daily news. They can’t be forced or controlled. They can only be allowed to be. Miracles heal without even trying. Miracles are the true nature of our being.

Be open to them. Be grateful for them. And remember YOU ARE ONE.

May you walk in peace today knowing you are blessed and a blessing in the world.


  1. Hi nice website.

    Check this site :

    Amazing videos of true miracles.

  2. Thank you Anulee for your comment and your presence. Love, Sharie

  3. This is very nice. Thank you for commenting on my site also. Most of all thank you for the friendship.

  4. How can we not be friends when we are One? I appreciate your visit. Let’s talk some more. Love, Sharie

  5. Thank you Sharie for always bringing me back on track. It so
    important to surrender and trust. Sometimes I just get too
    into myself and the difficulties which arise. Blessings, Jill

  6. Jill, you’re such a beautiful and holy Spirit. You so clearly are doing your best and your best is pretty wonderful. Thanks for visiting. We haven’t e-mailed lately and I miss you. Love, Sharie

  7. Hi Sharie, I’ve never heard God speak to me but he does lead
    me and am confident that he opens my eyes to many things.
    I do visit every day, but have some difficulty reading as the
    print is so light and I am experiencing a Iritis right now which isn’t
    unusual with IBD. Peace and all that is good, Jill

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