Posted by: spiritteacher | June 29, 2009


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

My beautiful 33 year old daughter, Kristen, is in intensive care and needing my constant attention so I will not be posting for a while.  She is the mother of 3 year old Emma and 10 week old Kora and the wife of Matthew.  Many miracles of love and generosity and kindness are coming from this  experience and we are trying to focus on those.  I would be very grateful for any prayers and healing thoughts sent to Kristen at this time. We trust in a loving God that Kristen will recover quickly and be home with her family soon.  We are placing our trust in the strength of God knowing that His laws are more powerful than bodies and miracles of healing can happen in an instant. Thank You.  I hope to be back very, very soon. Love and Peace,  Sharie


  1. Hi Sharie,
    I am sending you and Kristen my love and prayers. I’m there with you, in spirit. If you need anything, let me know. I love you, girl.

  2. Please know my heart, mind and prayers are with you and Kristen and your family, Sharie. Love you much.

  3. Prayers and healing thoughts to Kristen.

    Prayers and God’s strength to you all.

  4. Dear Friends, Thank you soooo much. It’s times like these that we understand how connected we are and how beautiful it is to have caring friends in our lives. Peace and Love, Sharie

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