Posted by: spiritteacher | December 3, 2014


“Healing is always certain.” A Course in Miracles

“I will let God’s Holy Current flow through me today.”

I was making banana bread and the electric mixer wouldn’t work.  It had worked a few minutes before, but now it was dead.  I played with it awhile and then checked the outlet.  It had only come unplugged. Once I plugged it in again, I was back in business and my banana bread was soon in the oven emitting delicious smells.

Have we ever had the experience where we thought something was broken only to find it was just unplugged?  Maybe we think something is wrong with us and with our lives and we search for solutions everywhere, but we forget to check the plug. Let’s plug back in; plug into our true power which is the loving energy within us; the energy from God that makes all corrections while it balances and harmonizes our life. The wires for our healing are right inside the walls of our own being.

No matter how terrible the world seems at times, God’s Love can heal it.  Let’s pray: “I place my trust in the power of God”, over and over until we believe it.  Then see our bodies healthy and our world filled with joy and peace.  See all our addictions fall away and feel laughter fill us as we now understand, we are not alone.  There is a power within us that only needs our willingness to plug into it.

Though these corrections may not happen instantly, at least now we are taking the first steps toward healing our lives. Plugging in will lead us onto the proper path and from there we will find the power of the Universe at our disposal where help is always available.

Electricity is always there, but we can’t turn the light on until we plug it in. God is our constant and eternal outlet for the truth about us. Let’s plug into Him and let His Holy Current flow through us. Let’s plug into Him and receive our inheritance of love, abundance, peace, health, joy and healing. 

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