Posted by: spiritteacher | February 3, 2012


“I cannot judge another without first judging me.”

We spend a lot of time in other people’s lives and in other people’s business. It is one of the great games that we invest in and one of the ways that we join with others against someone else. We feel justified and righteous pointing out other people’s mistakes to each other. We analyze their behavior and talk incessantly about how they should be doing things differently. It’s almost comforting in a way to see the errors in the ways of others, because when we do so, we do not have to look at our own mistakes.

The problem with this thinking is that we don’t realize how our judgments are hurting us. A Course In Miracles teaches that “to give and receive are the same.”  We cannot judge another without attacking ourselves.  Our peace comes from forgiveness and sending loving energy into the world. As soon as we judge another we slam the door to healing upon ourselves.  But when we love and hold everyone in the light of their own truth, this healing energy will naturally fall upon us.  If we can’t find something good about someone, we can still surrender them and all our judgment thoughts to God.

Today, instead of comforting ourselves with other people’s problems; instead of masking our own pain by looking outward at the world’s great mistakes, let’s go inward and look at the sadness, the guilt, every form of fear that we harbor and the wounded self that we are hiding from. Look at it and then allow God’s healing light to shine upon that dark place inside of us and show us that what we thought was so terrible about us is really nothing but a mistaken thought that can be replaced by choosing God and His peace instead of this.

“Forgiveness is the key to happiness.” ACIM


  1. Dear Sharie,
    Especially love the last paragraph! It is the truth. Came home from duplicate and had felt really upbeat going into it…but then Whit made a couple mistakes…and I did too….due to some confusion over a cell phone. I could immediately feel the sinking in my stomach and my fairly positive mood start to slide down. Came back in the game but not enough to make a difference and win points Have tried to let go of the bad feelings about the “not winning master points”. I have got to do better with this It doesn;t seem to have much to do with your post…..but maybe it does. The wounded child has to make up for so much…..has to be perfect …has to excell at everything to prove her worth…………My intellect tells me that is not true….but I feel it differently.
    Am actually doing better now…and realizing it is just a game and and not my worth…….a mistaken thought……I would rather chose peace….
    Thank you, Sharie,
    Sis, Pat

    • Hello Pat Dear. It’s amazing how many lessons happen with “just a game.” I’ve been playing Words with Friends (Scrabble online) and didn’t realize how attached I was to winning. It’s been an eye opener for me and a great opportunity for letting go of a worldly attachment. Now I enter each game with this prayer, “God is the Love with which I play this game.” and “Thank you Father for this opportunity for a Holy Joining through this simple game.” It has helped me to surrender my attachment and bring loving energy into the moment and I find myself enjoying the game much more when I don’t have an attachment to winning or losing. And I feel blessed to be given the opportunity to allow love and laughter to flow through me as I join with and bless my brothers and sisters that I might not have had the opportunity to spend time with otherwise. It sounds like you are learning the same lessons with Bridge. Interesting how the Holy Spirit looks out for us. His will is our peace and these games are very gentle lessons indeed. Love you, Sharie

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