Posted by: spiritteacher | February 7, 2012


“I will no longer let the past be my teacher.”

In order to balance and harmonize whatever is out of balance within us, we must first forgive ourselves for what is causing our problems. It isn’t the “bad” habits that are our problem.  They are only symptoms and what we mistakenly use to measure our value and our worth. And there are dozens of these symptoms, from overeating to smoking to being bad tempered and on and on. Trying to change these symptoms alone is like trying to fix a leaky faucet at the point of the drip. We must first go inward to the point of origin of the leak and correct that.

The origin of our habits is not our bodies, other people or the world, it is our minds. Unless the changes are made in our mind first, it is almost impossible to change those things in our life that block our peace.

But changing our minds is very difficult for most of us.  We believe what we believe with determination and stubborn will. No one can tell us a thing and have us believe it without some pretty convincing evidence or a brick falling on our head.

It doesn’t need drama or trauma, but a simple prayer to God, “Help me.” And He is there ready and waiting to See for us and then to show us what He wants us to see.  Our nature is not fear, our nature is joy and peace and compromise and connection.  We got off kilter from all of the experiences in our past.  We let our past be our teacher instead of God.  We can turn that around by affirming, “God is the Love with which I experience this moment.” Again and again until it becomes clear.

Once we begin having those miracle moments or flashes of clarity, we will want them more and more.  And the more we are mindful in the moment and see how it changes our lives, we will begin to believe.  And with belief comes trust.  We may still experience fear and have lessons from our past, but we will no longer believe in them the way we did.  Now we will be able to stand back and say to ourselves, “Oh, that’s from the past. God, show me what I should know NOW.”

And He will.

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