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“My holiness shines bright and clear today.” A Course In Miracles

“With God guiding me, I will reach out to others today.”

If someone seems unloveable, love them more.

If someone speaks another language, understand them deeper.

If someone worships another religion, respect their right to know God in their own way.

If someone seems different, know in their heart they are the same.

If someone looks hungry, offer to feed them.

If someone is afraid, comfort them.

If someone is sick, pray for them.

If someone is lonely, befriend them.

If someone seems angry, bless them.

If you are afraid, sick, hungry, lonely or angry, reach out for help.

Don’t act out, reach out.

Reach out and find God’s loving arms reaching back and providing all the help you need.

Hope lives in simple thoughts and kind acts. Hope lives in knowing you can ask for help and God provides it.

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“Love cannot judge. As Love is one itself, it looks on all as one. Its meaning lies in oneness. There is no love but God’s, and all of love is His. Love is a law without an opposite. Its wholeness is the power holding everything as one, the link between the Father and His Children which holds Them both forever as the same.” A Course In Miracles

Let’s open our minds to a new way of thinking, a new way of being. Let’s allow the feeling of the breezes of enlightenment to blow away all that keeps us stuck; stuck in fear, stuck in sickness, stuck in pain and sadness.

There is a gentle tap on our shoulder, a soft kiss upon our cheek as we are gently awaken from our long dreams of separation; separation from our own truth, separation from our brothers and sisters and separation from God. All we had forgotten is remembered now.

God is Love and God is all there is.

Tendrils of tenderness wind themselves around our heart and the world is changed because of our remembering. Instead of judging ourselves and others harshly, now we only want to hold each other close and comfort our self and everyone with these loving words, “It was just a dream, Dear Heart. It’s all over and we are now awake. Awake to live and breathe and walk in the light of our own truth.”

Miracles are raining all around us and we lift our faces to receive them in joyous wonder. All is beautiful as we go about our days in this new land that we know is really ancient and was created long before time began. We have had our time of lessons in the form of troubles and challenges and burdens. Now we are walking in the place that God created which is Heaven here on earth.

All because we have chosen to understand with all our heart and soul that God is only Love and God is all there is.

Posted by: spiritteacher | July 14, 2017


“Fear is gone and only Love remains.” A Course In Miracles

“I will not fear my own joy today.”

What we deserve in this world isn’t about doing or having, it’s about being. 

Love and its healing touches each heart that is open and ready.  When we aren’t ready, when we shut down and refuse to look inside ourselves, it’s only because we’re afraid of what we’ll find there.  We are afraid to stop being busy and just BE. We don’t understand that if we are quietly looking and calmly being all we’re going to find is Love.  Although we think we fear pain and suffering, we are really only afraid of joy and love.

What holds us back is that we don’t believe we are entitled to God’s Love and in our judgments, we don’t believe our brothers and sisters are deserving either. 

All this time we could have been resting in Love, basking in glory and enjoying God’s Holy Universe. But the miracle is we can choose again in every moment. Let’s grow still, focus on our in and out breath and in calm and quiet reverie watch as the winds of fear transform into the wings of love.  “Fear is gone and only Love remains.”

So the simple lesson is this, “Let’s not fear our own JOY. Or deny our right to be happy.” 

An exercise for quickly quieting our fears and calming our minds and hearts is to close our eyes, breathe quietly and repeat to ourselves., “I love you God. I love all my brothers and sisters. I love myself.” And then repeat.

Let’s say these words in our mind until we are quiet and at peace again. Until we can smile gently upon the world and Just Be …

Posted by: spiritteacher | July 13, 2017


“Choose once again if you would take your place among the saviors of the world…” A Course In Miracles

“Let me choose again today.”

The beauty of our power from God is that we can choose again. In every moment of every day and in every relationship and every experience we can make another choice

If we have felt fear or anger, guilt or sadness or judgment we can ask for help to see everything and everyone differently.

When we ask for help we must then be still and listen for the answers. God always has the answer and it’s always the right answer; the only answer.

God’s answer brings peace and joy to us and to all. His answer floods our hearts with pure love. This is the Love that guides us on our path and lights our way to fulfilling our holy destiny.

This is the Love that shows us a different world from the one we thought we knew. This Love rewrites our story giving us not just a happy ending, but a glorious beginning and middle too. This Love ensures there is no ending just a happy now.

All the answers to all our questions are in God. His Answer shows us that our questions are too small. His Answer encompasses our Holy truth and gently guides us on a path where only miracles are found.

As we take His hand and offer ourselves to Him for guidance, words dissolve, concerns are gone, darkness disappears and only Light remains. In that stillness that fills our being us, we understand what we didn’t understand before. All good things are not only possible, but are actually accomplished.

And all we need do is choose again.

Posted by: spiritteacher | July 12, 2017


“Love is the way I walk in gratitude.” A Course In Miracles

“I will walk and see and be in gratitude today.”

In music and in poetry and art are we connected. In work and play we can recognize our holiness. In silence and in trust we shine our love upon the world and heal us all. Everything seen through a lens of kindness and compassion and forgiveness will show us our oneness clearly. In quiet and in listening, not just to words, but to hearts as well, do we know each other’s truth.

Let us join together in gratitude as we dance a joyous step and raise our voices in songs of praise to God and to each other. In this way, we will see us in our light, a thing of beauty, holy, whole and innocent.

Hand in hand and heart to heart, we walk through a garden of glorious color surrounded by heavenly scents and sounds. The smiles on our faces lift us up and fill us to overflowing with peace and joy and perfect health and God’s abundance. Now we know that God is real and the rest is just a dream.

The truth is God is Love and God is All there is. Love is the way we walk in gratitude and our gratitude has changed our life. 

Posted by: spiritteacher | July 11, 2017


“The world I see arises from a mind at peace within itself. No danger lurks in anything it sees, for it is kind, and only kindness does it look upon.” A Course In Miracles

“I will be kind to everyone and to myself today.”

Kindness is the spirit’s heart wishing well for everyone. “I wish you well,” it says, “in everything you do and all you are. May your heart heal from all your past heartaches and may there be no suffering in your future.”

Kindness is a way of life, a belief system, that when chosen gives each moment the richness of God’s Love to all. To the one giving it as well as the receiver.

Walking this world with a kind heart spreads good will and shines light upon every dark corner of each mind. It blesses and transforms. And even when it seems not to be accepted or appreciated the light of kindness shines gently on. Like a star behind a cloud, it quietly waits for the cloud to move on not caring what the cloud is doing, but simply knowing there is a greater truth beyond every cloud we see.

Forgiveness is the father of Kindness and Compassion is its Mother. Love is its nature. With such a family living within us we can only be what we are; blessed creations of a Divine Source, holy, whole and healed.

”God covers me with kindness and with care …” A Course In Miracles

Posted by: spiritteacher | July 10, 2017


“And if one gift is missing, God’s treasure house would not be full. Yet is its fullness guaranteed by God.” A Course In Miracles

“I will accept my gifts from God today.”

Sometimes it feels as though there’s something missing. Some small thing we just can’t grasp. It lies somewhere between confusion and perfect understanding. We sometimes see it in the periphery of our vision just barely out of sight. Now and then we catch a glimpse only to have it disappear once more. This missing link causes a disconnect between what seems to be and what should be.

We think we need just one more book, one more teacher, one more class, one more affirmation, one more thing, one more mantra and then we’ll have it; effortless peace. total happiness, perfect health, complete safety.

So what’s missing? And where do we find it?

The answer is we’ll find it in the place we’re least likely to look; right inside ourselves. We refuse to believe that because it’s too simple, too clear, too easy. Surely we have to work for it. Sweat for it. Sacrifice for it. It can’t just BE there waiting for us to accept it. A free gift requiring nothing from us. Like plucking a peach from a tree or picking a flower from the garden.

Oh yeah. There is one requirement. We have to want it. It’s called a little willingness and then a leap of faith. The missing link between what’s missing and all there is, is TRUST.

Not so easy, but very, very simple. The truth is there is nothing missing except our trust in God. We may think we trust in Him, but believing in God is not the same as trusting in God. Trust is absolute and goes beyond belief to knowing. In knowing there are no questions, no doubts, no uncertainty of any kind. Now you can pluck your perfect peach free of charge and enjoy it forever.

“And what is whole can have no missing parts that have been kept outside. Forgiveness rests on recognizing this.” A Course In Miracles

Posted by: spiritteacher | July 7, 2017


“The memory of God comes to the quiet mind. Now is there stillness where before there was a frantic rush of thoughts that made no sense.” A Course In Miracles

“I will be still and remember my truth today.”

Boredom and its counterpart, excessive busyness, are defenses against the truth. These are blocks we build to keep us from our holy stillness. In both ways of thinking we are not understanding that there needs to be a balance to our busyness and there are golden opportunities for remembering our truth through stillness in our moments of boredom.

Many people cannot tolerate being bored and need to fill every moment with some type of activity, some helpful, some harmful, but always with the conscious or unconscious purpose of hiding from our true Self. 

We think that our inner beauty and joyous true nature will somehow destroy us. We are so afraid of losing our uniqueness and our competitive edge that we will do anything to keep from being still and seeing our Oneness. And so to protect ourselves from our own quiet perfection, we become bored if every moment isn’t filled with noise or activity.

We are bored at stop signs. We are bored in the doctor’s waiting room.  We are bored standing in line – anywhere.  We are bored driving any distance alone. We are bored at home by ourselves. We are bored with our jobs. We get out our iPods, our cell phones, our lap tops, our tablets, all our devices and keep ourselves busy, busy, busy. Or we turn on the TV or fall asleep in any spare moment to avoid meeting our Selves.

We don’t understand that we need breathing room.  We need space and quiet time to renew, regenerate and remember. We need to renew our spirit, regenerate our bodies and remember our truth. This only happens through the holy, loving energy found in stillness.  In practicing stillness we will learn to experience joy and wondrous miracles of holy healing.  But first we must be willing to walk though the denseness of our own limitations. Believe me, what is on the other side is not boring. And the busyness we find there is filled with Love. Because it is Divinely Guided it is our true purpose waiting for us to find it in the silence of the stillness.    

Aren’t you just a little bit curious about what you’re missing? If so, let’s join as one and quietly remember our truth today.

Posted by: spiritteacher | July 6, 2017


“I am under no laws but God’s.” A Course In Miracles

“I will bless myself by blessing everyone today.”

Remember the old saying, anger and fear are the same as drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.  Now, isn’t that an insane way to live?

We are not separate from our sisters and our brothers. We cannot wish to take something from someone else and not find ourselves feeling deprived. We cannot wish ill upon anyone and not bring ill upon ourselves.  We cannot judge another without judging ourselves. It is not a punishment, but simply the Divine Law of Oneness. It’s like severing a finger or knocking ourselves over the head with a rock. Why would we do that? It’s gonna hurt because it is our own self we are attacking.

By this same law we cannot bless anyone without blessing ourselves.  We cannot truly love another without bestowing this same love upon our own self.

The Basic Law of Oneness is from God. How we choose to use it belongs to us. And therein lies our power which we call free will. Use God’s Law as He intended it in forgiveness, kindness and compassion then happiness and abundance will be forever ours. It’s only when we use our free will in a way that God did not choose that we get ourselves in trouble. It’s not God’s will that we hurt ourselves by hurting others. He doesn’t even understand it. And why would He? It makes no sense.

Feel everything going right today as you go about your day with calm and quiet confidence, an open mind and loving heart.

See your brothers’ and sisters’ lovely smiles. 
Hear only laughter and delight everywhere you go. 
Join the party. Be the life of the party. 
Celebrate your life. Celebrate yourself. Celebrate others.  

Decide to forgive everyone and everything, because really, who cares? Let it all go and free yourself from a life of pain and suffering.

Feel yourself floating lightly with a smile upon your face as all your cares gently wash away and you are left with only love and joy.

Choose to align only with what will bring you joy.
Then even challenges will have a healing purpose.
And their purpose is …
            a lesson to be learned. 
            a blessing to be recognized. 
            an opportunity for Oneness.

And that’s the Law!

Posted by: spiritteacher | July 5, 2017


“There is not a moment in which God’s Voice fails to direct our thoughts, guide our actions and lead our feet. We are walking steadily on toward truth.” A Course In Miracles

We are healing, healing, healing, 
Forever healing,
Quietly and constantly…

Much of the time, we are completely unaware. Though understanding may burst forth in moments of sudden clarity and erupt in joy, only to fade into a misty fog once more. But while the clarity lasts we are filled with peace and understanding so deep and wondrous that we know for that holy instant that life is perfect and so are we.

Though we can’t yet sustain our understanding, there is a stillness and a knowing deep inside us that cannot be disturbed. A light that cannot be extinguished. A pressing forward that cannot be deterred. That quiet knowing lives in us awaiting the opportunity for the next moment of light and joy to push through the misty darkness of our fears and doubts. Now we are gladly given another glimpse of truth. And each time we feel it, or hear it, or see it and every loving miracle we experience no matter how insignificant it may seem to us, is really huge in its power to bring us closer to the holy truth of who and what we are. 

Our power is in our ability to choose. And every time we choose the true over the false, our miracle muscle is strengthened and our fear muscle is weakened and we find ourselves watching more and more closely for loving, healing moments that lift our hearts to new and higher heights.

Instead of cringing in expectation of bad news, we are slowing learning to expect good news. Understanding is dawning on us that bad news is simply the way to good news. Disasters can be used as opportunities for healing joining and miracles of kindness and compassion, learning and growing.

We need only calm our thoughts and ask for help to see that this is true. And when help reaches us we are so happy to see that it is beautiful on the other side of pain and darkness. The truth of humankind is holy and amazing and wondrous and beyond words.

It’s true! Our holiness and innocence are guaranteed by God. We are healing, healing, healing, forever healing. Quietly and continually, we are more and more aware. We are learning our true lesson here which is that we can trust God.

While we are climbing out of fear God offers us a Hand up. And when we are so deep into our fear and doubt that we cannot see His Hand, He carries us. But either way, He is with us always. Always, always, always and forever helping us to heal and heal and heal. Quietly and constantly God is the Light shining on our path to constant peace.

Posted by: spiritteacher | July 3, 2017


“Let today be celebrated both on earth and in our holy home as well.” A Course In Miracles

Let this be a day of celebrating you!

Let this be a day of celebrating me!

Let this be a day of celebrating you and me as ONE! 

Posted by: spiritteacher | June 30, 2017


“Let us join together in a holy instant …” A Course In Miracles

Together we are a powerful force in the world.

Together we can be harmless and helpful.

Together we can accomplish amazing feats.

Together we can celebrate joy in every day and every way.

Together we can heal ourselves and each other.

Together we can find peace and spread it everywhere.

Together we can save the world.

So let’s get together and open our hearts to God and get it done.               

Together we care
Together we share.
Together we dare.
Together in prayer …

It is impossible to judge kindly or to attack gently. Or to feel victimized when our heart is open and compassionate. Instead of being a victim of our brothers’ and sisters’ words and actions, we understand they are simply showing us their pain. They need our prayers, not our anger and revenge. God can deal with those things that are beyond our power to control if we lay our problems at His feet. In the meantime because of our decision to be helpful, we are held in the mighty Hand and Heart of God perfectly safe and totally at peace.

Kindness is connection.
Forgiveness is freeing.
Gratitude is grace-filled.
Love is Light.
Helpfulness is holy.
God is Glorious.

Posted by: spiritteacher | June 29, 2017


“The truly helpful are invulnerable, because they are not protecting their egos and so nothing can hurt them. Their helpfulness is their praise of God …” A Course In Miracles

One of our greatest gifts is our ability to help one another. Being helpful keeps us in a state of grace. It blesses us as it blesses those we help.  When we are being helpful we are not distracted by our fears because we have set them aside in favor of something greater.

When we are serving others we are serving God in the highest way. And we are no longer concerned with what we get or don’t get from our willingness to serve. It’s impossible to serve God and be a victim at the same time. 

Our service can be as simple as smiling at a stranger or as global as promoting peace in the world. It all comes from a loving heart and it is what is in our heart that makes the difference. Being helpful radiates kindness and loving energy into our lives, throughout our communities and into the world. Helpfulness heals hearts. Ours and others.

Sometimes we think we’re being helpful, but unless we’re asking God for guidance in this, we may be doing more harm than good.  God needs to guide us in all we do and say for it to be truly loving and free from ego’s interference. The distinction can be subtle so we must be watchful in this. 

Let us be still and let God lead the way. With God’s Love lighting the way, our helpful intentions will allow miracles of healing to shine everywhere.

Posted by: spiritteacher | June 28, 2017


“Now are you free to follow in the way your true forgiveness opens up to you. For if one brother has received this gift of you, the door is open to yourself.” A Course In Miracles

“I will allow myself to leave my home of fear.”

Like a territorial cat who has always lived inside the four walls of a house and then finds the front door wide open, we can stick our noses out into the wider universe and begin to understand that maybe all this time we have been missing something. Something amazing and wonderful is out there if we just allow ourselves to check it out. Sure there will be lessons.  It won’t be perfect right away, but it will be a step in the right direction.

Every experience in which we are open to our higher learning through our forgiveness and our trust, is a step toward peace.  All we’re asked to do is to provide a little willingness and God will take our hand and lift us up to the highest place within us. And from that vantage point we will see clearly that we have been mistaken. There is another way to live. In time, the highest place within us becomes a little higher and a little higher and a little higher.

As our burdens and our fears are lovingly lifted from us, we will smile with relief and life will be a joy. Health and happiness, abundance and safety will be as natural as breathing.  There are many people who live this way already.  Shall we join them? 

Posted by: spiritteacher | June 27, 2017


“In quiet I receive God’s Word today.” A Course In Miracles

“Today I will choose to listen.”

We could all do with a little less conversation, a little more loving thoughts. We spend way too much time talking about our lives, evaluating our relationships, deciding who is right and who is wrong and feeling defensive, judgmental and generally unhappy and dissatisfied with our lot in life.  It’s as though we believe our experiences have nothing to do with our decisions and our choices, but are foisted upon us by an unfriendly fate. And having decided this, we then talk about it incessantly.

It’s time to stop hashing and rehashing and change our mind, not only about others, but first and foremost about ourselves. It’s time to let go of unhappy thoughts and exchange them for some loving thoughts. For every unhappy thought, unkind act, or judgmental word, there is an equivalent loving thought, act or word. We just need to be quiet a moment and allow them in.  In stillness we can hear God’s voice gently reminding us again and again, “A little less conversation, a little more listening please. “

Posted by: spiritteacher | June 26, 2017


“The truth is so lofty that nothing unworthy of God is worthy of you.” A Course In Miracles

“I will see myself as God sees me today.”

Let’s stand together on the top of the mountain and look down on the world. Not as a small insignificant being, but as the mountain itself. From this vantage point we can almost see what God sees. Ourselves as majestic beings and holy creations of a power so lofty that we cannot even imagine it. And yet it is the truth of us.

Even the seeming most lowly of us is the most high. From here, our beauty takes our breath away. Our power to give and receive love is beyond awesome.

In God’s eyes we are a thing of wonder. And when we join forces from this place of truth we cannot be stopped.

Like the ocean we move with constant power, never ceasing, in a rhythm as one. Like the mountain we stand tall and strong. Like the brightest star we shine forever. We brighten heaven and bring our heavenly light into the world. Or more accurately, we lift the world up to join with us in our heavenly light. This world needs our light and love and joy, just as each flower and tree needs sun and water.

We are as gentle as a breeze and as powerful as God Himself. And yet we hide our loftiness behind petty grievances. Behind dark thoughts unworthy of such holy creations. We hide our Light under a bushel and forget about it for lifetimes as we allow fear to guide us instead of Truth. It’s unimaginable. And yet it’s how most of us live from day to day.

We think believing in our loftiness is egocentric. We think living our Truth is false. And yet the opposite is true. Living in smallness and in fear is what is false and unworthy of a Child of God.

When will we learn? When will we allow our light to shine? When will we claim our inheritance, our power and our truth? When will we allow Love to be our guiding force? When will we stand on the mountain top and smile kindly upon our unworthy thoughts and let them flutter away in the gentle breeze of our holiness and claim our place as creations of a glorious God Who loves us and only wants us to see and live the simple truth? We are holy. We are beauty. We are truth. When?

How about now?

Posted by: spiritteacher | June 23, 2017


“Surrounding me is all the life that God created in His Love. It calls to me in every heartbeat and in every breath.“ A Course In Miracles

“Let me breathe freely today.”

Slowly …

Breathe in, then out and

Breathe in, then out and
Let go

Breathe in, then out and

Breathe in, then out and

Breathe in, then out and

Breathe in, then out and
Say Thank you.

Posted by: spiritteacher | June 22, 2017


“You are as God created you. And as it was His Thought by which you were created, so it is your thoughts which [you] must set free, that you may know the Thoughts you share with God.” A Course In Miracles

“I will let God conduct this train today.”

Fear is letting the ego lead us on a journey toward a train wreck.  And then another and another. So why go there? There is another train, you know. Another depot. And another Conductor.

To know that we have the power to be at peace no matter how the world looks to us brings us hope and lifts our spirits. And to know that we have God’s loving guidance to help us along the way is also empowering.  We know we are never alone, right? Or do we sometimes forget? In some circumstances it simply doesn’t seem possible that God can be conducting this moment. Or that person.

What if we understood that fear is not our reality? Think of the power in that single thought. Now let’s say this together; “If it feels like fear in any form, it simply isn’t real.”  We have stressed before that only God is real and God is all there is and He is only Love.  Therefore, if we are experiencing anything other than Love we must be making a mistake. We’ve gotten off the track of God’s intention for us. Pure and simple.  So let’s lay our fears before His feet and rest our mind in His.  This takes a leap of faith. After all much of the time it feels as though that train which is our life, is not only off the track, but heading toward a cliff!

How can I trust in Him when I lost my job? How can I believe He’s here when my relationship is on the rocks?  How can God be conducting this body that is sick and weak? When I’ve lost a loved one? When the news is disastrous every day?  What we cannot see is that when the fear train rushes over a cliff, our Holy Conductor becomes a Pilot. And now the train is a plane!  God does not cause disasters, pain or suffering but He carries us beyond them and shows us how to transform a mess into a miracle.

Posted by: spiritteacher | June 21, 2017


“I could see peace instead of this.” A Course In Miracles

“Help me answer all my fear-filled thoughts with peace.”

Fear speaks first.  That’s why the world seems so insane. Fear’s voice is easily recognized. It sounds like an unhappy three year old as it tantrums its way into our minds distracting us with raucous shrieks until we give it all of our attention.  Or it surges through us like an insidious and silent swirl of muddy feelings and fills our hearts and every aspect of our being with dark dread.

Fear separates us and divides us and makes us think there is a them and us. It brings hate into our minds and hearts and pushes Love away. Fear is the reason we cannot find peace. Fear hides our light behind a black cloud of nothingness we believe in so strongly that we have forgotten who we are. God cannot be found in fear, not because of Him, but because of us. We close our eyes and ears and minds and hearts and worship fear instead of Love.

When we finally choose to take a breath, calm our mind, smile into our heart and surrender these intolerable emotions, sweet and gentle Peace, who has been waiting in the wings is allowed to flow free. And our minds and hearts are filled with quiet joy.

The insanity is interrupted and Love becomes the power in which we function. While fear just disappears. And we see what deep inside ourselves, we have known all along, God speaks our Truth, Love is real and fear is nothing at all. And the light dawns once more.

Posted by: spiritteacher | June 20, 2017



“Truth will correct all errors in my mind. Truth is the opposite of illusions because it offers joy.” A Course In Miracles

I will allow only my golden truth today.”

Like mining for gold, let’s look at our feelings and let them flow through us. In this way we are a sieve and our anxiety is muddied waters. As we allow the dirty water of our fears to pour through we keep only the gold which are the miracles that remain because of our decision to join with God and see only our beautiful, loving heart and our calm and quiet mind. Our truth is gold.  Our Truth is God.

“The stillness of the peace of God is mine.” A Course In Miracles

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