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“Now are you free to follow in the way your true forgiveness opens up to you. For if one brother has received this gift of you, the door is open to yourself.” A Course In Miracles

“I will allow myself to leave my home of fear.”

Like a territorial cat who has always lived inside the four walls of a house and then finds the front door wide open, we can stick our noses out into the wider universe and begin to understand that maybe all this time we have been missing something. Something amazing and wonderful is out there if we just allow ourselves to check it out. Sure there will be lessons.  It won’t be perfect right away, but it will be a step in the right direction.

Every experience in which we are open to our higher learning through our forgiveness and our trust, is a step toward peace.  All we’re asked to do is to provide a little willingness and God will take our hand and lift us up to the highest place within us. And from that vantage point we will see clearly that we have been mistaken. There is another way to live. In time, the highest place within us becomes a little higher and a little higher and a little higher.

As our burdens and our fears are lovingly lifted from us, we will smile with relief and life will be a joy. Health and happiness, abundance and safety will be as natural as breathing.  There are many people who live this way already.  Shall we join them? 

Posted by: spiritteacher | June 15, 2018


“In quiet I receive God’s Word today.” A Course In Miracles

“Today I will choose to listen.”

We could all do with a little less conversation, a little more loving thoughts. We spend way too much time talking about our lives, evaluating our relationships, deciding who is right and who is wrong and feeling defensive, judgmental and generally unhappy and dissatisfied with our lot in life.  It’s as though we believe our experiences have nothing to do with our decisions and our choices, but are foisted upon us by an unfriendly fate. And having decided this, we then talk about it incessantly.

It’s time to stop hashing and rehashing and change our mind, not only about others, but first and foremost about ourselves. It’s time to let go of unhappy thoughts and exchange them for some loving thoughts. For every unhappy thought, unkind act, or judgmental word, there is an equivalent loving thought, act or word. We just need to be quiet a moment and allow them in.  In stillness we can hear God’s voice gently reminding us again and again, “A little less conversation, a little more listening please. “

Posted by: spiritteacher | June 14, 2018


“I will step back and let God lead the way. Love leads so gladly.” A Course In Miracles

In God our way is clear and the smile of confidence on our face fills our being giving us these thoughts, “Lead on Holy Source of all things Good. Lead on.”

And we say, “I am ready for my real life. I am ready to experience my truth. I am ready to leave fear and guilt behind and to let true forgiveness change the course of my path.”

“I am ready to be, not just at peace, but your teacher of peace. Your candle in the darkness, your rainbow after the storm, your mountain climbed, your holy ocean tamed.”

 “My head is high, my heart is flooded with the joy of intention and my only thoughts are those I think with You.”

 “Lead on. I get it now. My happiness is in my following my path, Your path for me. I take your hand and with deep gratitude I say, Lead On! And with even deeper gratitude and absolute trust, I must humbly follow.”

Posted by: spiritteacher | June 13, 2018


“I could see peace instead of this.” A Course In Miracles

“Help me answer all my fear-filled thoughts with peace.”

Fear speaks first.  That’s why the world seems so insane. Fear’s voice is easily recognized. It sounds like an unhappy three year old as it tantrums its way into our minds distracting us with raucous shrieks until we give it all of our attention.  Or it surges through us like an insidious and silent swirl of muddy feelings and fills our hearts and every aspect of our being with dark dread.

Fear separates us and divides us and makes us think there is a them and us. It brings hate into our minds and hearts and pushes Love away. Fear is the reason we cannot find peace. Fear hides our light behind a black cloud of nothingness we believe in so strongly that we have forgotten who we are. God cannot be found in fear, not because of Him, but because of us. We close our eyes and ears and minds and hearts and worship fear instead of Love.

When we finally choose to take a breath, calm our mind, smile into our heart and surrender these intolerable emotions, sweet and gentle Peace, who has been waiting in the wings is allowed to flow free. And our minds and hearts are filled with quiet joy.

The insanity is interrupted and Love becomes the power in which we function. While fear just disappears. And we see what deep inside ourselves, we have known all along, God speaks our Truth, Love is real and fear is nothing at all. And the light dawns once more.

Posted by: spiritteacher | June 12, 2018


“Be comforted, and feel God watching over you in love and perfect confidence in what He sees. … it is impossible the confidence of God should be misplaced.” A Course In Miracles

“My true validation comes from God.”

We cannot allow ourselves to be defined by other people’s opinions. Self confidence is seeing other’s opinions of us without judgment or attachment and being able to say to ourselves calmly and kindly, without emotional investment, “Well, that’s their opinion. And the opinions of others are none of my business.” This is done with a calm and quiet mind and a compassionate heart.

Very few people in this world are not affected by the judgments of others.  Almost everyone feels they need to be validated by an outside source. When they’re not validated they feel bad about themselves and when they are they feel good about themselves. The problem with that is that other people’s opinions are about them and not us at all. Each one of us brings judgments and perceptions from our own past experiences which color our way of seeing.  Our judgments can even change from moment to moment depending upon our mood, our level of restfulness, our own sense of value or lack thereof and a myriad of other conditions.  And some will judge us one way and others the opposite.

In this sense it’s clear that counting on someone else’s judgment as a way to define us is to ride a crazy roller coaster that is being controlled by someone outside of us who has their own lessons and issues. This is true whether we’re talking about a job interview, a workplace situation or a personal relationship. To be truly happy we have to get off that roller coaster and let God be our Guide and our Holy Validator.  That is true validation and it comes from an Inside Source.

Posted by: spiritteacher | June 11, 2018


“Let us join together in a holy instant …” A Course In Miracles

Together we are a powerful force in the world.

Together we can be harmless and helpful.

Together we can accomplish amazing feats.

Together we can celebrate joy in every day and every way.

Together we can heal ourselves and each other.

Together we can find peace and spread it everywhere.

Together we can save the world.

So let’s get together and open our hearts to God and get it done.               

Together we care
Together we share.
Together we dare.
Together in prayer …

It is impossible to judge kindly or to attack gently. Or to feel victimized when our heart is open and compassionate. Instead of being a victim of our brothers’ and sisters’ words and actions, we understand they are simply showing us their pain. They need our prayers, not our anger and revenge. God can deal with those things that are beyond our power to control if we lay our problems at His feet. In the meantime because of our decision to be helpful, we are held in the mighty Hand and Heart of God perfectly safe and totally at peace.

Kindness is connection.
Forgiveness is freeing.
Gratitude is grace-filled.
Love is Light.
Helpfulness is holy.
God is Glorious.

Posted by: spiritteacher | June 8, 2018


“Today I wake with joy, expecting but the happy things of God to come to me.” A Course In Miracles

I love an ordinary day.

What is an ordinary day? It should be one where minds are calm and hearts are open to whatever the Universe has in store.

It doesn’t matter whether the sun is shining or rain is falling or hurricanes are raging, somehow we are still at peace. We do what we need to do to keep ourselves safe, but we do it with calm and quiet confidence trusting there is a Higher Power guiding us.  I have seen this phenomenon in many who are going through challenges.

In an ordinary morning we make the toast and pour the coffee with a quiet smile and feel the blessings of the moment.

In an ordinary day we go to work or stay at home expecting nothing but receiving everything. Miracles of gentle joining are happening all around us and our eyes are open to seeing and receiving them with love.

Smiles light up our ordinary faces, ordinary laughter fills the room with joy and the warmth of gladness is flowing from heart to heart. And now our lives our filled with extraordinary Love.

Without expecting anything out of the ordinary we somehow know we are being given everything. And we are grateful for this ordinary day. Our silent mantra is thank you.

God’s beautiful voice is running through our minds in a constant stream as He repeats this phrase,”I love you my beloved children. You are holy. You are perfect in My eyes. You are My ordinary and most glorious creations. Thank you for seeing Me and nothing else. “

What makes this amazing moment ordinary is that this is the way it should be as part of our every day experience. Because this is the way we are choosing to live every day, the amazing becomes an ordinary walk through life with God. Simply the way it’s meant to be.

And we feel anything but ordinary.

Posted by: spiritteacher | June 7, 2018


“You are as God created you. And as it was His Thought by which you were created, so it is your thoughts which [you] must set free, that you may know the Thoughts you share with God.” A Course In Miracles

“I will let God conduct this train today.”

Fear is letting the ego lead us on a journey toward a train wreck.  And then another and another. So why go there? There is another train, you know. Another depot. And another Conductor.

To know that we have the power to be at peace no matter how the world looks to us brings us hope and lifts our spirits. And to know that we have God’s loving guidance to help us along the way is also empowering.  We know we are never alone, right? Or do we sometimes forget? In some circumstances it simply doesn’t seem possible that God can be conducting this moment. Or that person.

What if we understood that fear is not our reality? Think of the power in that single thought. Now let’s say this together; “If it feels like fear in any form, it simply isn’t real.”  We have stressed before that only God is real and God is all there is and He is only Love.  Therefore, if we are experiencing anything other than Love we must be making a mistake. We’ve gotten off the track of God’s intention for us. Pure and simple.  So let’s lay our fears before His feet and rest our mind in His.  This takes a leap of faith. After all much of the time it feels as though that train which is our life, is not only off the track, but heading toward a cliff!

How can I trust in Him when I lost my job? How can I believe He’s here when my relationship is on the rocks?  How can God be conducting this body that is sick and weak? When I’ve lost a loved one? When the news is disastrous every day?  What we cannot see is that when the fear train rushes over a cliff, our Holy Conductor becomes a Pilot. And now the train is a plane!  God does not cause disasters, pain or suffering but He carries us beyond them and shows us how to transform a mess into a miracle.

Posted by: spiritteacher | June 6, 2018


“The truly helpful are invulnerable, because they are not protecting their egos and so nothing can hurt them. Their helpfulness is their praise of God …” A Course In Miracles

One of our greatest gifts is our ability to help one another. Being helpful keeps us in a state of grace. It blesses us as it blesses those we help.  When we are being helpful we are not distracted by our fears because we have set them aside in favor of something greater.

When we are serving others we are serving God in the highest way. And we are no longer concerned with what we get or don’t get from our willingness to serve. It’s impossible to serve God and be a victim at the same time. 

Our service can be as simple as smiling at a stranger or as global as promoting peace in the world. It all comes from a loving heart and it is what is in our heart that makes the difference. Being helpful radiates kindness and loving energy into our lives, throughout our communities and into the world. Helpfulness heals hearts. Ours and others.

Sometimes we think we’re being helpful, but unless we’re asking God for guidance in this, we may be doing more harm than good.  God needs to guide us in all we do and say for it to be truly loving and free from ego’s interference. The distinction can be subtle so we must be watchful in this. 

Let us be still and let God lead the way. With God’s Love lighting the way, our helpful intentions will allow miracles of healing to shine everywhere.

Posted by: spiritteacher | June 5, 2018


“… an altar to the holy Name of God whereon His Word is written, with the gifts of our forgiveness laid before it, and the memory of God not far behind.” A Course In Miracles

We open the mailbox and find a letter. It is written in the ancient text of a time before time was. It is written in light and by Love. It speaks of holiness and innocence, of joy and peace and happiness and healing.

It is written in the language of eternal Oneness. It tells of beauty and wondrous awesomeness. It describes kindness of heart, a calm and quiet mind and forgiveness and a gentle spirit being the answer to all things. It speaks in simple words that can be clearly understood and is so touchingly honest that no one can but believe that it is true.

It shows a path strewn with flowers so colorful and real that one can smell their scent right through the words. It explains a thought system where forgiveness is on every mind and in every heart and nothing else. The glorious healing script brings joy to each heart and instills its peace in every mind.

In this letter, our gift from God, the world sees another world of miracles and blessed joining and oneness that can never be divided.

As we read on, tears well in our eyes and we realize the deepest, purest meaning of this very personal, yet universal message. Our eyes are open now. We have been awaken at last, but done so with such a gentle touch that we do not feel afraid. Instead, we simply open our eyes and stretch and smile and think, “Oh, so this is what God was telling me all this time.” And we sigh with relief knowing that all we feared was only Love itself and there never was anything else.

We press the letter to our heart and fall to our knees. Softly, we say, “thank you”; then louder and then louder we raise our voices in praise of Truth as we rejoice in a glorious and resounding expression of gratitude and oneness.

We are so glad we opened the mailbox and read God’s message and reminder and we will keep it with us always to read again and again and again, whenever we are tempted to forget.

“Beneath our words is written the Word of God.” A Course In Miracles

Posted by: spiritteacher | June 4, 2018


“And every flower that ever bloomed has saved its perfume and its loveliness for you.” A Course In Miracles

“I will remember I am God’s flower today.”

On our back we carry a pack weighted by our past experiences. Each experience is a rock that piles one upon another until our past becomes a burden too heavy to bear. Let’s give each rock to God as it comes into our mind and let Him transform it from a troubling fear into our favorite flower. Every flower is now a lesson learned and weighs nothing as yesterday becomes only a distant memory; an opportunity for forgiveness, for healing and for gratitude that the past is over and this moment, piled high with lovely flowers, is all there is. As we rest upon our bed of flowers, our loving gifts from God, we see another world now. This wonderful new world rises lightly out of the ancient mist of the old world and is governed by God’s Laws which are all made from Love and nothing else.

May you understand that you are His flower abiding in His holy garden as an instrument of kindness, light and joy. And let this knowing bring you peace today.

Posted by: spiritteacher | June 1, 2018


“…free its wings, and it will fly in sureness and in joy to join its holy purpose.”  A Course In Miracles

“I will fly on wings of glory today.”

When we look at ourselves in the mirror of our mind, what do we see? The caterpillar? Or the butterfly? Do we wrap and trap ourselves into a tight cocoon, seeing only darkness? Is this darkness filled with pain? With fear? Or is it a quiet place where we can rest our spirit as we prepare to allow our grace and glory to burst forth?

In time our caterpillar vision must expand. With this evolvement there may come some pain. Although it needn’t be. Let us allow the cocoon in which we’ve wrapped ourselves to split open. Let us emerge a thing of beauty that flies free on wings of glory. Let us delight the world with our presence and bring hope and light and joy to all who come before us.

Only if we allow it, can we see God’s Light as it shines His Love upon the truth of us reminding us that we are His Holy Butterflies. Only if we let Him can He help us heal our fear and sadness, trading in the silent loneliness of suffering for a pure and perfect healing. Only with our permission can He show us that peace is already ours and the only thing that we can keep as well as share is Love.

Wrapped in the Loving Light of God, sip the sweetness of the nectar of life. Know the truth about yourself; you are His glorious creation, whole and healed. Trust in Him to guide you through relationships and moments, smooth and rough. See all your cares as but cocoons filled with hidden joy, ready to burst forth, a thing of beauty in the light of day.

We must understand that we can’t fully help others until we know ourselves.  Let us see ourselves from the perspective of our truth so we can begin to be teachers of God and instruments of peace on His behalf. When we remember all this about ourselves, we are able to be of good to God.


Posted by: spiritteacher | May 31, 2018


“By grace I live. By grace I am released.” A Course In Miracles

“I would see this as my moment and my life of grace.”

Let this be a day of grace for us.  What kind of day do we want?  Let’s visualize it in our mind. Write it down and don’t skip a detail. We need to put it somewhere where we can look at it again and again. In this way we can learn to be pro-active in our life. 

Do we want to feel at peace?  Do we want to experience harmony and balance and abundance in nature and in our lives? Do we want to have more fun? Do we want to laugh more? Do we want to heal a relationship? Do we want to feel safe and well and confident and strong? Do we want to hear and read about some good news in the world?  Do we need a job? A home?  Do we want a child in our lives?  A cat? A dog? There is no limit to the wonderful things we can bring to ourselves and the world if we focus on it, decide for it and believe in it.  

If we come from a higher spiritual place and let the physical experience manifest from there, our lives will be richer and fuller. Envisioning “things” for ourselves might work okay for a time, but seeing ourselves at peace and coming from a place of God’s Love will allow us to experience miracles every day.

A miracle wouldn’t be just a job, it would be the perfect job.  A miracle wouldn’t be just to get along with someone we have problems with; it would mean a complete and total healing.  A miracle wouldn’t just be a new house; it would be a home radiant with joy and love.  A miracle wouldn’t be as limiting as money or power.  It would be the abundance of God for all. A miracle wouldn’t be just someone special in our lives; it would be a holy, loving and happy relationship with the perfect partner. A miracle wouldn’t be someone else acting differently, it would be us radiating joy and bringing healing into our families, our work places and into the world itself.

So now let’s begin envisioning our day of grace and as we do we will understand that we deserve, not just a single day of grace, but an entire life of grace.

Posted by: spiritteacher | May 30, 2018


“In quietness are all things answered and is every problem quietly resolved.” A Course In Miracles

“Today I will be still and listen.”

Listening is probably the singular most important activity we can perform for the changing of our minds and our lives. And yet we seldom take a moment to do it. Being still is perhaps our one greatest challenge. We were not taught how growing up and most of us in the western world can’t even begin to understand the value of a silent mind.

And yet …

In silence are the answers to every question.  In silence lives the still, small voice of God radiating His Love through us, His Children, if only we would listen.  It isn’t that God’s voice is small; it’s just that our egos are so noisy. Scientific tests have proven that in being still there are changes in the brain that bring peace to the spirit.

There is listening to God and there is listening to ourselves and others. Begin simply. The next time you are in conversation with someone, practice looking into their eyes and really listen to them. Don’t jump ahead to your next response, but simply take yourself out of the equation and listen. Breathe calmly, quietly and listen.  Listen not just to their words, but to their hearts. You will hear their pain and their joy. You will hear beyond words to their very thoughts and feelings. To their very energy.

And then find a moment in the day, even for a minute or two to grow still and listen to your own breath, your own heart and open to your own energy. In the beginning even a minute or two is enough. As you do this you will begin to experience feelings you’ve never recognized before and travel to a place inside you that you didn’t know existed. This is the place of inner peace, of Divine Love and delight and joy that lives inside you and is waiting to be heard. The more we tap into this inward world, the more time we will want to spend there.

“Let me be still and listen to the truth.”  A Course In Miracles

Posted by: spiritteacher | May 29, 2018


“God sends His teachers. … they teach His lessons of joy and hope.” A Course In Miracles

“I will accept and teach God’s joy today.”

Let’s pay attention to the happy people in our lives. What do they have in common?  The only difference between them and us is that they choose to see the light in their lives instead of focusing on darkness. They align with their strengths and laugh at their weaknesses.

They count their blessings instead of their miseries. They want to see the good in others instead of their mistakes. They choose the power of Love over the limitation of fear. 

Life isn’t complicated.  We just make it that way. God’s Love and our recognition and acceptance of His Love are all we need to live a perfect life.

Are you one of the happy people?  Then I thank you for being my teacher.

Posted by: spiritteacher | May 28, 2018


“Today we celebrate the happy ending to your long dream of disaster. There are no dark dreams now. The light has come.” A Course In Miracles

“Today I will celebrate myself and everyone I meet.”

Imagine if every time we walked into a group of people we would see glad looks of welcome and wide smiles of appreciation. And then imagine us doing the same for everyone else. How would this world be different?

What if normal is a warmth of love flowing to us from everyone we encounter and through us to everyone we meet?  What if we see each stranger as beloved family and we bring joy to each other’s hearts by just existing?

As children of a Loving God, we must believe this is the way it should be.  From this moment on let us practice celebrating each other and everyone we meet with a friendly smile and a kind thought. And then let’s celebrate our own selves as well. There will be no need to ever defend or protect ourselves because wherever we are, we are always safe. Wherever we go we are always loved and seen as something beautiful, a walking, talking miracle of wonder and delight; a joyous cause for celebration.

Celebrate YOU and ME as ONE! Now are we fulfilling God’s will for us and our will for us as well.

“Let us celebrate our release together by releasing everyone with us.” A Course In Miracles

Posted by: spiritteacher | May 25, 2018


“Everyone you offer healing to returns it. Let us be very calm in doing this, for we are merely looking honestly for truth.” A Course In Miracles

“I am breathing in calm and quiet healing today.”

Think with slow breaths: I am breathing in calm. I am breathing out healing. I am breathing in quiet. I am breathing out love. 

We will continue this until we are centered and balanced and in harmony with all of nature and our brothers and sisters as well. 

We must accept our oneness without fear knowing that God’s laws are governing and correcting every experience, every thought, word and deed. No matter how it looks in the world, we must continue to choose harmony and balance and oneness for ourselves and for everyone in order to be true instruments of healing. 

Let us not fear prophecies or thoughts of destruction, doom and gloom for a horrendous future for the world.  Love is more powerful than fear and Love will prevail.  Everyone who fears also has many great moments of forgiveness, love, kindness and all that is right and good and helpful and healing.  It is these moments that are kept and all the rest is swept away in the face of God’s Love and God’s laws that are unchanging and eternal. 

“Heaven is right here, right now.   There is nowhere else.  There is no other time.”  A Course In Miracles

Now are we feeling balanced and in harmony, calm and at peace within ourselves and with all the world. And now we can be truly helpful here.

This moment is our day of grace.  

This moment is our life of holy healing. 

And now let us say thank you and Amen.

Posted by: spiritteacher | May 24, 2018


“The mind that serves God is unlimited forever, beyond the laws of time and space, and with the strength and power to do whatever it is asked.” A Course In Miracles

“I will let the Divine Universe guide me today.” 

The world is changing at a fantastic rate. And it is changing for the better. The reason it looks so dramatic, so intense and so filled with disasters is because it isn’t easy for us to give up the fear and pain that we’ve cherished for so long. The ego isn’t going out like a lamb, but it is going out. It is happening with every thought we choose that comes from Love.

Fear is leaving with every choice we make to see things differently and our every desire for a better way. It is disappearing with every kind thought, every helpful act and every loving wish for our brothers and sisters to succeed.

Fear is fading with every experience of forgiveness and with every tiny willingness to let the Divine Universe be our guide in all things. It is disappearing into the Oneness and the unity of all that is our Truth, no matter how diligently we try to see or make it otherwise.

Love is following closely upon the heels of our fading fear.  When we place our trust in Love, fear is rendered powerless.  We need only keep our thoughts focused toward the light; our minds and hearts open to healing.  Recognition of the Truth will dawn upon us and glorious Light will shine away every dark thought that holds the world hostage. 

Fear is gasping its last breath and soon will fade into the nothingness from which it came. God is smiling with gentle gratitude upon His children who are now choosing to remember Him and nothing else.

Posted by: spiritteacher | May 23, 2018


“A healed mind does not plan. It carries out the plans that it receives through listening to wisdom that is not its own.” A Course In Miracles

“I am ready to follow Someone Else’s Plan today.”

We can deny our truth, our own light, God’s presence and our beautiful blessed spirit all we want.  But we can’t make them go away.  The moment we are ready, there they are quietly waiting to lift us up and carry us to new heights of wonder, joyous freedom and absolute delight. All this, without any effort or planning on our part. All we need is the willingness to recognize them and accept them.

Our little willingness and God will do the rest. He has a Plan far greater than our own. 

Posted by: spiritteacher | May 22, 2018


“There is no Love but God’s. There is no Will but God’s,”
 “I can be free of suffering today.” A Course In Miracles

“I will allow God’s Love to wash my pain away. I will allow God’s Will to Light my way.”

Let us lay our suffering, our challenging experiences and all our pain and fear at God’s feet so He can transform them into miracles of healing.  Let us breathe in this quiet moment with no words, only confidence and trust that He Who knows all will free us from a life where true joy appears to be an intermittent promise of possibility and fear seems to be entrenched.

Fear and suffering and pain form a thin layer on the surface of the deep ocean of our consciousness.  Though our fear and suffering may appear deep seated, in reality they are only shadows covering our holy joyous light. In the face of God’s Love, fear is nothing. We keep our fears believing they are our reality. If we look at them, smile gently and release them, we will see them disappear in the light of God’s pure, constant and eternal Love. Darkness disappears in Light.

Like moonlight on a silver sea and watery ripples from the touch of a sea gull’s wing, God’s waves of Love cannot be stopped, but only allowed. Allowed to fill our being to overflowing and then be shared with all. Now, are we made clean and pure. Pain is no more and only Love remains. All we need do is simply be still, look and be aware of another, happier world within us that is our true experience.

We can splash in the silver sea with joyous hearts knowing that no matter what has happened in our lives, if we quietly watch and wait and trust only good will come from it.  In our quiet trust, we will feel God take our hand and guide us in what to do and say. He will show us where we need to be for our greater good. In truth there is no Love or Will but God’s and His is the Hand that will always steer us right. We are but a drop in the ocean of God’s deep, abiding Love.   


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