Posted by: spiritteacher | June 16, 2022


“… an altar to the holy Name of God whereon His Word is written, with the gifts of our forgiveness laid before it, and the memory of God not far behind.” A Course In Miracles

We open the mailbox and find a letter. It is written in the ancient text of a time before time was. It is written in light and by Love. It speaks of holiness and innocence, of joy and peace and happiness and healing.

It is written in the language of eternal Oneness. It tells of beauty and wondrous awesomeness. It describes kindness of heart, a calm and quiet mind and forgiveness and a gentle spirit being the answer to all things. It speaks in simple words that can be clearly understood and is so touchingly honest that no one can but believe that it is true.

It shows a path strewn with flowers so colorful and real that one can smell their scent right through the words. It explains a thought system where forgiveness is on every mind and in every heart and nothing else. The glorious healing script brings joy to each heart and instills its peace in every mind.

In this letter, our gift from God, the world sees another world of miracles and blessed joining and oneness that can never be divided.

As we read on, tears well in our eyes and we realize the deepest, purest meaning of this very personal, yet universal message. Our eyes are open now. We have been awaken at last, but done so with such a gentle touch that we do not feel afraid. Instead, we simply open our eyes and stretch and smile and think, “Oh, so this is what God was telling me all this time.” And we sigh with relief knowing that all we feared was only Love itself and there never was anything else.

We press the letter to our heart and fall to our knees. Softly, we say, “thank you”; then louder and then louder we raise our voices in praise of Truth as we rejoice in a glorious and resounding expression of gratitude and oneness.

We are so glad we opened the mailbox and read God’s message and reminder and we will keep it with us always to read again and again and again, whenever we are tempted to forget.

Beneath our words is written the Word of God.” A Course In Miracles


Let our prayer be for healing and health for all the world. Let us ask for help with kindness and love and trust to generate the health and wellness and safety we want for everyone on earth. And then let us be grateful and say Thank You, God!

“A happy outcome to all things is sure.” A Course In Miracles

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