Posted by: spiritteacher | December 22, 2021


“What God created limitless is free.”  ACIM

“I will offer gifts of forgiveness, peace and joy, health and happiness to everyone today.”

If we put a gift into a box, even if we wrap it beautifully and tie it with a colorful bow, it has no meaning unless we give it to someone.  And then it has little meaning unless they unwrap it, see it and use it.  This is how we set it free from its limiting containment in a box.

So it is with our thoughts. Even if we know in our minds that we are God’s creations and His Holy Children, but don’t live that way, then we and all others cannot receive the gift of what we know deep inside of us, that God’s Love is real and all else is an illusion.

The gift of our true understanding cannot shine through when it is wrapped in doubt and fear and tied with ribbons of darkness and worry, no matter how colorfully or poetically we describe them.

We can pray for peace and health and happiness, safety and abundance for the world, but if we speak and think and act without peace or kindness, the gift of our prayers cannot be seen or used. As with any gift, it is only useful when we unwrap it. We need to let our light shine through so our judgments and attack thoughts and victim thinking can be lifted from our minds and transformed and shared as gifts of Love and Joy for all. And we need to do this with God as our Guide.

In loving silence God continues unceasingly to gift us with His Truth.  Each moment is a Holy Instant and a miracle of joining with God and each other just waiting to be unwrapped.

“Let every voice but God’s be still in me.”  ACIM


Healing prayers for everyone in the places where violence has senselessly taken precious loved ones. Prayers for all the missing children.  May God know where they are and keep them safe.

Prayers for all those who have or are experiencng extreme weather conditions, fires or floods anywhere in this world.  Our loving thoughts are with you. May God keep you safe and transform the extremes into harmony and balance.

Let us also pray for healing and health for all the world. Let us ask for help with kindness and love and trust to generate the health and wellness and safety we want for everyone on earth. And then let us be grateful and say Thank You, God!

“A happy outcome to all things is sure.” A Course In Miracles

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