Posted by: spiritteacher | November 29, 2021


“Shall we continue to allow God’s grace to shine in unawareness, while the toys and the trinkets of the world are sought instead?”  ACIM

The world is a distracting place.  So easy to get lost in the toys and trinkets and the noise and nonsense that are all around us and everywhere we look.  And not easy to look past them to the Light and Love and Calm and Quiet grace that always lives inside us.  The fascination of the activities and things of the world keep us occupied while God’s quiet grace goes unnoticed and unrecognized.  And if we are asked to grow still and tap into our Truth we often think of it as boring and uninteresting not seeing at all the richness and the miracles that we are being offered.  We can’t see the true gifts through the artificial gifts. And so we trap ourselves in a world of pain and limitation not having a clue what we are turning down.

There is nothing wrong with enjoying the toys and trinkets and the noise and activity.  The mistake lies in thinking this is all there is. We need a balance. Instead of using the world’s distractions as an end in themselves, maybe we can ask the Universe how to use them as tools for growth and expansion of our thinking.  We can enjoy our human world, but let’s do it with God.  We can invite our Angels in to share our Starbuck’s Coffee with us, our mint chip ice cream, our glass of wine, our Netflix streaming, our new car, our great job, our sports bar experience.  Invite God on our hunting trip or on our skiing vacation.

Perhaps we’ll be asked to give a silent blessing to the Barista at Starbucks. Wouldn’t that make the coffee even more enjoyable?  Perhaps we can say a short prayer for everyone and everything connected to the processing of the mint chip ice cream we are enjoying, the glass of wine or bottle of beer we are drinking, the meal we are eating.  Perhaps we can share our Netflix experience with a family member or a friend or someone who needs a friend.  What about a smile and a thank you to the bartender or waitress at the sports bar or silently sending forgiveness and healing to everyone in attendance at the bar. It’s not about depriving ourselves of the things we enjoy.  It’s about sharing them with God.  It’s about including the most essential and basic part of ourselves in our worldly experience, our Creator and our Source.

Watch the news with God and ask Him to help you see it through His eyes. Ask Him to shine His Light everywhere drama and destruction is being played out in the world.  Let’s ask for help in seeing opportunities for simple random acts of kindnesses instead of falling to our knees in misery and desolation because the world looks so insane.  And we feel so helpless. 

Let us remember, “Of ourselves we can do nothing , but in God are all our problems solved.”  A Course In Miracles

The real problem is imbalance.  All ego world with no invitation to share it with God is the cause of the insanity, the skewed thinking, the sickness and the fear. God is always here.  Why not invite Him in. When we lift everything up to Him before we partake or get invested, we will see we are not powerless because we have the power of God within us and He will use us as instruments of peace and healing for the world at the same time as He shows us how much fun and amazing the world really is.  And we will see that He never takes anything away from us that we enjoy.  He only makes them more enjoyable because now the experiences come from love and abundance and joy instead of fear and limitation and madness.

Toys and trinkets shared with God become blessings and gifts and opportunities for love and joy and healing.

“God is the Love in which I am blessed.”  ACIM


Healing prayers for everyone in the places where violence has senselessly taken precious loved ones. Prayers for all the missing children.  May God know where they are and keep them safe.

Prayers for all those who may be experiencing extreme weather conditions, fires or floods anywhere in this world.  Our loving thoughts are with you. May God keep you safe and transform the extremes into harmony and balance. 

Let us also pray for healing and health for all the world. Let us ask for help with kindness and love and trust to generate the health and wellness and safety we want for everyone on earth. And then let us be grateful and say Thank You, God!

“A happy outcome to all things is sure.” A Course In Miracles

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