Posted by: spiritteacher | October 1, 2021


“Retain your gifts in clear awareness as you see the changeless in the heart of change; the light of truth behind appearances.” A Course In Miracles

“Today I will pray GOD IS and say no more”

Let’s hang a crystal in our window and watch the sunlight reflect a rainbow all throughout our home.

In this way forgiveness is a crystal that reflects a rainbow of healing through our heart and throughout the world. The simple prayer GOD IS is enough to reflect love into our lives which extends a glorious light into the hearts of those around us.

A Course In Miracles teaches that the only true prayer is GOD IS and then we stop and grow still.  Nothing else is needed.  In these words live the truth of the Universe and the answer to all questions.  In this simple, yet powerful thought, we will find our true home.  Heaven is not a place.  It is a state of mind. And it lives inside us changeless and unceasing.

If we close our mind to the recognition and acceptance of this, it is like covering the crystal of clear understanding with a shadow that keeps the rainbow from our experience. We will not see what is right in front of us because we have let darkness hide the light.

But the moment we decide we want a better way, our willingness opens windows and clears channels for our higher consciousness to stream forth and teach us all we need to learn in order to grow into our most perfect, peaceful and Holy Self.  Now are we transformers of a new way of being as the truth quietly becomes clear reflecting bright color-filled splashes of joy everywhere.

The joy within us is very still. It is not physically slow; it is simply at peace.” Hugh Prather


Let our prayer be for healing and health for all the world. Let us ask for help with kindness and love and trust to generate the health and wellness and safety we want for everyone on earth. And then let us be grateful and say Thank You, God!

“A happy outcome to all things is sure.” A Course In Miracles

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