Posted by: spiritteacher | July 23, 2021


“All things that live bring gifts to you, and offer them in gratitude and gladness at your feet. The scent of flowers is their gift to you. The waves bow down before you, and the trees extend their arms to shield you from the heat, and lay their leaves before you on the ground that you may walk in softness, while the wind sinks to a whisper round your holy head.” A Course In Miracles

“I will walk softly today and gather flowers.”

When the ground is hard and has lost its nutrients it cannot grow perfect flowers, yet somehow weeds still grow.  It is the same with our hearts.  When our heart is hard and has lost its kindness and compassion, we lose our ability to heal. Such a heart does not grow happiness, but only weed-like thoughts that dig their roots through pain and suffering. It is only when we practice the teachings of a Loving God that we create a beautiful earth with miraculous wonders and joyful moments. This is the earth in which beautiful flowers abound.  And everyone is joyous.

Now, we can gather the beautiful flowers, cool our feet in the ocean’s waves and rest in the shade of the ancient tree. The loving thoughts that flower within us have changed our lives. We pick their counterpart from our healthy garden and put them together in a vase on our kitchen table and breathe in the heavenly scent of happiness. This is the symbol of our holiness.

As we take care of our gardens we must take care of ourselves. Water our loving thoughts. Pull out and discard our unwanted weedy thoughts. Nourish our inner kindness and our inner gentleness and our inner light. 

And if we invite in the loving kindness and holiness of others we can share and expand the beauty of our nature and rise above our fears and doubts. And share this beauty with the world. A flower is a symbol of Love and a symbol of peace; a symbol of wishing well for those who need a lift. As we are grateful for the flowers, we show that we are grateful for ourselves and all the children of God. It’s giving and giving and giving.  And in return we receive an amazing gift of healing for ourselves.

Let our prayer be for healing and health for all the world. Let us ask for help with kindness and love and trust to generate the health and wellness and safety we want for everyone on earth. And then let us be grateful and say Thank You, God!

“A happy outcome to all things is sure.” A Course In Miracles

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