Posted by: spiritteacher | February 1, 2021


“I am entitled to miracles.”  A Course In Miracles

“I am ripe for miracles today.”

Miracles are in every peaceful moment. And in moments not so peaceful. They can be seen in the obvious; a sunrise or a silent snowfall. They can be heard in a child’s laughter. Or felt with a dog or cat resting by our side when we are in need of quiet comfort.

Miracles happen in the forgiveness after an argument, in the chicken soup during the flu, in the signing of a cast after a broken arm. They happen during a visit to the hospital or elder care home.

Miracles happen in people coming together to help each other during an earthly disaster.  Or hugging a brother or sister after a loss, or a kind word when someone has been emotionally wounded and feels valueless. 

They can be felt in the unspoken joy that wells within us for no reason at all. Nothing obvious has happened, nothing noticeable has changed and yet we find ourselves smiling and feeling lifted with no apparent cause.

Miracles can be found in forgiveness of unkindness and in gratitude for transformation and transcendence.

Pay attention to the miracles in their myriad of forms all around in every moment. Focus on the peace and joy flowing through us. That peace and joy is the presence of miracles. It is healing happening. It is us choosing love instead of fear, even if we aren’t consciously aware of having made a choice.

God’s love lives in each one of us. It is seen as light and experienced as truth, constant and unchanging and eternally us, one with each other and one with God. This is the State of Love; the condition of readiness for miracles. And it is always there, just waiting …

Isn’t it a warm and lovely thought to know that underneath the dead leaves of our past experience and in the wake of chaos; just out of our awareness lives this amazing world ripe for miracles and quietly awaiting our attention? And when we pay attention it appears in full panoramic view and nothing else exists.

Beyond this world there is a world I want.” A Course In Miracles

“Everything that comes from Love is a miracle.” A Course In Miracles

Let us pray for healing and health for all the world. Let us ask for help with kindness and love and trust to generate the health and wellness and safety we want for everyone on earth. And then let us be grateful and say Thank You, God!

“A happy outcome to all things is sure.” A Course In Miracles

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