Posted by: spiritteacher | January 22, 2021


“I want the peace of God.” A Course In Miracles

“I will gladly pay the price of peace.”

We often speak about the price of peace


We talk of things like sacrifice and suffering,

Of fighting for our rights and bending others to our ways.

Of making everyone see God and the world as we do.

Of protecting ourselves without first asking God for help.

We need to be right even at the sacrifice of happiness.

We truly believe that peace will come from this.

But in God’s eyes what is the price of peace?

 No price at all.
It’s free
In every sense.

 Peace is a choice that when made
With a kind heart and open mind
Flows gently through our being.

It judges no one.

It fights for nothing.

It is the core of our being


Simply is …

It is fathered by Forgiveness
And mothered by Compassion.

It’s siblings,
Kindness, Sharing, Tolerance and Joy
Will one day govern all hearts and

Heal the world through Love.

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