Posted by: spiritteacher | August 12, 2019


“… we lift the chains that bar the door to freedom from the world, and go beyond all little values and diminished goals.”  A Course In Miracles

“Caged or free?  It’s up to me!”

Grievances keep us in prison. Forgiveness dissolves the bars and lets us fly free.

Think of a bird in a cage. The cage door has always been ajar, but the bird isn’t aware of it. It thinks it is trapped in the cage. Its wings are clipped by its own thoughts of limitation and doubt. Although it longs for freedom it stays inside the cage unaware that there has always been a way out. It stays, not because it is really trapped, but because it believes it is. 

Often we find comfort in being caged even if we know there is something greater for us outside. 

Like this bird, our cage door is open and our wings are free. At any time we can choose to surrender the grievances that keep us trapped and fly through that open door and claim our inheritance of peace and joy. Shall we do it? Shall we explore the wider world offered to us by forgiving thoughts and kind actions? Why be caged when in truth, we have always been free? Why live in fear when we can enjoy the happiness and joy and safety and abundance God bestowed upon us when we were created? Why not fly free today?

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