Posted by: spiritteacher | December 14, 2018


“They stand in shining silence …”
… who accepts God’s gifts can never suffer.” 
 A Course In Miracles

“I will be still and accept God’s gifts today.”

Let us rest our mind a moment and think nothing. 

It is in thinking nothing that we find everything.  Stillness is calm and gentle. It is ever present and always ready and waiting to lighten the heavy heart and calm the racing mind. Stillness is real and palpable and lives and breathes within us. Stillness lifts our spirits and heals our thoughts and gently reminds us that we belong to it and it to us.

Stillness is God’s voice quietly reminding us that He will fill our hearts with His love as soon as we surrender our grievances to Him and allow Him entry through the doorway of our minds and hearts.

Stillness is peace. 
It is our guiding star.

It is beautiful. 
It is practical.

It is the place where we are perfect and where perfection only means happiness and joy. Let’s open to this gift so we can use it lovingly every moment of every day throughout the year. And then let’s share it with everyone we encounter. God’s gift of stillness is the one gift that truly keeps on giving. 

It’s called re-gifting. 

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