Posted by: spiritteacher | December 7, 2018


“This is the season you would celebrate everyone.”
“This is the journey’s purpose.” A Course In Miracles

“God celebrates us in every season.” 

Can we see how each season symbolizes the seasons of our spirit’s journey?

Spring is the beginning when we have new budding thoughts that push up and out giving us the opportunity to experience a better way.  Summer brings us light and laughter and the understanding that we can have fun as we learn and grow.  Fall symbolizes the harvesting of God’s abundance and then seeing how our choice for true forgiveness shines like a sunburst of many colors blazing through our minds. Winter is a time to rest in the peace that we have planted, cultivated, harvested and now may savor in quiet confidence and perfect certainty.

God gives us everything and asks for so little in return. Only a little willingness. Let’s take His hand as a child would, smile our thanks, gift Him our trust and allow Him to lead us gently through the seasons of our journey. And at the end we will find a rainbow of riches, a sun ray of joy and the shining star of everlasting peace.

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