Posted by: spiritteacher | December 12, 2017


“We are as God created us.”  A Course In Miracles.

“I will do everything with God today.”

Everything we do in love, every forgiving thought we have, like a single stone thrown into a calm lake, causes a rippling effect. It isn’t only the kind acts we perform, but also the quiet rippling effects they cause that make the difference. God takes our loving thoughts and acts, small and large, conscious or unconscious and uses them to spread a blanket of healing light upon the earth.

And now we can call ourselves a healer in the world.
And now our very presence here will do some good.

And our reward?
A sane and loving world for us and for the children.
A warmth of gratitude and gladness that flows through us
And out into the world and makes us and everyone we
Encounter smile and laugh with joy and relief …

The world cannot be unaffected by our thoughts, be they fearful or filled with love, because we are God’s Creations.  “God is the Mind with which I think.”  ACIM

Since our every thought has power, why not use that power for good?

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