Posted by: spiritteacher | August 10, 2017


“Here does the joy of God belong to you.” A Course In Miracles

“I will remember my joy today.”

A simple word, only three letters and the sound, a single syllable. Let’s say it in our mind.  Now, aloud.  What does it invoke for us?  Children running through a sprinkler on a hot summer day?  Hear their squeals. Let the sound of their laughter fill our mind. Watch them jump and splash with joy. 

Now, let’s go deeper.  Let’s be the child running through the sprinkler.  Let’s be the one laughing and squealing and running and jumping and splashing.  Let’s be the joyous one.  What does it feel like when there is nothing but joy in our experience?  What is it like when our mind is filled to overflowing with joy? What is it to be in this moment where nothing exists but the purest joy in our heart?

Let’s breathe in joy and breathe out joy.  We can’t help but smile.  We can’t stop our laughter.  We can’t keep the feeling from filling us and flowing out into the world.  We want to jump for joy.  We want to leap and dance and sing with joy. Let every thought but joy be still in us today! OH JOY!

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