Posted by: spiritteacher | July 28, 2017


The stillness speaks in gentle sounds of love …” A Course In Miracles

“I breathe in peace.  I breathe out healing.”

We often get so caught up with the busyness of life that we forget to allow the spaces in between. It is the space between the conversations, the activities, the plans, the politics, the TV, the computer, the tablet and the cell phone, where our true life is and where our real Self exists.  In the quiet moments where silence stills our thoughts and heals our heart’s pain and takes us home where we belong. 

Whenever you want to enter that peaceful state that lives inside your mind and quietly waits for your awareness, simply become conscious of your breathing. Focus on your in breath and your out breath calmly and with intention. Allow your breath its natural rhythm and just watch it as a quiet observer.  Let a gentle smile form around your heart and on your face, then breathe.  Length of time is not as important as frequency.  Even a moment here and there, or once an hour or just once or twice a day is helpful.

Every mindful moment holds more value in it than all the busyness we feel is so important.

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