Posted by: spiritteacher | July 14, 2017


“Fear is gone and only Love remains.” A Course In Miracles

“I will not fear my own joy today.”

What we deserve in this world isn’t about doing or having, it’s about being. 

Love and its healing touches each heart that is open and ready.  When we aren’t ready, when we shut down and refuse to look inside ourselves, it’s only because we’re afraid of what we’ll find there.  We are afraid to stop being busy and just BE. We don’t understand that if we are quietly looking and calmly being all we’re going to find is Love.  Although we think we fear pain and suffering, we are really only afraid of joy and love.

What holds us back is that we don’t believe we are entitled to God’s Love and in our judgments, we don’t believe our brothers and sisters are deserving either. 

All this time we could have been resting in Love, basking in glory and enjoying God’s Holy Universe. But the miracle is we can choose again in every moment. Let’s grow still, focus on our in and out breath and in calm and quiet reverie watch as the winds of fear transform into the wings of love.  “Fear is gone and only Love remains.”

So the simple lesson is this, “Let’s not fear our own JOY. Or deny our right to be happy.” 

An exercise for quickly quieting our fears and calming our minds and hearts is to close our eyes, breathe quietly and repeat to ourselves., “I love you God. I love all my brothers and sisters. I love myself.” And then repeat.

Let’s say these words in our mind until we are quiet and at peace again. Until we can smile gently upon the world and Just Be …

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