Posted by: spiritteacher | July 11, 2017


“The world I see arises from a mind at peace within itself. No danger lurks in anything it sees, for it is kind, and only kindness does it look upon.” A Course In Miracles

“I will be kind to everyone and to myself today.”

Kindness is the spirit’s heart wishing well for everyone. “I wish you well,” it says, “in everything you do and all you are. May your heart heal from all your past heartaches and may there be no suffering in your future.”

Kindness is a way of life, a belief system, that when chosen gives each moment the richness of God’s Love to all. To the one giving it as well as the receiver.

Walking this world with a kind heart spreads good will and shines light upon every dark corner of each mind. It blesses and transforms. And even when it seems not to be accepted or appreciated the light of kindness shines gently on. Like a star behind a cloud, it quietly waits for the cloud to move on not caring what the cloud is doing, but simply knowing there is a greater truth beyond every cloud we see.

Forgiveness is the father of Kindness and Compassion is its Mother. Love is its nature. With such a family living within us we can only be what we are; blessed creations of a Divine Source, holy, whole and healed.

”God covers me with kindness and with care …” A Course In Miracles

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