Posted by: spiritteacher | July 5, 2017


“There is not a moment in which God’s Voice fails to direct our thoughts, guide our actions and lead our feet. We are walking steadily on toward truth.” A Course In Miracles

We are healing, healing, healing, 
Forever healing,
Quietly and constantly…

Much of the time, we are completely unaware. Though understanding may burst forth in moments of sudden clarity and erupt in joy, only to fade into a misty fog once more. But while the clarity lasts we are filled with peace and understanding so deep and wondrous that we know for that holy instant that life is perfect and so are we.

Though we can’t yet sustain our understanding, there is a stillness and a knowing deep inside us that cannot be disturbed. A light that cannot be extinguished. A pressing forward that cannot be deterred. That quiet knowing lives in us awaiting the opportunity for the next moment of light and joy to push through the misty darkness of our fears and doubts. Now we are gladly given another glimpse of truth. And each time we feel it, or hear it, or see it and every loving miracle we experience no matter how insignificant it may seem to us, is really huge in its power to bring us closer to the holy truth of who and what we are. 

Our power is in our ability to choose. And every time we choose the true over the false, our miracle muscle is strengthened and our fear muscle is weakened and we find ourselves watching more and more closely for loving, healing moments that lift our hearts to new and higher heights.

Instead of cringing in expectation of bad news, we are slowing learning to expect good news. Understanding is dawning on us that bad news is simply the way to good news. Disasters can be used as opportunities for healing joining and miracles of kindness and compassion, learning and growing.

We need only calm our thoughts and ask for help to see that this is true. And when help reaches us we are so happy to see that it is beautiful on the other side of pain and darkness. The truth of humankind is holy and amazing and wondrous and beyond words.

It’s true! Our holiness and innocence are guaranteed by God. We are healing, healing, healing, forever healing. Quietly and continually, we are more and more aware. We are learning our true lesson here which is that we can trust God.

While we are climbing out of fear God offers us a Hand up. And when we are so deep into our fear and doubt that we cannot see His Hand, He carries us. But either way, He is with us always. Always, always, always and forever helping us to heal and heal and heal. Quietly and constantly God is the Light shining on our path to constant peace.

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