Posted by: spiritteacher | June 30, 2017


“Let us join together in a holy instant …” A Course In Miracles

Together we are a powerful force in the world.

Together we can be harmless and helpful.

Together we can accomplish amazing feats.

Together we can celebrate joy in every day and every way.

Together we can heal ourselves and each other.

Together we can find peace and spread it everywhere.

Together we can save the world.

So let’s get together and open our hearts to God and get it done.               

Together we care
Together we share.
Together we dare.
Together in prayer …

It is impossible to judge kindly or to attack gently. Or to feel victimized when our heart is open and compassionate. Instead of being a victim of our brothers’ and sisters’ words and actions, we understand they are simply showing us their pain. They need our prayers, not our anger and revenge. God can deal with those things that are beyond our power to control if we lay our problems at His feet. In the meantime because of our decision to be helpful, we are held in the mighty Hand and Heart of God perfectly safe and totally at peace.

Kindness is connection.
Forgiveness is freeing.
Gratitude is grace-filled.
Love is Light.
Helpfulness is holy.
God is Glorious.

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