Posted by: spiritteacher | May 30, 2017


“God, being Love, is also happiness.” A Course In Miracles

“I am misting my life with Love today.”

As we would mist a precious plant, let us mist the space before us with the holy Love that lives within us and then walk through it with dancing steps and an easy heart. As we do this, we can see through the grace of our inner vision that our thoughts have been lifted from fear and darkness into light and replaced with pure joy.

Now, let us stay here today, leaving all doubt behind and knowing that no matter how it looks or how it feels, God’s in charge and guiding us on our perfect path.  If we leave the path for an instant, we need only take His hand and He will bring us back to Him. It’s all about surrendering our life to Him and then trusting that He is really there working only for our good. In this way we are misting our lives with Love today. And a floral essence of peace and joy will follow us everywhere we go.

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