Posted by: spiritteacher | April 24, 2017


“… spirit knows no difference between having and being.” A Course In Miracles

I will remember what I am today.


You are the majesty of a star-filled night.
You are the radiance of the sun and moon.
You are the beauty of a woodland scene;
The pinnacle of every mountain you must climb.

You are the majesty.
You are the radiance.
You are the beauty.
You are the pinnacle.

You are the songbirds’ sound at the break of dawn.
You are the flower amongst the weeds.
You are the scent of lilies in spring.
You are the movement in a grace-filled dance;

You are the sound.
You are the flower.
You are the scent.
You are the grace.

You are the love in a parents’ heart.
You are the blessing in every prayer.
You are the joy in simple pleasures that you share.
You are a ribbon of light that shines through darkness.

You are the love.
You are the blessing.
You are the joy.
You are the light.

You are a gift to the world and the world is a gift to you.
You are the oneness in all beings.
You are peace, eternal and unchanging.
You are not the things of the world, 
But the spirit that runs through it.

To Sis Pat, my dear spirit sister …

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