Posted by: spiritteacher | April 13, 2017


“When truth has come all pain is over.”  A Course In Miracles

“I will spend this day relentlessly choosing Truth.”

Together, let’s trust that there is a Higher Being that lives within us and loves us beyond words. 

Let’s trust that our purpose and our function is happiness and nothing else. And if we can’t believe or trust in this yet, let’s decide it doesn’t matter. He, Who carries us and our own true Self cannot be disturbed by something as trivial as disbelief. For the truth of our existence comes from the Love and the Heart of God’s own Divine Plan. The Plan was set in motion long ago and nothing so small as fear or doubt can stop the Truth. 

Truth is  relentless, constant and eternal.  Our limited thoughts and lack of understanding, may cause us to fear or doubt that this is so.  We may fight it or try to hide from it, misunderstanding and believing that the Truth will somehow hurt us. But we can never be truly free from That which frees us.

We must thank God that no matter how relentlessly we try to harm ourselves and our world, we will never be truly successful because God’s relentless Truth which comes from Love is much more powerful than Fear.  

Love’s Truth will prevail.  

It is written in the stars.

It is inscribed upon the moon.

It shines through each ray of sunlight.

It glistens in each raindrop.

It breathes in every flower.

The Truth lives inside our heart.

Relentlessly it heals and heals and heals …

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