Posted by: spiritteacher | April 7, 2017


“When I have forgiven myself and remembered who I am, I will bless everyone and everything I see. There will be no past, and… therefore no enemies. And I will look with love on all that I failed to see before.” A Course in Miracles 

“I will allow those who hurt and anger me to be my teachers today.”

Everyone is in our lives to teach us something.

Our main lessons are forgiveness, kindness, compassion, tolerance and patience. As soon as we all understand this , our happiness is freed from the prison of our judgments and we are lifted a little higher on the rung of Peace. 

Now those who annoy us the most are not our enemies, but our greatest teachers. They teach us where our fears and judgments lie so we can surrender them to God and finally be free. They remind us everyone has a back story that we do not know so we can lift everything to God and ask for a blessing upon them no matter what insanity we see.

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