Posted by: spiritteacher | April 4, 2017


” … let the grass grow green again, and let the  flowers be all white and sparkling …” A Course In Miracles

“I will make the decision for love to bloom today.”

Today on this spring day, let’s talk of gardens.  Let’s ask ourselves, are we like a garden full of dead weeds needing to be spring cleaned? Could the dead weeds be our unwanted thoughts? Our unnecessary fears? Our unkind expressions? Our unforgiving judgments? Our hurtful actions toward ourselves and others?

Let’s pull the dead weeds of unwanted experiences and thoughts and find the flowers underneath. Just underneath the surface of our pain there grows a beautiful, healthy white tulip. And another and another. These flowers symbolize within us our truth as creations of God.

They are called …

The Presence of Love 
The Energy of Love 
The Essence of Love 
The State of Love
The Decision for Love

Now that the dead weeds have been removed from our thinking, we can see that within our holy mind only the presence, the energy, the essence and the state of love flower and flourish here because we have made that decision.

Now are the rains gentle. Now the grass is green and the flowers all colorful and sparkling.

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