Posted by: spiritteacher | March 31, 2017


“In God’s Judgment will a world unfold in perfect innocence before our eyes.” A Course In Miracles

I  nside each one of us there lives a hidden, yet completely 

N atural, inner knowing we can easily access by simply being still.

N othing in the world or beyond it can block, stop or disturb

O ur peace or dam the joy that flows in a constant stream from the

C enter of our very being and is designed to gently touch and lift

E ach of us and everyone who comes before us even for an instant.  

N ameless and wordless, yet powerful and full of miracles, this

C hangeless truth is our ancient gift from a Loving God who is

E ternal and in Him we were always healed and whole and Home.

May you go about your day, experiencing only your pure and perfect innocence.

“See the world anew, 
shining in innocence, 
alive with hope and blessed 
with charity and love.”
A Course In Miracles

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