Posted by: spiritteacher | March 15, 2017


“For the  light of perfect vision is freely given as it is freely received, and can be accepted only without limit.” A Course In Miracles

“I will breathe and look at all things with a softer vision today.”

Here is an exercise I call softening the vision. Whenever you feel tense, upset or stressed, find yourself a corner in your mind to rest. Then in your mind simply look upon the person or situation or moment disturbing you.

Relax your eyes. Breathe. Feel your eyelids grow easy and your eyes become soft. Relax your jaw, chin and mouth. Breathe. Feel your brow become smooth and calm. Breathe quietly and let all the tension go out of your face. If you are in a place where it is appropriate, lift your lips in a quiet, yet confident smile.

You will feel the tightness seep from you. And now everything will seem different. Less serious. Less a big deal. In this state of mind, if you need to resolve something, positive solutions are now free to flow gently into your mind. If you just need to let go of something you’re attached to, softening your vision will allow you to do this.

A softer vision with gentle breathing comes from a softer heart.  A softer heart is a heart open to healing and loving miracles.  

A softer vision calms the mind. 

A softer vision lowers the blood pressure.

A softer vision quiets the breathing.

A softer vision lets tension drift away.

A softer vision allows a healthier life.

A softer vision lets God in.

For Rebecca, Rachel and Sharmistha

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