Posted by: spiritteacher | March 14, 2017


“God is the Light in which I see.”  A Course In Miracles

 “I will paint a loving portrait of me today.”

We each have a personal portrait that describes our lives.
That portrait changes with every thought and act.

It is not set in stone.
Instead it is fluid and filled with movement.
Every loving thought paints us in light.
Every fearful thought paints us in the dark.

Being in the dark is not permanent because only fear defines it.
Being in the Light, however, is constant and eternal
Because that Light is God.

Not experiencing the Light only means
We have covered it over with a cloud of our own
Dark thoughts. The Light remains constant beneath
The ever changing clouds.

Whenever we are not in peace, we can know
That fear is defining our portrait.
But the simplicity and power of us is that
We can change our minds.
We can dip our brush into a different pot of paint
Any time we want.

Being consistently mistaken is not something we should value. Nor should it cause us guilt.
Being consistently in Love is the only thing that’s real.

When we are in the dark, it only means we are in our inconsistent mind.
Being in the Light means that we are tuning into our true nature.

When we are in the dark, God quietly and gently speaks to us. 
“It’s okay my beloved Child. Now you choose again. 
Choose Me and I will show you your True Self.
Choose me and I will show you your Portrait in the Light.”

Dedicated to Theresa and Debbie W and Sis Pat

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