Posted by: spiritteacher | March 9, 2017


“Joy is the inevitable result of gentleness.”
“Why would you not be joyous?”
A Course In Miracles

“I am choosing to BE JOY today.”

If we believe life is a rehearsal
Let’s practice joy …

If we believe life is “the real thing”
Let’s Be Joy!

It’s imperative that we understand who and what we are if we are to be open to our own happiness.  If we think we are victims of an insane and unpredictable world, we need to think again.  It is our thoughts that bring us peace or keep us tied to fear’s dark pain. Our thoughts are as powerful as God.  This is because we are the thoughts of God. Each and every one without exclusion is a thought in the Mind of God.  And God is Love.  And God is all there is.

Be Love.
Be Peace.
Be Joy.
Be your Self!

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