Posted by: spiritteacher | February 28, 2017


“God leads you steadily along the path of freedom, teaching you how to disregard or look beyond everything that would hold you back.”  A Course In Miracles

“I will not resist my joy today.”

Our thoughts scatter like dandelion seeds in a breeze. One instant we’re thinking this and the next our thoughts go there. Our minds flip and flutter all about and are never still. Everything we see around us and everything we hear and smell and taste and touch are cause for more scattering of thoughts. How can there be peace without a calm and quiet mind?

Instead of looking around us at the dissonance and suffering for our purpose, we need to travel elsewhere. Instead of suffering, let’s think healing. Use nature as a guide. In our minds, let’s walk through the woods and listen to the birds, see the greening oaks and smell the new growth on the pines. Saunter through the neighborhood and watch for flower beds ablaze with joyful color and listen for the sweet sound of children’s laughter. Travel to a lake or an ocean and hear the lapping water and watch carefully the antics of the hovering gulls or the dancing dolphins. We can embrace a golden sunrise and immerse ourselves in a red-orange sunset. Or watch the stars flicker diamond-like in a black canvas of sky and see a full moon calmly shine its other worldly light upon the land.

Rather than focusing on the bad news in the world, let’s spend time seeing, touching, smelling, tasting and feeling all that is beautiful and right with the world. How can we help others when we see them small and suffering instead of God’s Creations who just need a helping hand?

And now the world is transformed from a place of fear to a place of learning peace and growing into our most loving self. Now are all things possible and now we can be truly helpful because we can see through the misery to the light of hope beyond. And now also, we are able to understand with all our heart and being that there is a Higher law that transcends our little laws of fear and ego thinking. All thought is energy.  How can healing happen within our minds and hearts or in the world if the energy we exude is anything less than the healing power of kindness, compassion, forgiveness and trust?

“I will not resist God today.”

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