Posted by: spiritteacher | February 23, 2017


“I will arise in glory and allow the light in me to shine upon the world…”  A Course In Miracles

“I will be the sculpture of my destiny.”

All fear is but a thin crust upon the surface of our holiness. It’s the unforgiving thoughts that keep us from our peace. Let’s take a blade of light and scrape away everything that isn’t love. With holy tweezers, let’s remove all the tiny slivers of pain we have accepted as our destiny. With the blade of light, we carefully and meticulously scrape off our sadness, our sickness, our suffering and the world’s. Anything that blocks our joy can be removed and must for us to live our True life.  And as we scrape away all that we do not want, we polish and bring forth what is buried underneath, releasing all the happiness that is hidden there. Amazing scents and sights and sounds have been released for our enjoyment. With God’s Hand in ours, we are the sculpture of our destiny.   

In carving away everything that doesn’t belong to us we free ourselves for a glorious arising.  Our light shines far and wide.  And the greatest gift is that not only have we saved ourselves, we’ve saved the world as well.

“God’s peace and joy are mine.” A Course In Miracles

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