Posted by: spiritteacher | February 20, 2017


“Miracles are seen in light and light and strength are one.” A Course In Miracles

“I will laugh and open to my light today.”

A gentle laugh lets out the light that lives within the center of our spirit.
In this place, nothing can disturb us.
Nothing can harm us. 
Nothing can frighten us.

In Light we are strong. 
We are safe. 
We are calm. 
We are in harmony with every living thing. 

In Light joy blossoms, 
happiness flows and 
abundance is our destiny.

In Light peace thrives and 
healing is in every breath.

In Light trust is easy. 
In Light everything we need is already ours. 
In Light we are whole and perfect and one.

Light is at the core of every Child of God. 
Deny it, suppress it, disbelieve it, it doesn’t matter.
It’s still there quietly waiting for us to want it.

“Light is in you.” A Course In Miracles

 And that Light is Love, God’s Love.


  1. I hold you all in the light of your own Truth. Love, Sharie

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