Posted by: spiritteacher | February 9, 2017


“I am not a body, I am free.  For I am still as God created me.” A Course In Miracles

“Today I will remember I am more than just a body.”

When we think of ourselves, we generally think of our professions or our jobs, (fireman, teacher, builder, lawyer, clerk) our relationships (parent, son, daughter, husband, wife, partner, friend, etc.).  Or we respond with our interests or our avocations, ( artist, writer, musician, gardener, etc.).  All those things make up our worldly experience, but they are what we do more than what we are. 

Our inner voice speaks of something else. 
It’s time to listen.

We are not our bodies, but something more.
We are not our weaknesses, but something strong.
We are not our doubts, but something certain.
We are not our illnesses or disabilities, but something whole and perfect.
We are not our dark moments, but something joyous and filled with light.
We are not our fears, but something peace-filled and confident.
We are not our roller coaster emotions, but something stable, constant and eternal.

We have a body. But that something else, that indefinable something that we generally overlook or deny about ourselves is living quietly inside the busy, doing person we believe we are. Our bodies have a purpose. It is being a channel for loving communication. But the body is not us.

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