Posted by: spiritteacher | January 23, 2017


“If the situation is used for truth and sanity, its outcome must be peace.”  A Course In Miracles

  “I will choose to be sane today.”

We believe that we can only be at peace if the world is at peace.  It’s just the opposite.  Peace in our minds comes first and that brings peace to our world. Insanity is calmed by peaceful, loving thoughts and kindness and compassion in our hearts. If we believe that the world must be healed before we can have joy and abundance, we will be waiting a long time for what we want. We bring to ourselves what we are inside.  Like attracts like. Fear attracts fear. Love attracts Love.

Watching the news can be disheartening and frightening. It feels as though the world is out of our control. Let’s take our power back and calm the tidal wave of fear that threatens to undo us.  Even if the world appears insane, we can be sane in the midst of all the craziness. 

Let us be 
… the eye of the storm, 
… the center of gravity, 
… the quiet space between the chaos. 

First of all, let’s not believe for an instant that we have no choice, but to live in a crazy world.  Then let’s believe that also for everyone else. 

Our Prayer is: 

“I am a Child of God, 
A Loving Creation, 
A Beautiful Being.” 

And then let’s lift our heads, soften our vision, smile gently and act like one. 

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