Posted by: spiritteacher | January 20, 2017


As our day begins peace fills us.”  

In the gently rising light of the early morning, before the world stirs, we awaken quietly and let calm and loving thoughts fill our minds.  We breathe in and out deeply and slowly asking for all that we want for ourselves and the world. In this way our hearts and minds are an open channel for all that is holy and healing for the world from the first moment of our day.  And with this decision that we make in the early light of the first hour of the day, we become a joyous learner of a new and better way to be; for ourselves and through our example, for our brothers and our sisters all as well.

Though it may appear so, we aren’t alone with our isolated thoughts.  Every decision we make, every thought we think, affects us and others as well.  As dawn breaks and morning light flows out upon the earth, our first decision for the day will be a prayer:

“The light has come.  I am healed and I can heal.
The light has come. I am saved and I can save.
The light has come.  I am at peace and I bring peace with me wherever I go.”  
A Course In Miracles

And as our day ends …

In the quiet darkness as night softly blankets our world, and gentle fingers of sleep soothe our brows and close our eyes, again we do our quiet breathing.  Just before we fall asleep, we remember all the blessings in our lives and all the good things about the world and we make a decision to be grateful as we forgive everything and everyone that disturbs us  even a little. And because our gratitude and grace come from the holy love of a creation of God, the Divine Universe decrees that all is well and we’re at peace.

And again, as the new day begins, in the gently rising light before the world stirs our peace continues, as we breathe, calmly and deeply, in and out. And so we come full circle.

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