Posted by: spiritteacher | January 19, 2017


“God is the strength in which I trust.” A Course In Miracles

“I will believe in possibilities today.”

In all things live possibilities and opportunities beyond our wildest dreams. They are not always scientific. They cannot always be seen with the human eye or heard or touched by the human hand. But with an open mind and heart, they can be felt and somehow known by something deep inside us. It just takes a little trust.

Trust first in the possibility for your own great happiness and a Love that transcends this world.  Trust that you have been gifted with many windows of opportunity to be a messenger of peace and a receiver of great abundance. And if that window seems a bit dingy at times, then silence the doubts and take a soft cloth and the Windex of Truth and polish it until it glistens and the Light that is you shines clearly through.

Windows of opportunity live quietly inside us. All we need do to access them is to watch for them and then when we get a tiny glimpse, a glimmer of light, a whisper of feeling, look deeper. For what may seem like a challenge is most likely an opportunity for something greater if we are just willing to go through the momentary difficulty and then beyond. 

Facing fear and then moving through it takes trust.  Trust in God.  With trust, what seems limited or even hopeless will take on a whole new meaning.

Trust in your Holiness. It is REAL.

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