Posted by: spiritteacher | January 18, 2017


“Healing is God’s form of communication in this world, and the only one He accepts.” A Course In Miracles

Drip. Drop. Water dripping down a rusty drain pipe, slowly and relentlessly. It freezes at the other end as temperatures plummet. The water is our truth. The rusty drain pipe is our ancient mindset. The plummeting temperatures cause the frozen ice which represent our blocks to peace.

It’s time to clear the rust from our old thinking. It’s time to melt the ice from our hearts and open ourselves to the peace which belongs to us. An open mind and a willing heart allow miracles to work through our lives where before, we often saw only a world of fear and pain with little higher purpose and ourselves as powerless to change a thing. Rust can be deceiving as it hides the shining light of truth beneath. But it’s only on the surface and is harmless when we take a moment to look deeper. One way to clear the rust is to polish it with the oil of God’s truth and light. One way to melt an icy heart is to blow a warm and healing breeze across it. This we can do by choosing God instead of fear in all things.

With our minds and hearts open to a better way, we are able to understand that we are not victims at all, but powerful beings through which healing can happen if we allow our higher spirit place to be in charge of rusty drain pipes and frozen hearts. Our higher spirit is God’s Love within us where healing always happens whenever we are ready for it.

Opening our minds to a better way, God’s way, will help us to polish our rusty thoughts and melt our frozen thinking and turn our experiences around. This new year is a perfect time to choose again. Every day and in each moment, we need only choose again.

Love instead of fear. 
Forgiveness instead of judgment. 
Kindness instead of attack. 
Compassion instead of intolerance. 
God instead of rust and ice.

“The light of the world brings peace to every mind through my forgiveness.” A Course In Miracles

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