Posted by: spiritteacher | January 6, 2017


“Here in the present is the world set free … a real world, bright and clean and new with everything sparkling under the open sun.”  A Course In Miracles

 “I will drink in calm and quiet healing today.”

Envision a clear glass pitcher upon the kitchen table.  As we go about our day we begin to fill it with our thoughts.  “I have a head-ache.” “The kids didn’t clean their rooms.”  “My spouse is driving me crazy.”  “My job is stressful.” “There’s too much to do and not enough time.” “I’m exhausted.” One by one these thoughts go into the pitcher until it is filled with a dark, swirling mass of pain and anger, stress and suffering.  Thirsting now for something we feel is sadly missing from our lives, we pour the mess into a dingy glass and drink it.  Seem ridiculous? Well, that is what we do every time we choose fear instead of love, anger instead of peace, chaos instead of quiet.  Is there any wonder we are so often sick?

What if we pour the pain down the drain, wash and polish the pitcher until it shines and put it back on the table?  And then we don’t think anything at all.  Just “That’s a beautiful pitcher.”  Very soon, without our trying, new thoughts will come into our mind because we are choosing to be still and allow them.  “I feel wonderful!”  “The children are living, breathing miracles.”   “My spouse is the love of my life. We may not always agree, but we can agree to disagree.” “My job is filled with opportunities for forgiveness.” “I’m watching time expand as I live and breathe  in this moment.”

Remember, for every fearful thought, there is a corresponding peaceful thought. Our job is to choose our thoughts with  Love.

These new thoughts glistening like liquid crystal will quickly fill the pitcher. And then when we pour from it into a clear glass and drink it, we will be drinking in the calm and quiet healing of our new thoughts. Before long our very being will be filled with a feeling of love so powerful that it will overwhelm us and bring tears of joy  to our eyes.  With wonder and awe we can now say, “I never knew the world was so beautiful. Let me drink it in.”

Then “Thank you God.”

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